1862-1868 Probate Fee Books (Incomplete)

Choctaw County, AL

Indexed by Ann H. Gay - August 1997

             These receipt books list very little information, only the
        date the fee was paid, the name of the person paying the fee and
        what it was for: marriage license, guardianship, executor of an
        estate, deed or certificate filing fee, redemption of runaway
        slaves, etc.
             Names are spelled as in the original record.
             Adm.  means Administrator/trix of an estate
             D/C   means deed or certificate fee
             Et al  means and others
             Ex    means Executor/trix of a will
             Gdn. means Guardian of minors
             M     means marriage license paid for
             Date is when the fee was paid, NOT date of death or marriage
             ?      means unsure of spelling or type of entry
        DATE           NAME                    FEE PAID
        7/16/62   Abney, A.                  D/C
        1863?      Adams, Emily F., late    ?
        1866?      Adams, W. E. deceased
        12/3/63   Addy, D. M.              Marriage license
        8/27/62   Albritton, J. W.          D/C
        1862       Alford, Green W.       John A. Nelson, Gdn.
        4/63        Alford, Green W., minor  J. B. Alford, Gdn.
        1864       Alford, Green W., deceased R. E. Coleman, Adm.
        3/7/66     Alford, James M.       J. H. Knighton, Adm.
        7/8/62     Alford, John B.          D. T. Phillips, Adm.
        8/1862    Alford, Lussina?         John Baskin, Gdn.
        1864       Allen, Edward J.         J. W. Henson, Adm.
        11/11/62  Allen, Eldred             J.W.M. Allen, Adm.
        7/17/68   Allen, Gray                J. E. & M. Allen. Ex.
        5/21/62   Allen, Hugh B.           S. E. Catterlin, Sp. Adm.
        9/11/63   Allen, Hugh B.           D. E. Allen, Ex.
        1863       Allen, J.W.M.             J. W. Henson, Ex.
        1863       Allen, John & Thomas     C. C. McCall, Gdn.
        1863       Allen, John G., minor    no Guardian listed
        11/11/62  Allen, John Sr.           J.W.M. Allen, Adm.
        7/26/66    Allen, Young             J. E. & Morning Allen, Ex.
        1/63        Andrews, A. A.          D/C
        1/10/63   Anderson, William      D/C
        6/14/62   Atchley, Thomas        Marriage license
        1/63        Atkinson, William A   D/C
        7/21/62   Avery, 2 minors          Thomas A. Avery, Gdn.
        1862       Bailey, W.                   Judge of Probate
        1/63        Bailey, W.                   D/C
        4/23/63   Baines, Mat                 Marriage license
        9/14/63   Bairfield, W. A.           Recognition of marriage certif
        4/1863    Barber, F.E. & J.T, minors B. B. Prestridge, Gdn.
        12/4/65   Barber, N. M.             J. W. Watkins, Adm.
        12/13/62  Barber, W.                 D/C
        1866       Bass, Henry, deceased Jan. 27, 1866
        5/1863    Bass, John? E            W. J. McGehee, Adm.
        9/12/64   Bass, Joice E.             W. J. McGehee, Adm.
        11/28/62  Baucum, John           R. Allen, Adm.
        1865       Beard, Caroline          Jeff Harrison, Adm.
        2/10/65   Beard, John H.           Jeff Harrison, Adm.
        11/4/67   Beard, Wm.C. et al     J. P. Beard, Gdn.
        10/27/62  Bell. A. N.                D/C
        8/21/66   Bethea, E. J.              Mrs. G. M. Bethea, Ex.
        1/63        Bethea, Sarah             D/C
        1866       Bethren? E. J.             Jury list 3/1/1866
        `0/18/62  Bird, Mr. ___            D/C
        3/1/64     Bishop, James S.         Marriage license
        4/2/66     Blakeney, J. G.           apprenticing a child
        11/62      Blakeney, James         none listed
        8/21/62   Blakeney, Mary         D/C
        1/63        Bloodworth, James F. D/C
        3/12/63    Bluntwell/Bloodworth? minors  S. E. Catterlin, Adm.
        8/27/62    Bonner, A. B.             Marriage license
        4/14/63    Bonner, Allen heirs     H.J.Y. Moss, Gdn.
        3/21/66    Bonner, Allen & Olivia   H.J.Y. Moss, Gdn.
        7/9/66      Bonner, Allen R.        Joshua Morse, Gdn.
        4/20/63    Bonner, Andrew         W. J. McGehee, Adm.
        3/1866     Bonner, Elizabeth M.     N. W.? Bonner
        12/27/62  Bonner, Franklin        Seab Bonner, Gdn.
        7/29/63    Bonner, Henry            Manley & Bonner, Adm.
        10/6/63    Bonner, James H.        John Land, Adm.
        9/26/62    Bonner, Jordan           Seab Bonner, Admin.
        10/27/62  Borden, Thomas P.    W. P. Hall/A. L. Seale, Adm.
        11/30/67  Boykin, Boswell B.    F.G. & G. Frank Smith, Adm.
        10/11/62  Brasfield, M. R.         D/C
        6/16/62    Braswell, C. W.         D/C
        1863        Braswell, C. W.         Sheriff
        12/3/62    Braswell, E. M.         Marriage license
        3/11/64   Braswell, Jese S.         W. J. McGehee, Adm.
        1865       Braswell, Laura H.       Jesse S. Boswell? Adm.
        5/14/64   Braswell, Louisa H.      J. M. Scurlock, Adm.
        6/2/64     Braswell, Mary A.        B. H. Warren, Gdn.
        1/5/63     Brock, David                H.J.Y. Moss, Ex.
        3/6/66     Brown, Alexander, Guardian, deceased
        1865       Brown, Daniel B.         Mrs. C. F. Brown, Adm.
        10/27/62  Brown, G. W.             D/C
        1865        Brown/Broome? James C.   Mary E. Brown/Broome? Ex.
        11/9/63    Brown, James P.,late a minor  H.J.Y. Moss
        11/64       Brown, James P.,lunatic    J. L. Jarrel, Gdn.
        3/12/63    Brown, John W. late minor  H.J.Y. Moss, Gdn.
        8/2/66      Bruister, Charity         James Bruister, deceased
        8/20/62    Bruister, G. W.           D/C
        4/3/66      Bruister, J. W.           apprenticing
        9/15/62    F. W. Bryan               D/C
        12/13/62  Bryan, Joseph H.         Knighton & Bryan, Ex.
         9/15/62   Bryan, W. F.              Redemption of runaway slave
                                                            named Henry
        12/2/62   Buckalew, J. O.          D/C
        6/7/63     Burford, Joseph P.      Marriage license
        1865       Burgess, Delia, free girl, E. J. Burgess
                          to order binding out, etc.
        6/17/62  Burnett, Elizabeth C.    J. Y. Pennington, Gdn.
        4/68       Burnett, Susan E.         R. A. Burnett, Adm?
        1864      Burnett, W. E.             Mary E. Pennington, Adm.
        7/15/67  Burnham, Elephan & Levey  H. Carney, Gdn.
        1/63       Burns, J. A.                D/C
        12/14/65  Burns, Robert S.        B. Y. Burns, Adm.
        2/6/63     Bush, D. B.                D/C
        4/30/64   Bush, L. B.                Marriage license
        1/5/63     Bush, W. E.               no one listed
        8/20/62   Buxton, M. V.            D/C
        7/19/62   Cahoon, Mrs. Julia, Gdn.
        6/17/64   Cahoon, W. H. & Joseph C. minors
        9/14/65   Cajer & Horn             Retail license
        1863      Callehan, James           McGehee, Adm.
        1863      Callis, H. R.                 D/C
        1864      Campbell, Elinor          W.M.K Campbell, Adm.
        8/25/62   Campbell, Marg. F.
                       & Caroline E.             Abel G. Campbell, Gdn.
        1/63       Campbell, R. F.            D/C
        1/63       Camfield, William A.    D/C
        5/12/63   Caraway, William         J. H. Owen, Adm.
        10/19/63  Carlisle, Joseph           D. H. Raney, Adm.
         3/5/64    Carlisle, Thomas H.
                          & Cynthia                       C. N. Wilcox, Gdn.
        1865       Carlisle, Thomas H.            C. N. Wilcox, Adm.
        1866       Carnathan, Argy, freed girl   W. G. Carnathan
        1866       Carnathan, Tom, freed boy   W. G. Carnathan
                             articles of apprenticeship
        1/63        Carnathan, W. G.                 D/C
        9/26/62    Carnathan, W. J.          C
        10/10/62  Carney, W. J.              M. C. Carney, Adm.
        11/6/65    Carter, H. B.               J. D. Carter, Adm.
        1865        Chaney, A. B.            W. J. McGehee, Adm.
        7/22/63    Chaney, Bailey E.       W. P. Chaney, Adm.
        1862        Chaney, Calvin           Caroline Alston, Gdn.
        1/63         Chapman, J. C.          D/C
        10/8/62    Christen, A.                D/C
        8/4/63      Christopher, J. C.       Marriage license
        8/26/62    Clark, John P.            D/C
        1862        Cole heirs                  Lucinda Horton, Gdn.
        1863        Cole, Jese G.              J. W. Henson, Ex.
        1/63         Coleman & Carnathan      D/C
        8/21/62    Coleman, Thomas W.       D/C
        10/21/62  Collins, B. F.               C. N. Wilcox, Adm.
        10/16/63  Collins, Frank minors    no Gdn. listed
        12/1863   Compton, D.C. & Martha   D. J. Compton, Gdn.
        1865        Compton, R. J.  ex parte
        1866        Compton, R. J.              habaes corpus
        1864        Compton, Thomas C.minor W.H. Compton, Gdn.
         5/30/66   Compton, Thomas C.     habaes corpus
        5/1866     Compton, W. H.            habaes corpus
        1/1863     Compton, W. J.           R. J. Compton, Adm.
        10/9/62    Conner, John F.           Marriage license
        6/11/62    Conner, James             License for hotel
        7/8/62      Conner, Margaret R.    E. McCall, Gdn.
        1/6/63      Cook, Caroline S.        H.J.Y. Moss, Gdn.
        7/12/64    Cook, J. P.                  H.J.Y. Moss, Adm.
        2/1/64      Cook, Jane                  F. H. Cooper, Adm.
        12/25/62  Cook, Mary                 J. P. Cook, Adm.
        1865        Cook, W. C. et al         H.J.Y. Moss, Gdn.
        1/21/63    Cook, W. M.                Marriage license
        11/18/62  Cooper, Thomas          W. J. McGehee, Adm.
        9/29/62   Cousins, John B. minors  W. T. Horn, Gdn.
        10/8/62   Craig, James T.  deceased?
        3/15/63   Croom, Henry             Marriage license
        1/63        Crowell, B. F.               D/C
        10/26/62  Crowell, B. J.               C
        2/4/64      Crumley, William         C. W? Allen, Adm.
        7/20/63    Cunningham, J. E.      J.R. Kelly & J.T. Pack, Adm.
        7/20/63    Cunningham, W. E.    A.R. Kelly & J.T. Pack, Adm.
        8/19/63    Cupp, M. C.               Marriage license
        1864        Curtis, Robert             J. Morse, Ex.
        2/21/63    Daniel, J. B.                D/C
        11/24/63  Davidson, R. E.          Marriage license
        10/12/65  Davis, Gaylis? A.        Marriage license
        7/24/62    Dees, Calvin               D/C
        1866        Dees, Calvin               Jury list April 9, 1866
        2/19/66    Denson, F. S.             E. K. Denson
        9/1/62      Dickson, M.               Marriage license
        8/10/62    Doggett, Martha E.     A. G. Campbell, Gdn.
        1866        Doty, J. J.                  Jury list 3/1/1866
        1867        Drew, B. F.               E. McCall, Adm.
        6/7/63      Drew, George W.      W. D. Gains, Adm.
        6/28/67    Drew, J. C.                E. McCall, Adm.
        3/28/66    Dunn, Bolling            W. Woodward, Adm.
        3/21/66    Dunn, Dillard T.        H.J.Y. Moss, Gdn.
        5/26/62    Dunn, Drury              W. Woodward, Jr. Adm.
        1865        Dunn, Drury J.           W. Woodward, Jr. Gdn.
        7/19/62    Dunn, Sarah A.           petition for dower
        7/15/63    Dunn, Simon E.         L. A. Dunn, Adm.
        4/7/63      Dunn, Uriah               J. W. Bryant, Gdn.
        4/27/68    Easley, Narcissa, deceased
        11/63       Edwards, James F. et al  J. W. Bruister, Gdn.
        1864        Edwards, John S.        J. M/W? Edwards, Ex.
        1862        Edwards, John W.      B. F. Seale, Ex.
        10/10/63  Edwards, Joseph         J. W. Bruister, Adm.
        1863        Edwards, Stephen       J. L. Bruister, Adm.
        1865        Ellis? Josiah, a free negro  W. R. Ellis, Gdn.
        12/24/62  Ellis, W. R.                  D/C
        1865        Evans, John S.  ex parte
        1863        Evans, Joseph P.          J. L. Evans, Adm.
        1/63         Evans, W. P.               D/C
        7/2/63      Everett, David              J. M. Johnson, Adm.
        1864        Everett, Josiah              A. A. Simmons & Everett
        1863        Everett, Samuel et al     Julia A. Everett, Gdn.
        1863        Ezell, Charles T. & S.E.     M. M. Walton, Gdn.
        1863        Ezell, Charles T., Martha F.,
                          Edw. H. & John C.      M. M. Walton, Gdn.
        1865        Ezell, Delia E.                M. M. Walton, Adm.
        1/63         Fallon, Nabby? N. Abby?    D/C
        2/7/63      Felts, W. H.                        D/C
        6/30/62    Fenley?, Eliz. and Mary       D/C
        10/62       Fisher, George E., idiot      Joseph P. Evans. Gdn.
        1865        Fisher, George E.(Sumter?) Jonah & Wm.P.Evans, Gdn.
        8/11/62    Fitch, Lucinda S. et al   Mary J. Fitch, Gdn.
        11/13/62  Fitch, Lucinda H.        E. McCall, Adm.
        11/13/62  Fitch, Margaret J.        E. McCall, Adm.
        1862        Fitch, W.J., Homer B. &
                           Martha J., minors     J. C. Christopher, Gdn.
        1865        Fleming, A.                 J. F. Gray, Ex.
        1/63         Ford, Donnel              E. McCall, Ex.?
        9/4/68      Ford, W. H.                J. G. Ford, Adm.
        8/27/62    Foshee, W. D.             D/C
        4/15/68    Foster, H. S.               deceased
        2/7/63      Foster, J. G.               D/C
        1866        Foster, John T.           binding out (ex-slaves?)
        1862?      Foster, Levin H.          B. Y. Burns, Adm.
        8/29/62    Foster, Sarah               D/C
        1864        Fountain infant            J. W. Pennington, Adm.
        7/24/63    Fountain, Sarah A.       J. W. Cunningham, Adm.
        10/23/62  Freeman, Robert          D/C
        1866        Fremichard? William    Jury list 3/1/1866
        10/12/64  Fullilove, John N.        Laura H. Fullilove, Gdn.
        3/23/68    Fulton, M. H. & J.D.   Joseph S. Fulton, Gdn.
        5/30/62    Gains, A. S.                 S. E. Gains, Adm.
        11/20/67  Gains, Earl                   Retail license
        6/17/63    Gaines, G. W. & M. J.    W. D. Gaines, Gdn.
        6/6/62      Gains, W. D.                D/C
        1866        Garrett, J. F.                C. W. Braswell, Gdn.
        11/14/63  Gerard, Pete             ?
        11/5/63    Gibson, Cynthia            Wm. Bennett, Adm.
        1862        Gibson, Wilson             Richmond Allen, Adm.
        1/26/63    Gilder, Jacob L.            J. A. Gilder, Adm.
        1862        Gilbert, P. D.                J. C. Elkins, Adm.
        12/8/62    Gilbert, P. L.                P. D. Gilbert, Adm.
        2/14/63    Gilbert, P. T.                J. C. Elkins
        1866        Gilder, Thadeus            Jury list 4/9/1866
        1/2/64      Gilmer, Stephen M.      Elvira Slater, Adm.
        10/19/63  Goodwin, Norris           Norris Fenley, Gdn.
        11/62       Gough, A. H/S?            Martha J. Gough, Adm.
        10/2/62    Grace, Green B.            D/C
        4/25/63    Graham, William           habaes corpus
        1864?      Grayson, G.W. & F.C.     W. F. Brown?, Gdn.
        12/5/63    Greene, John S.            C. F. Graham, Adm.
        2/7/63      Griffin, D. P.                D/C
        9/26/62    Grigsby, Sarah              application for dower?
        7/2/62      Grigsby, W. F.             G. B. Greer/Green?, Adm.
        1864        Grimes, W. D.              John Brock, Adm.
        12/20/64  Griffis, Harrison           Marriage license
        10/4/62    Hall, F. M.                   D/C
        12/19/64  Hall, Thomas W.       Marriage license
        6/17/62    Hall, W. P.                D/C
        9/2/64      Hall, W. P.                License for hotel
        1866        Hall/Hull ? W. P.       8 orders binding out
        11/11/62  Halsell, Louisa           W. T. Horn, Ex.
        1863        Halsell, M.V.B.         habaes corpus
        9/3/64      Ham, Isaac & S. V.   Jacob Horn, Gdn.
        9/30/64    Ham, J. T.                Clara G. Ham, Adm.
        1863        Harbin, Wiley           D/C
        1866        Harden, Berryman    binding out
        7/8/62      Harmon, 4 minors    Ed McCall, Gdn.
        1/63         Harmon, J. N.          D/C
        1/63         Harper, R. H.           D/C
        12/19/62  Harris ? heirs            John Martin, Gdn.
        10/27/62  Hartley, _____           D/C
        4/16/63    Harvey heirs              A. P. Martin, Gdn.
        1864        Harvey, James           Dower rights, Jane Harvey
        4/16/63    Harvey, James minors     James Loftin, Gdn.
        1/5/63      Hawkins, John H.      M. Whitted, Adm.
        11/30/63  Hawkins, William, deceased  S. E. Catterlin
        1864        Hawkins, William      Moses Whitted, Gdn.
        4/23/67    Heard, Henrietta A.   Joseph M. Heard, Gdn.
        1864        Hearin, Emanuel       W. J. McGehee, Adm.
        10/13/62  Hearin, James M.      Louisa A. Hearin, Adm.
        1/63         Hearin, Mrs. L. A.     D/C
        9/23/63    Hearn, D. R.             Marriage license
        12/21/63  Hearn, James            D. R. Hearn, Adm.
        1/63        Henning, Henry         D/C
        9/7/62     Hill, F. M.                 D/C
        1/7/64     Hill, Green                Marriage license
        2/24/63   Hillyer, W. A.            T. D. Pierce?, Adm.
        2/3/63     Hilyer, Frances           J. K. Ryan, Gdn.
        12/20/64  Holden, Jesse            Marriage license
        11/11/62  Holland, Henry heirs     W. T. Horn, Gdn.
        6/20/62   Holmes, D. L.            D/C
        8/16/66   Hopkins, D.                binding out
        12/8/62   Horn, Isaac heirs        Joe Horn, Gdn.
        10/11/64 Horn, Isaac & S. V.   Jacob Horn, Gdn.
        1866       Horn, Jenny, freed girl  W. S. Horn, master
        1/5/63     Horn, J. T/                  D/C
        1863       Horn, Mary                 W. R. Ellis, Ex.
        1/63        Horn, W. T.                D/C
        12/13/62  Horton, H.                 D/C
        7/1862    Howard, John             W. P. Hall, Adm.
        9/25/62   Howard, John             W. J. McGehee, Adm.
        1867       Howard, John W.        D. W. Wright, Gdn.
        7/26/62   Howard, Mary A.E.     W. P. Hall, Gdn.
        9/13/67   Howard, Percy & Montg.   Andrew O. DuBose, Gdn.
        10/7/67   Hubbell, Hercules        B. Wood, Adm.
        2/7/63     Ivory, Christopher        D/C
        1863       Jacobs, Oswill D.  ?
        1/26/63   James, Alman               D/C
        1865       James, John (minor heirs) D. James, Gdn.
        8/5/63     Jarrell, David                Emily Jarrell, Gdn.
        1863       Jarrell, Freeman            F. N. Owen, Gdn.
        1864       Jarrell, Robert H.          N. N. Jarrell, Adm.
        1865       Johnson, Amanda A.    W. P. Hall, Gdn.
        1865       Johnson, Darius G.       W. P. Hall, Gdn.
        12/3/63   Johnson, David             W. P. Hall, Gdn.
        10/8/62   Johnson, G. W.             D/C
        8/2/62     Johnson, J.E.L.             R. E. Coleman, Adm.
        1862       Johnson, J.E.L. minors  W. P. Hall, Gdn.
        4/21/65   Johnson, Jabez W.H.     Jas. E. Scott & Agnes Johnson
        8/2/62     Johnson, James L.         deceased?
        1866       Johnson, James L.        Albert Johnson, Adm.
        5/12/64   Johnson, Robert H.       J. S. Evans, Adm.
        5/21/62   Johnston, Robert T.      W. J. McGehee, Admin
        9/14/63   Johnston, Nathan          J.M. & C.C. Johnston, Adm.
        3/1866    Johnston, Samuel C.     R. E. Johnston, Adm.
        9/14/65   Johnson, S. S.              Retail license
        12/24/62  Jones, Drury                D/C
        4/5/64    Jones/James ? Elisha      John Brock, Adm.
        12/63     Jones, Green                 C. F. Graham, Adm.
        6/26/63  Jones, Raiford               Marriage license
        12/63     Jones, Stephen              W. J. McGehee, Adm.
        1/63       Kelly, Jesse                   D/C
        7/26/62  Kemp, Joseph               W. P. Hall, Adm.
        1/63       King, Susan W.             D/C
        9/9/62    Kirksey, C. L.                D/C
        1/2/65    Knight, Peter                 W. J. McGehee, Adm.
        8/26/63  Lassiter, A.                    Marriage license
        1866      Lassiter?Sasritter?, R. G. July list 4/9/1866
        18          Laventer, James L.         deceased
        1863      Lawson, Alexander        G. S. White, Adm.
        6/1862   Lawson, J. F.                 V. V. Lawson, Adm.
        9/29/62  Levey, John                    D/C
        1866      Levey, Joseph                 Jury list 4/9/1866
        1865      Lewis, Mittie                   R. J. Compton, Gdn.
        8/27/62  Lindsey, Henry T.           Marriage license
        1/18/64  Liston, W. P.                   N. J. Liston, Adm.
        1/63       Littlepage, E. R.               D/C
        9/19/62  Littlepage, Robert             M.A. Littlepage, Adm.
        9/20/66    Lockard, John             J. R. Bragg, Adm.
        6/9/64      Long, Joseph et al       William Long, Gdn.
        11/12/62  Luker, James S.           H.J.Y. Moss, Adm.
        1862        McCarty, Daniel W.     J. G. Slater, Adm.
        9/8/62      McCary, R. B.             Deed?
        10/16/62  McDaniel, Eli               D/C
        10/28/62  McDonel, Henry           runaway slave
        10/15/62  McElwain, Mrs. M.      D/C
        8/27/66    McGregor, Neil            witness
        1863        McGrew, John P.         W. D. Humphrey, Gdn.
        7/13/63    McGrew, W. T.           W. D. Humphrey, Adm.
        4/14/63    McInnis, Peter heirs      H.J.Y. Moss, Gdn.
        10/22/62  McKibbins, James        W. J. McGehee, Adm.
        1865        McLaughlin, Edward    Mary C. McLaughlin, Ad.
        1/12/63    McLaughlin, Mrs. James   D/C
        1864        McLendon, E. G.         S. H. McLendon, Ex.
        2/1/64      McLendon, James        Marriage license
        8/21/62    McRee, _ E. & S.J.Barton D/C
        2/1863     McVay, Yancy R.         A. M. Duke
        11/21/62  Mabry, J. R. deceased    none listed
        1866        Makin, E. J.                  Jury list 4/9/1866
        1863        Manley, G. W.              C. W. Braswell, Adm.
        1/15/63    Manley, R. R. heirs       Thomas J. Manley, Gdn.
        12/15/62  Manly heirs                   B. D. Manly, Gdn.
        12/16/63  Manly, B. D.                 Marriage license
        11/25/63  Manly, George              Marriage license
        9/11/62    Mann, J. M.                  D/C
        1865        Manning, Adelia O.       Fannie J. Manning, Gdn.
        1864        Manning, Dilin & Robert  Fannie J. Manning, Gdn.
        10/12/63  Manning, John W.         ___ & Mrs. Manning, Adm.
        1864        Marsh, Edmund            Fannie L. Marsh, Adm.
        1/26/66    Martin, Alfred P.          Thomas S. Averett, Adm.
        4/16/63    Martin, Jasper              A. P. Martin, Gdn.
        1865        Martin, Jasper              A. P. Martin, Adm.
        2/29/63    Martin, John                 S. P. Martin, Adm.
        10/17/62  Martin, Newton            A. P. Martin, Gdn.
        1/9/66      May, P.                        J. D. Robinson, Adm.
        6/11/64    May, Pleasant               G. F. Smith, Adm.
        7/24/62    Merril, J. N.                  D/C
        3/17/63    Miller, J. L.                   D/C
        1864        Miller, J. S.                  H. C. Miller, Ex.
        9/8/63      Mills, Con P.                Marriage license
        9/10/63    Mills, Isham C.             Marriage license
        12/16/66  Mills, Samuel                H.J.Y. Moss, Adm.
        4/23/62    Mills, W.M/M.M.?        no Admin. listed
        3/15/65    Mills, William A.           F. W. Owen, Gdn.
        1/13/64    Minor, George            Marriage license
        1865        Minor, James              B. F. Seale, Adm.
        6/25/64    Minor, James              G. P. Minor, Adm.
        1862        Mitchell, W. H.           S. E. Catterlin & J.A.M. Thompson, Gdn.
         9/14/65   Monasco? James N.         License to peddle
        5/62        Moody, Henrietta, minor  R. F. Moody, Gdn.
        4/17/63   Moody, Martin  deceased?
        7/8/62     Moody, R. F.                   Marriage license
        4/22/64   Moon/Moore?, John W.   W. J. McGehee, Adm.
        1866       Moore, A. J.                     Jury list 4/9/1866
        10/14/62  Moore, Mrs. E. E.            D/C
        10/27/62  Moore, J.                         D/C
        6/8/63     Moore minors                 Clarenda F. Moore, Gdn.
        1865       Moore, John F., H.H.     Clarenda F. Moore, Gdn.
                                and James T.
        1864       Moore, Rebecca             W. J. McGehee, Adm.
        1/29/64   Moore, John W.             W. T. Moore, Ex.
        1866       Morgan, J. C.                 Jury list 4/9/1866
        9/17/62   Morris, Martha               E. L. McLendon, Gdn.
        9/10/63   Morse, Joshua                Marriage license
        10/62      Mosely, R. R.                W. J. McGehee, Adm.
        8/29/62   Mosley, B. D.                D/C
        12/16/63  Mosley, B. D.               Marriage license
        1863       Mosley, George             J. M. Hill, Adm.
        4/7/63     Mosly, Denton & Julia A.     B. D. Mosly, Gdn.
        1/63        Moss & Wilcox              D/C
        1865       Moss, Caroline S.           H.J.Y. Moss, Adm.
        6/3/62     Moss, H. J. Y.                D/C
        7/18/63   Moss, H.J.Y.                  Marriage license
        3/19/64   Murphy, Matilda            deceased, P. S. Gilbert
        1/63        Napier, J. W.                 D/C
        2/11/64   Napier, W. S., deceased  S. Napier & F. W. Siddons
        1865       Needham, Elizabeth  ex parte
        1865       Needham, J. M.             M.C. Needham, Adm.
        10/18/62  Neese, D.                      D/C
        8/1/64     Neidham, John M.           ?
        8/20/63   Neighbors, Robert         Marriage license
        1863       Nelson, John A.            J. N. Harmon
        2/5/63     Nelson, Joseph              Marriage license
        10/19/66  Newsom, Alfred, lunatic  J. W. Watkins
        2/5/63     Nice/Nim?, William       W. J. McGehee, Adm.
        7/30/63   Nicholson, Charles         habaes corpus
        1864       Nix, Daniel                    Francis Nix, Adm.
        6/25/63   Nordan, Thomas            Marriage license
        7/20/63   Oates, Michael               W. J. McGehee
        2/30/68   O'Hara, Georgia S.       J. C. O'Hara, Gdn.
        1863       O'Hara, Patience         A. J. O'Hara, Adm.
        8/28/63   O'Hara, William E.      A. J. O'Hara, Adm.
        8/16/62   Oslin, C. W.                D/C
        4/16/63   Partridge, Donnie        C. S. Partridge, Adm.
        11/13/63  Patton, Elizabeth        John Mills, Ex.
        10/10/64  Patton, John C.          W. A. Patton, Adm.
        12/13/62  Pearson, R. N.           D/C
        12/2/65   Peel, Jonathan            deceased
        1864       Pennington, A.           J. W. Pennington, Ex.
        11/19/67  Peteet, W. Y.            Retail license
        10/14/62  Phillips John for Mrs. Alford  D/C
        1864       Phillips, John              J. R. Phillips, Adm.
        1864       Phillips, Martha          Susan Phillips, Gdn.
        7/1/62     Pickens, I.                  D/C
        1865       Pickney, Anna S.,
                          Melissa & Robert    J. S. Braswell, Gdn.
        3/8/64     Pierce, Frances           T. D. Pierce, Adm.
        5/4/63     Pistole, Mary S., Linda A.,
                         Charley R & Amanda E.   Mary A. Pistole, Gdn.
        11/15/62  Poole, J. W.              John Land, Adm.
        3/5/63      Pope, M. M.             E. McCall, Ex.
        7/15/67    Powe, O. H.              S. P. Powe contested his will
        1/1866     Powe, Oliver H.         Ann C. Powe, petitioner
        5/12/66    Powe, R. A.               apprenticing
        5/19/66    Powe, S. P.                apprenticing
        1/63         Powe, William T.       D/C
        5/4/63      Preslar heirs               Mary A. Preslar, Gdn.
        10/62       Preslar, Holden          J. McLaughlin, Adm.
        12/16/66  Price, Mary Ann        G. L. Grace, Gdn.
        9/14/68    Prince & DuBose       accounts owed to them
        1866?      Pritchett, John P.etal   J. D. Robinson, Sheriff, Gdn.
        9/28/65    Pritchett, Martha A.    R. M. Pritchett, Gdn.
        1865        Pritchett, Martha Horn  R. H. Mitchell, Gdn.
         1/15/66   Puckett, John P., Eliza F.
                              & Martha P.          J. D. Robinson, Sheriff, Gdn.
        10/20/63  Puckett, Martha A.      W. H. Puckett, Gdn.
        6/21/64    Puckett, Watis             W. T. Horn, Adm.
        1864        Puckett, W. W. deceased   G.F. Smith & Mrs. Puckett
        8/16/66    Rainey, Daniel H.         binding out
        12/24/63  Ray, J. J.                      Marriage license
        11/11/63  Redden, J. M.              T. W. Bolling
        10/9/62    Redding, George          T. W. Bolling, Ex.
        7/7/64      Reid, Emily F.              R. R. Reid, Gdn.
        1866        Rhodes, Jack, free man
        6/19/62    Rhodes, Y. S.               D/C
        10/27/62  Rigsby, L. Poole           D/C
        1863        Rigsby, Lawson         B. F. Seale
        1866        Riley, J. M.               Jury list 4/9/1866
        3/7/66      Riley, Luvenia           lunacy hearing
        7/1/63      Roberts, Cullen          J. C. Roberts, Ex.
        9/13/62    Roberts, Levin           D/C
        1864        Roberts, M. M.          Jese S. Roberts, Ex.
        2/5/63      Roberts, W. H.           Robert Hill, Adm.
        1864        Rowe, Gustavous H.    J. Morse, Gdn.
        10/9/62    Rowe, William heirs     Margaret McKibbon, Gdn.
        3/10/64    Rudder, Larkin T.        J. D. Carter, Gdn.
        10/23/62  Rue ?, H.                     D/C
        9/11/62   Russell, J. A.                D/C
        10/8/62   Rutledge, W. M.           D/C
        1/12/63   Rutledge, W. R.            D/C
        10/27/64  Ryals, Henry S. et al    R. Fulgham, Gdn.
        1866       Ryan, H. E.                 Jury list 4/9/1866
        1/63        Ryan, H. E.                 D/C
        10/23/62  Ryan, J. S.                  D/C
        1863        Rye, W. H.                 W. D. Humphrey, Adm.
        1866        Ryland, James D.,minor   no Gdn. listed
        10/30/66  Samford, B. A.           M.A.E. Samford, Adm.
        8/20/62    Sandaford, James        D/C
        2/13/64   Sanford, B. H.             H.J.Y. Moss, Adm.
        1865       Saplin? Amanda           J. B. M(illegible) Gdn.
        10/13/63  Saunders, J. M.           Marriage license
        10/8/62   Savage, Mrs.                D/C
        6/20/62   Scarbrough, J. R.          D/C
        1/26/63   Scott, J. E.                    D/C
        12/5/62   Seale, A. L.                  D/C
        1864       Seale, Elizabeth C.        A. L. Seale, Adm.
        2/7/63     Seale, R. S.                  D/C
        7/15/62   Shamburger, Alice        David Bryan, Adm.
        8/13/68   Shamburger, Amanda     David Bryan, Gdn.
        4/29/63   Shapley, J. C.               Marriage license
        12/13/62  Shearon, A. C.             D/C
        1862       Short, Marcum             W. J. McGehee
        1/4/64     Sikes, Franklin, deceased  Wm. Sikes & H. Bush
        8/11/63   Sikes, R. W. J.              Marriage license
        1865       Simmons, W.A.J.          W. J. McGehee, Adm.
        9/22/62   Simpson, May P.           D/C
        1865       Sims, A. J.                    Elizabeth S. Sims, Ex.
        12/28/65  Sims, Elizabeth             H. Carney, Gdn.
        12/23/62  Simms, Robert F.          Susan E. Simms, Adm.
        6/5/65     Simms, Susan E.            S. Mozingo, Adm.
        2/3/63     Singleton, A. S.             G. F. Smith, Adm.
        10/1/63   Slater, J. G.                   Marriage license
        5/4/63    Slater, James A. & G.G.  J. G. Slater, Gdn.
        5/6/62     Slater, Susan H.             W. W. Lang, Gdn.
        6/28/62   Slater, Susan H.              J. G. Slater, Adm.
        12/30/62  Slaughter, James S. deceased
        12/17/66  Slay, Nathan                  B. F. Seale, Adm.
        8/10/63   Slo? Sto?, E. C.              Marriage license
        1864       Smith, B. M.                  J. T. Wood, Adm.
        12/28/66  Smith, Cherokee            D/C
        8/4/62     Smith, G. F.                   D/C
        7/14/62   Smith, Jeremiah             M. B. Smith, Adm.
        7/31/66   Smith, L. D.                  John A. Smith, Adm.
        12/26/64  Smith, L. T.                  W. J. McGehee, Adm.
        7/2/63      Smith, Landgrove T.      habaes corpus
        7/1/63      Smith, Nathan               E. McCall, Ex.
        1866        Smith, S. R.                  Jury list 4/9/1866
        3/23/63    Smith, Thomas heirs      N. Slay, Gdn.
        1865        Smith, Thomas M.        A. H. Powe, Gdn.
        1863        Southard, Robert           W. J. McGehee, Adm.
                           Southerd entry marked through
        1863        Southerd, W. A.            W. J. McGehee, Adm.
        6/18/62    Spangenburg, A. S.        D/C
        9/3/62      Spangenburg, C. A.        D/C
        9/12/67    Spangenburg, Mary E,     A. Addison, Gdn.
                                late Howard
        1865        Spear? Annette, freed girl    C. A. Spear, master
        1864        Spraggins, Eliza B.           W. F. Spraggins, Adm.
        10/19/63  Spraggins, George McD.   W. P. Hall, Adm.
        1865        Spraggins, Thomas H.      W. P. Hall, Gdn.
        11/8/66    Stafford, Elsey. Gdn.
        10/24/65  Stafford, Ezekiel               G. W. Wilson, Adm.
        1864       Stafford, Henry W.            Nancy M. Stafford, Adm.
        5/16/64   Stallworth, Grover T.,
                          Viola A., & Hugh D.      J. B. Wagner, Gdn.
        7/18/63    Staples, J. T.                     Retail license
        11/18/63  Stephens, H. H.                Marriage license
        4/23/63    Stephens, J. C.                 Marriage license
        1863        Stephens, John C.            J. B. Mills, Adm.
        9/1/62      Stephens, J. R.                 D/C
        1863        Stephins, Margaret       ____________
        1863        Stephens, Martha             J. B. Mills, Adm.
        1863        Stringer, Smith                 J. M. Dansby, Adm.
        1865        Strong, James M., deceased J.A.M. Thompson
        8/4/62      Strudwick, T.                    D/C
        4/14/63    Sturdivant, A. J.                H.J.Y. Moss, Gdn.
        8/29/62    Swann, Alfred                   D/C
        1865        Swann, Alfred                  habaes corpus petition
        1862       Tankersley minors        Rozina Tankersley, Gdn.
        7/1862    Tankersley, 2 minors    G. G. Tankersley, Gdn.
        4/14/63   Tarvin, Edgar J.            M. E. Tarvin, Gdn.
        2/21/65   Taylor, Abner R.          W. R. Horn, Ex.
        1863       Taylor?, Andrew          Marriage license
        2/8/63     Taylor, B. A.                Marriage license
        10/12/64  Tharp, John C.            Ridgeway, Ex.
        1866       Thomas, N. E.              Jury list 4/9/1866
        1865       Thomas, Wade             A. Harrison, Gdn.
        1/17/63   Thomas, Wade             E. Keeton, Gdn.
        1865      Thompson, Benjamin J.    D. McCall, Adm.
        2/1864   Thompson, E. J.            N. N. Thompson, Adm.
        1866      Thompson, J. H.           Jury list, 3/1/1866
        1862      Thompson, Harrison, Cornelia
                       & Anna C.                  M. C. Thompson, Gdn.
        9/62       Thompson, J.H.H. minor heirs M. C. Thompson, Gdn.
        1863      Thompson heirs            Mary C. Thompson, Gdn.
        1/63       Thompson, J. P.
        1865      Thompson, Joel et al      Martha Thompson, Gdn.
        7/14/63   Thompson, Joel P.        J. H. Thompson, Adm.
        1864      Thompson, Martha        D. McCall, Gdn.
        3/7/64    Thompson, N.N., late Adm. of W. W. Thompson &
                       Gdn. of minors
        1865      Thompson, Phoebe        J.H. & Georgianna Agnew, Adm.
        9/1/62    Thompson, William H.   D/C
        1/63       Threadgill, W. T.           D/C
        1863      Tillman, William            H.J.Y. Moss, Ex.
        1/4/64    Tims, Alfred                  Marriage license
        6/25/63  Tims, Charley H.           Marriage license
        1865      Tims, Elisha                  H.J.Y. Moss, Adm.
        2/17/63  Tims, W.A.J.                 Marriage license
        5/27/62  Tinker, R. S.                  D/C
        1865      Timms? W.A.J.             W. J. McGehee, Adm.
        1865      Tinker, Tom                  R. J. Tinker, Gdn.
        1/1/63    Todd, David                 W. J. McGehee, Adm.
        11/24/65 Tompkins, Simeon        James W. Bryant, Adm.
        1864      Trice, Sarah A. et al       Susan Trice, Gdn.
        2/13/64  Trice?, Elisha, deceased  no Adm. listed
        12/21/64 Trice, Stephen J.           Marriage license
        12/4/66   Trice, W. B.                 D. J. Thompson, Adm.
        1863       Tucker minors              D. N. Mason, Gdn.
        11/15/65  Tucker, Woody            Joel D. Carter, Adm.
        10/24/62  Turner, Jefferson R.     John H. Smith, Adm.
        8/12/63   Turner, O. B.               B. S. Turner, Ex.
        1/5/62     Upchurch, 2 minors      David Bryan, Gdn.
        1863       Utsey, W. S.                 J. M. Dansby, Adm.
        1865      Waldrum, Charles E. et al  no Gdn. listed
        8/62       Walker, G. B.            A. L. Spangenburg, Ex.
        6/18/62  Wallace, Robert         D. P. Griffin, Adm.
        7/62       Wallace, William S.   W. P. Hall, Adm.
        3/3/63    Wallace, William        Marriage license
        1864      Ward, Alin E.             M. M. Walton, Adm.
        12/22/63  Ward, E. H.              Marriage license
        9/1/62    Ward, James C.         W. H. Ward, Adm.
        8/30/62  Ward, Thomas  deceased?  J.W.H. Johnson
        9/10/62  Ward, W. H.               D/C
        5/30/62  Warren, B. H.             D/C
        8/16/62  Watson, D.                 D/C
        1865      Watson, Mary Josephine   Thomas A. Watson, Gdn.
        1/63       White, Elizabeth J.      D/C
        1/63       Whitesides, William     D/C
        6/5/62    Wilcox, C. N.              D/C
        6/9/62    Williams, D. M.           D/C
        11/28/63  Williams, Elizabeth A.   S. E. Catterlin, Ex.
        1/63       Williams, John J.          D/C
        1865      Wills, M. M.                W. Williams, Adm.
        3/23/63  Wilson, J. T.                D/C
        1/63       Wilson, J. T.                D/C
        11/18/65  Wilson, William          J. T. Wilson, Adm.
        11/19/62  Wilson, Willis A.        M. I. Wilson, Adm.
        9/29/62    Wimberly, J. W.         Redemption of runaway slave named Gilbert
        7/1/64      Wimberley, William    John Wimberley, Adm.
        1/12/63    Woodall, W. W.          Marriage license
        6/14/62    Woodcock, J. A.         Marriage license
        9/12/62    Woodward, W.           D/C
        1864        Worsham, Samuel       W. J. McGehee, Adm.
        9/24/64    Worsham, William       W. J. McGehee, Adm.
        1866        Wright, J. A.                Jury list 3/1/1866
        4/2/66      Yates, Alfred               deceased
        1865        Yates, Emily                W. M. Dunn, Adm.
        9/3/62      Yeager, Elias               J. C. Yeager, Adm.
        7/15/63    Yeager, John C.,          petition to divide land
                                                                 tenant in common with T. J. Yeager
        1/21/63   Yeager, Mark B. & R. M.  no Gdn. listed
        1/19/63   Yeager, Thomas J.        J. C. Moss? Adm.
        7/12/64   Youman, W. L.            E. L. Youman, Adm.
        12/15/63  Young, Martha S.          ?
        9/3/62     Young, S.                    D/C

                       Justices of the Peace, August 1865
             A. A. Beall, Joseph Levey, C. W. Oslin, S. H. Smith
                  and L. W. Wimberly
                            Jurors  March 1, 1866
             W. P. __________              William  Fremichard?
             E. J. Bethea?                 J. J. Doty
             J. A. Wright                  J. H. Thompson
                            Jurors, April 9, 1866
             J. M. Riley                   Calvin Dees
             R. G. Lassiter? Sasritter?    S. R. Smith
             Joseph Levey                  E. J. Makin
             J. C. Morgan                  A. J. Moore
             N. E. Thomas                  H. E. Ryan
             Thadeus Gilder
        Source for Juries: Probate Fee Book 1862-68, pages 202-203

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