Divorces in Choctaw County, Alabama

Some Choctaw County, AL Divorces (very incomplete)
Compiled by Ann H. Gay, August, 2001
Sources: Chancery Court Order Book B and and Chancery Court Loose Papers
1859 Alsbrooks, John vs Sarah Alsbrooks  
1876 Burdues, Sarah vs Hardy Burdues by next friend Ben Moss p.403
1857 Canty, Demaris vs. F. M. Canty by next friend p52.53
1870 Carney, K. H. vs Sarah Carney p360
1879 Champion, James A. vs Mary E.  
1877 Clarke, Henry W. vs Mary Clarke m. 25 July 1872
1887 Coleman, Egypt vs Anica Coleman  
1886 Crowell, Crawford vs Susan Crowell  
1866 Crumbley, Louis vs. Amanda B. p92,94
1867 Dew, Cynthia vs. George W. Dew by next friend Dorcas Carlisle p302
1855 DuBose, Middleton vs. Susan Barfield p23
1865 Edwards, Simeon vs. Mary E. Edwards p294
1871 Faile, Benjamin vs Lucy Faile p374
1874 Fisher, Henry vs Mary Fisher p395
1874 Gaines, Harry vs Nancy Gaines p394
1855 Gilder, Mary E. vs Thadeus W. Gilder d. of Abraham Penningt.
1869 Groves, Caroline vs William M. Groves by next friend Warner Bailey
1869 Groves, William divorced earlier from Jane Groves  
1870 Hall, Mary vs Joseph Hall p364?
1855 Harrell, Sarah vs Bogan C. Harrell by next friend Thomas Long (See Note at bottom)
1870 Harrison, Thomas J/I? vs Mary E. p363
1876 Hayden, Jasper vs Mary Jane Hayden p404
1860 Hendrick, John vs Susannah Hendrick p215
1877 Holloman, Stephen vs Mary/Minna Holloman  
1852 Holston, Hiram vs Margaret Mosley Holston  
1886 Howard, J. Simeon vs Sallie G. Howard  
1887? Jackson, Denson vs Jane Jackson  
1888 Jackson, Zolly vs Mary Jackson  
1878 James, Frederick vs Martha James  
1869 Johnson, Willis vs Mary A. Johnson  
1878 Joiner, Everett vs. Patsy Joiner  
1870 King, Caroline vs James E. King by next friend T.C. Holston p370
1882 Kirksey, George vs Alsey Kirksey  
1876 Knott, Sarah vs Rolly (Raleigh) Knott  
1874 Land, George W.L.B. vs Arrelia R. Land p397
1886 Lewis, Martha vs Joseph Lewis; next friend Edmond Taylor
1883 Littlepage, Isaac vs Mollie Littlepage  
1871 Lott, Willis vs Martha Lott p374?
1880 Lynch, David vs Elizabeth Blackwell Lynch  
1880 Manning, Joseph vs Martha Manning  
1876 McCall, William vs Charlotte McCall p406
1860 Meaddor, Mary E. vs Joel Meaddor by next friend Silas B. Paschal p213
1884 Mitchell, Prince vs Pelina Mitchell  
1869 Moore, Polly B. vs William Moore; next friend Joshua M. Everett
1887 Moore, Samuel D. vs Julia Moore  
1895 Moore, Sarah J. vs E. S. Moore; next friend Solomon Rutledge
1875 Morse, Anthony vs Georgiana Morse p399
1856 Mosley, Albert vs Frances Mosley  
  Neal, Martha vs Samuel Neal ?  
1879 Nix, Robert vs Adelle Nix  
1880 Nobles, Elias vs Patsey Nobles  
1866 Peavey, Charles W. vs Susan E. Peavey  
1869 Prince, Sarah vs Oliver Prince by next friend p352
1868 Pugh, Sarah A. vs. Isaac A. Pugh by next friend Henry C. Goff p341
1876 Rogers, Jeanette vs Joseph Rogers by next friend Mrch Witherspoon p405
1867 Ruffin, Wiley (freedman) vs Edith Ruffin (freedwoman)  
1867 Ruffin, Wiley vs Susan Ruffin p388
1870 Shoemaker, Matt vs Eliza Ann Shoemaker p362
1906 Sims, Elizabeth vs J. P. Sims  
1857 Sims, James P. vs C. C. Sims  
1870 Stanley, Joseph vs Nancy p360
1861 Stephenson, Martha E. vs. Andrew J. by next friend Joseph P. Evans p215
1888 Taylor, Elmira vs Oscar Taylor  
1874 Thompson, Felix vs Nancy Thompson p397
1873 Turner, Ned vs Ella Turner p384
1885 Vance, Marshall vs Alice Vance m. 1876 Clarke Co., AL
1882 Vines, Robert vs Joyce Vines m. Dec. 1867 Choctaw C
1876 Walker, Susan vs Albert Walker by next friend George Hall p403,406
1887 Ward, Caroline vs Richard Ward; next friend Joe Horn
1883 Ward, Isabella vs Zachariah Ward; next friend Jacob Cooper (m.1875)
1881 Watkins, Laura vs Merick Watkins decree Aug. 1881
1887 Whigham, Josh vs Jane Whigham  
1870? Whittington, John G. vs Nancy W. Whittington m. 30 Aug. 1865
1867 Whittington, Nancy vs. John G. by next friend B.Y. Burns Nov. 1867
1879 Williams, Caroline vs Sydney Williams; next friend Washington Graham
1870 Wilson, Hannah vs. George Wilson by next friend Brooks Winston? p361
1886 Wright, M.S. vs John T. Wright by next friend Frank A. Wright (m.1878)
1887? Young, Emily vs Samuel Young; next friend Bob Fullilove (m.1879)
*Note: Harrell divorce inf. from AL Genealogical Quarterly, July 1979

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