Smiths in 1880 Choctaw County, Alabama Census

Submitted By: Gladys Stovall Armstrong

SMITHS (White Only)

1880 Census of Choctaw County, AL
SMITH, Levi T. 49, Farmer Ga. Ga. Ga.
Elizabeth, 47 wife, Ga. S.C. S.C.
Levi 16, son, Ms. Ga. Ga.
Elbert, 14, son, Ms. Ga. Ga.
Walter Z.S. 12, son, Ms. Ga. Ga.
Cryran A. 10, son, Ms Ga. Ga.
Charlie 8, son, Al. Ga. Ga.
Clemon 6, son, Al. Ga. Ga.
Mary M. 18, daugh. Ms. Ga. Ga.

SMITH, William 20, farmer, Al. Illegible
Mary 20, wife, Ms. Illegible
Carolee 2, daugh. Al. Al. Ms
Ed--- 1, son, Al. illegiable
The Above in the Houseold Of:
ALLEN, William 54, Farmer Al. Illegible
Sarah A. 43, wifw, Al. S.C. illegible
Joseph 22, Nephew Al. Al. Al.
John W. 15, Nephew 15, Ms. Al. Ms.
Robt. 13, Nephew, Ms. Al. Ms.
Mary C. 18 neice, Ms. ? MS.
Emmaline (SERVANT) 18, Al. Al. Al.
MOORE< Thomas E. 86 ? Miller, Al. Al. Al.
Armor, Thadius 20, Hirling, Al. ? ?

SMITH, Mary 63, Housekeeper, Ga. Ga. Ga.
Sarah E. 24, daugh. Ms. Al. Ga.
Caroline 17, daugh. Al. Al. Ga.
Charly 5, Grandson, Al. Al. Ms
Ada L. 1, Granddaugh. Al. Al. Ms.

SMITH, M.F. 55, Mother-in-law, Al. N.C. Al.
Percy G. 24, Bro-in-law Al. N.C. Al.
P.M. 19, Bro-in-law Al. N.C. Al.
Mollie 17, Sister-in-law, Al. N.C. Al.
Living in H.H. with:
BANNON, J.W. 29, Al. Al. Al.
Sue S. 22 wife, Al N.C. Al.
Emma, ), daugh. Al. N.C. Al.
Annie M. 2, daugh. Al. N.C. Al.

SMITH, Stephen 27, Al. Al. ?
Mattie, wife, 23, Al. Al. Al.
Alfred H. 2/12, son Al. Al. Al.
Same H.H.
THOMAS< Mary, 42 sister, Al. N.C. N.C.
Ella, 18 Neice, Al. N.C. N.C.
George, 14 Nephew Al. Al. Al.
N.E. 11, Neice Al. Al. Al.
Same H.H.:
Watson, Anna 17, Neice Al. Al. England
Alfred, 9 , Nephew Al. Al. England

SMITH, D.P. 30 Farmer Al. Al. ?
Matilda 25, wife Al. Ms. Al.
Victoria 17, daugh. Al. ? ?
William S. 2, son, Al. ? ?

SMITH, Levi 42, Farmer Ms. ? ?
Elizabeth 40, wife Ms. ? ?
Levi Walls, 17, son, Ms. ? ?
Elbert W. 14, son, Ms. ? ?
Z>W>S>C> 12, son, Ms. ? ?
EACH. 10, daugh. Ms. ? ?
Charles Lee, 5, son, Al. ? ?
Freeman W. 5, son, AL. ? ?

Smith, George 28 Farmer AL. Al. Al.
Susan 25, wife Al. Al. Al.
Jacob 5 son, Al. Al. Al.
Maria 2, daugh. Al. Al. Al.
Andrew 21, Bro. Al. Al. Al.

Smith, Wm. S. 57 Blk Smith, Scotland, Scotland, S.C.
E.A. 47, wife Ms. S.C. S.C.
M.C.D. 27, son Ms. Scotland Ms.
Hollon, 18 Daugh. Ms. Scotland, Ms.
Eugenie 14, daugh. Ms. Scotland, Ms.
Nora, 8 daugh. Al. Scotland Ms.
Tenelle, 1, son, Al. Scotland Ms.

SMITH, Garland 48, Farmer Ga. Va. S.C.
Susan, 48 wife, Ga. Ga. S.C.
James D. 22, son Ga. Ga. Ga.
William 20 son, Ga. Ga. Ga.
Mary E. 18 daugh, Al. Ga. Ga.
C. Lee, 14 son, Al. Ga. Ga.
Willia B. 11, son Al. Ga. Ga.
Robt. Y. 9, Son Al. Ga. Ga.

SMITH, Freeman R. 65, N.C. Va. N.C.
Ellen B. 56, wife Al. Ga. Ga.
George Oliver, 23, son, Al. N.C. Ga.
Emma Orlean 17, daugh-in-law Al. N.C. Al
Leora A. 14, daugh, Al. N.C. Al.

SMITH, Robt. M. 26, Farmer Al. Ga. Ga.
Nellie Ann 23, wife, Al. Ga. Al.
Lyda A. 4, daugh. Al. Al. al.
Oly Ann 1, daugh. Al. Al. Al.
Mary(female) 24, Laborer, N.C. N.C. N.C.

SMITH, Francis 61, Farmer Ga. Ga. Ga.
Julia 21, daugh. Al. Ga. Ga.
Alman 17, son Al. Ga. Ga.

SMITHS, Alice 16, sister-in-law Al. N.C. N.C.
Living in H.H. Of:
VAUGN, John 36, Al. N.C. N.C.
Sarah 35, wife N. C. N. C. N.C.
Eddie 5, daugh. Al. N.C. N.C.
Hellen 3, daugh. Al. N.C. N.C.
Agnes, 1 daugh. Al. N.C. N.C.
SMITH, Hellen , sister-in-law 16, Al. N.C. N.C.
VAUGHN, James 24, ? Al. N.C. Ga.

SMITH, Mary A, 40 Ga. Ga. Ga.
Living in the H.H. of :
WALLACE, Williams 36, Al. Va. Ms.
Eliza , 60 Mother. Ms. Ms. Ms.
John 13, adopted , Al. Al. Al.
BARNES, Lee A. 45, Laborer, Al. Al. Al.

SMITH, Mary 22, Al. Al. Al.
Living in the H.H. Of:
ALLEN, Wiley 62, Farmer N.C. N.C. N.C.
Elvera A. 58, wife N.C. N.C. N.C.

SMITH, R.B. 40 blind. Merchant Al. Al. Al.
Agnas R., 28, wife Al. Al. Al.
Estelle 8, daugh. Al. Al. Al.
Fanny H. 6/12 , daugh. Al. Al. Al.

SMITH, D.H., 59, Farmer S.C. Va. S.C.
Madon, 38, wife Al. Al. Al.

SMITH, H,T. 30 Farmer S.C. S,C. S.C.
J.C. 28, brother S W.W. 26, brother, S.C. S.C. S.C.
SMITH, F.Monroe M. 33 farmer, Ms. N.C. N.C.
Francis A. 27, wife Al. Al. Al.
James R. 6, son Al. Ms. Al.

SMITH, John A. 41, Farmer Al. N.C. Al.
Susan E. 43, wife Al. Al. Ga.
James 15, son, Al. Al. Al.
Dora 13, daugh. Al. Al. Al.
Samantha 12 daugh. Al. Al. Al.
Thomas, 10 son, Al. Al. Al.
Martha, 8 daugh. Al. Al. Al.
Edward, 4, son Al. Al. Al.
Mary, 1 daugh. Al. Al. Al.

SMITH, Margarite 46, sister-in-law AL. Al. Al.
Living in H>H> Of:
POWELL, Richard 62 Farmer, AL. AL. Al.
Mary A. 59, wife, Al. Ga. Al.
Mary E. 34, daugh. Al. Al. Al.
John R. 32 son Al. Al. Al.
Martha E. 34 daugh. Al. Al. Al.
William B. 26, son, Al. Al. Al.
Abram T. 20 son, Al. Al. Al.
Henry W. 29, son, Al. AL. Al.
Josiah 16 son, Al. Al. Al.
Hesakiah 16 son, Al. Al. Al.

SMITH. C. P. 27 Farmer Al. N.C. Al.
Elizabeth 22 wife Ms. Ms., Al.

SMITH, J.M. 37, Farmer AL. Al. Al.
Delia 34 wife, Al. Al. Al.
Julius 16 son Al. Al. Al.
Josiah, 12 son, Al. N.C. Al.
Martha 9 daugh. Al. Al. al.
Irma , 3 daugh Al. Al. al.

SMITH, John, 22 Boarder Al. N.C. N.C.
Living in H.H. Of:
McCain 31 Al. N.C. Al.
Harriet 21 Al. Al. Al.
Flecher F. 2, Al. Al. Al.
Monday 7/12 daugh. Al. Al. Al.

SMITH, Neal 24 Al. Al. Al.
Vou--- 18, wife Al. N.C. N.C.
Justin 1, son Al. Al. Al.

SMITH, S.R. 44 Farmer S.C. S.C. S.C.
Mary F. 30 wife Al. Ga. Al.
N.R. 20 daugh. Al. S.C. Al.
Clarence 14 son Al. S.C. Al.
Joseph 5, son Al. S.C. Al.
Mary K. 3 daugh. Al. S.C. Al.
William L. 1 son Al. S.C. Al.

SMITH, Jake(or jobe) 21 Laborer Al. Al. Al.
Living in H.H. Of:
MC Cras? J,W. 29 Farmer Ms. Ms. ?
Mary J. 22, wife Al. N.C. N.C.
John David , 2 son, Al. Ms. Al.

SMITH, Wm. H. 28 Farmer Ga. Ga. Ga.
Alice 25 wife Ms. Ms. Ms.
Charles E. 8 son Al. Ga. Ms.
Jessie W. 5 son Al. Ga. Ms.
Luelis D. 4 daugh Al. Ga. Ms.
Ada M. 11/12 daugh Al. Ga. Ms.

Smith, John 67 Farmer N.C. N.C. N.C.
Mansel 50 wife Al. Tn. Ga.
Mansel 18 daugh. Al. N.C. Al.
Samuel 15 son Al. N.C. Al.
Madison L.F. 11 son Al. N.C. Al.
(One Servant)

SMITH, John A. 56, Farmer N.C. N.C. N.C.
L. Catherine 51, wife Al. Ga. Ga.
WHITSITT? Amanda 19 Neice Al. Ga. Al.

SMITH , Bookage 35 Al ? ?
Nancy 36 wife Al. ? ?
Louise 21 daugh Al. Al. Al.
Ellen B. 15 daugh. Al. Al. Al.
Josephine 13 daugh. Al. Al. Al.
John A. 12 son Al. Al. Al.

SMITH, J.H. 33 Farmer Al. Ga. Ga.
Susan M. 31 Wife Al. S.C. Tn.
Ida V. 11 wife Al. Al. Tn,
Caroline 9 daugh Al. Al. Tn.
Benjamine 6 son Al. Al. Tn.
Queen 4 daughter Al. Al. Tn.
Jasabell 2 daugh. Al. Al Tn.
Henderson 5/12 son Al. Al. Tn.

SMITH, A.E. 9 Neice Al. Al. Al.
Living in H.H. Of:
EVERITT S.J. 26 Farmer Al. Al. Al.
Maggie T. 30 Al. Al. S.C.
Mary C. 4/30? Al. Al. Al.
MILLS John farth-in-law (paralized) Al. S.C. S.C.

SMITH, W.J. 38 Farmer Al. Al. Al.
Lula J. wife Al. N.C. N.C.

SMITH, E. 54 (female) Ga. Ga. Ga.
John W. 22 son Al. S.C. Ga.
HASSELTINE,J.A. 23 daug(at school) Al. S.C. Ga.
STANFORD, Susan 40 Sister Ga. Ga. Ga.

SMITH, W.N. 40 Farmer Ms. Al. Al.
Martha 41 wife Al. Ga. Ga.
BLOODSWORTH S. 21 Stepdaug, Al. Al. Al.
BLOODSWORTH J.H. 19, Stepson AL. AL. Al.
SMITH, James C. 12 son Ms. Ms. Al.
Eugenia 10 daugh. Ms. Ms. Al.
Charles H. 9, son Al. Ms. Al.
William 6 son Al. Ms. Al.
Martha 2 daugh Al. Ms. Al.

SMITH, Caroline 66 Ga. S.C. N.C.
Fannie, 33 daugh. Al. Ga. Ga.
Nancy 28 daugh. AL. Ga. Ga.
Benjamin,C. 24 son Al. Ga. Ga. Ga.
Willie, 7 Grandson, Al. Ga. Ga.

SMITH, Kindrick 26 Al. Ga. Ga.
Sarah D, 24 wife Al. Al. Al.
John W. 24, wife Al. Al. Al.
Mary E. 3, daugh. Al. Al. Al.
Martha C. 3/12 daugh Al. Al. Al.

SMITH, Florence E. 3 Grandaughter Al. Al. Al.
Living in H.H. of:
FAGAN, Geo. S. 76 Farmer S.C. S.C. S.C.
Catherine, 59 wife S.C. S.C. S.C.
Millie, 30 daugh. Al. S.C. S.C.
Amanda, 20 daugh. Al. S.C. S.C.
Hetta , 10, grandaugh. Al. Al. Al.
James F. 7/12 grandson Al. Al. Al.

SMITH, A. 45 Al. Al. Al.
Eliza, 8 daugh. Ms. Ms. Al.

SMITH, Willie 22 Neice Al. Tn. Al.
Living in H.H. Of:
SLATER< James A. 33, Al. Al.
Addie 29 wife Al. N.C. Al.

SMITH, Mary F. 40, daugh. Al. N.C. Al.
SMITH, Powell K. 15, grandson, Al. Tn. Al.
GILMER, Martha C. 26 daugh(teacher) Al. N.C. Al.
EVANS< Sarah J. 22 GrDaugh(teacher) Al. Al. Al.
Annie L. 13, Gd.daugh, Al. Al. Al.
JOHNSON, Albert S. 6 Gd.son, Al. Al. Al.
Eliza 3 Gd.daugh. Al. Al. Al.
SLATER Elvira 63, Al. Va. Ga.

SMITH, Cora 13 Sister Al. Al. Al.
Living in H.H. of :
MEADOR, Luke 31 Farmer Al. Al. Al.
Fanny 23 wife Al. Al. Al.
Eviline 3/12 daugh Al. Al. Al.

SMITH, John D. 51 Ga. Ga. Ga.
Mary 47 wife Ga. Ga. Ga.
Earnest D. 23 son Ga. Ga. Ga.
Ira J. 21 son Ms. Ga. Ga.
Ella G. 19 daug. Ms. Ga. Ga.
Dora W. 17 daugh. Ms. Ga. Ga.

SMITH, Powel 16 Al. Al. Al.
Living in H.H. Of:
Gwynn? F.H. 45 Farmer Al. Al. Al.
Mary A. 42 wife Al. Al. Al.
Harriet 14 daugh. Al. Al. Al.
Sally 12 Daugh. Al. Al. Al.
Susan, 10 daugh. Al. Al. Al.
Norris 7, son, Al. Al. Al.
Rosa 3 daugh. Al. Al. Al.
Henry 4/12 son Al. Al. Al.


A Portion of the Census is illegible, Therefore more SMITHS may have been there.

SMITH, M.F. 55, Mother-in Law, Al. N.C. Al.
Percy G. 24, Bro.-in-Law Al. N.C. Al.
P. 19, bro.-in-law, Al. N.C. Al.
Mollie, 17, sister-in-law Al. N.C. Al.
Living in H.H. with:
Bannon, J.W. 29 Al. Al. Al.
Sue S. 22, wife, Al. N.C. Al
Emma, 0, daugh. Al. N.C. Al.
Annie, M. 2, daugh. Al. N.C. Al.

SMITH, Stephen. 27, Al. Al. ?
Mattie, wife, 23, Al. Al. N.C.
Alfred H. 2/12 son, Al. Al. Al.
Mary 4, Mother, Al. Al. Al.
Same H.H.:
THOMAS< Mary 42, sister, AL. N.C. N.C.
Ella 18, Neice Al. N.C. N.C.
George E. 14, Nephew, Al. Al. Al.
N.E. 11, Neice, Al. Al. Al.
WATSON, Anna 17, Neice, Al. Al. England
Alfred, 9. nephew Al. Al. England

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