1860 Mortality Schedule

Choctaw Co., AL

Assistant Marshals

W.F. Brunson
E.H. Ward

Alphabetized April 2007 by Bennie White

Name Age Sex Born Month Died Occupation Cause of Death Day Sick
William N. Allen 13 M Ala. May Unknown Unknown 6 days
Joyce E. Bass 50 F Married Ala. March Unknown Dis. Womb 120 days
Mary Jane Bass 3/12 F Ala. July Unknown Infl. brain 2 days
James E. Bloodsworth 3 M Ala. Sept. Unknown Worms 10 days
Josia Bonner 2/12 M Ala. Jan. Unknown Bold hives 1 day
Selina L. Bonner 6/12 F Ala. March Unknown Unknown 60 days
G.L. Boutwell 6/12 M Miss. Aug. Unknown Consumption 180 days
Burel Boykin 80 M Ga. May Planter Killed by negro sudden
E. Boykin 3 F MS. Dec. Unknown Accid shot 1 day
S. Burnett 20 F Married Ala. Nov. Unknown Typhoid Fever 30 days
W.E. Burnett 3 M Ala. Jan. Unknown Cong. Fever 4 days
James Bushy 9/12 M Miss. Apr. Unknown Unknown 7 days
J.M. Calleham 40 M Widower Ala. May Overseer Murdered by Negroes Sudden
M. Campbell 1 F Ala. Feb. Unknown Fever 3 days
Richard Conn 73 M Married Ireland Oct. Shoe maker Suicide-poison 1 day
Cooper 1 M Ala. May Unknown Unknown 1 day
M. Cooper 2/12 F Ala. Feb. Unknown Unknown 7 days
J.B. Cousins 36 M Va. Sept. Doctor Fever 4 days
J.B. Cousins, Jr. 1 M Ala. Nov. Unknown Sore Throat 8 days
M.E. Davis 2 F Miss. Apr. Unknown Ulcer 5 days
B.A. Easley 43 M Married Ga. June Planter Inflamation 90 days
Joel L. Easterling 2 M Ala. Sept. Unknown Ch. diarrhea 60 days
Mary E. Evans 4 F Ala. Feb. Unknown Tracheotomy 8 days
Michael Fallon 50 M Married Ireland Nov. Planter Hard Work 14 days
F.M. Flowers 1 M Miss. July Unknown Fever 21 days
M. Grimes 2 M Ala. June Unknown Flux 8 days
Zilla E. Hall 16 F Ala. June Unknown Inf. bowels 11 days
Margaret Hennington 1/12 F Ala. Sept. Unknown Unknown 30 days
Green Berry Hester 11 M Ala. Aug. Unknown Dropsy 300 days
E.W. Hurst 2 M Ala. Aug. Unknown Flux 5 days
P. Hurst 1/12 M Ala. Aug. Unknown Mortification
Martha A. Hutchison 37 F Widow S.C. Oct. Unknown Dis. womb 210 days
Abram Johnson 96 M Married Ala. March Planter Bronchitis 7 days
Elizabeth Johnston 73 F Widow S.C. Oct. Unknown Dis. Womb 210 days
M. Knott 47 F Married Va. Feb. Unknown Liver dis. 240 days
Abraham Knowles 36 M Married Ala. Oct. Laborer Cholera morb. 5 days
Nancy Lang 23 F Ala. Aug. Unknown Typhoid Fever 23 days
William Lee 51 M Married S.C. May Farmer Consumption 300 days
Malisse Lister 3 F Ala. Sept. Unknown Croup 3 days
Martha Lister 7/12 F Ala. May Unknown Brain Fever 4 days
Prudence Long 72 F Widow S.C. May Unknown Dropsy 70 days
McCall   F Ala. May Unknown Still born  
F. McComac 2 F Ala. June Unknown Unknown 90 days
Lucy McFail 43 F Married France Feb. Unknown Ch. of life 1095 days
O. McMillon 12 M Ala. July Unknown Cholera morb. 2 days
W.J. Meadows 1 F TX Oct. Unknown Dysentery 90 days
Olivia Mills 2 F Ala. June Unknown Worms 3 days
M.C. Minor 16 F Ala. Apr. Unknown Unknown 3 days
T. Moore 27 M S.C. Oct. Overseer Flux 17 days
Thomas Moore 22 M Ala. Oct. Unknown Flux 15 days
Joshua Morse 8/12 M Ala. Dec. Unknown Smothered 1 day
Nancy Mozingo 38 F Ala. Apr. Unknown Apoplexy 7 days
Nancy Murrell 60 F Widow Tenn. May Unknown Womans disease 30 days
E.J. Ponds 24 F Married Ga. Dec. Unknown Nerv. fever 30 days
S.C. Poole 5 F Ala. Sept. Unknown Cong. chill 5 days
Patience L. Revett 21 F Married Ala. Feb. Unknown Child Bed 2 days
Frank Richardson 27 M Married Ala. Apr. Unknown Typhoid Fever 14 days
T. Rutledge 4/12 M Va. May Unknown Dropsy 90 days
James E. Scott 22 M Ala. Aug. Planter Consumption 13 days
William Scurlock 5/12 M Ala. Sept. Unknown Croup 2 days
H.B. Seal 4/12 F Ala. Jan. Unknown Heat dis. 60 days
Susana Shoemaker 88 F Widow Va. Aug. Unknown Old Age
W.G. Smily 5 F Ala. Apr. Unknown Burned 1 day
L. Smith 5 F Ala. Jan. Unknown Dis. chest 150 days
Pelin Stanley 10 F Ala. Feb. Unknown Burned
Elizabeth Sutton 70 F N.C. Feb. Unknown Bill. Fever 14 days
Franklin Sykes 42 M N.C. March Farmer Consumption 7 days
Infant Taylor 1 F Ala. Aug. Unknown Cong. Fever
John J. Terrell 3/12 M Ala. Feb. Unknown Inf. bowels 10 days
A. Thornton 18 M Ala. Nov. Unknown Dysentery 130 days
Lucinda J. Tuberville 24 F Ala. Apr. Unknown Child Bed 30 days
Mary A. Walton 34 F Married S.C. Aug. Unknown Fever 6 days
W.R. Ward 9/12 M Ala. Sept. Unknown Dysentery 90 days
E.T. Warren 1 F Ala. July Unknown Teething 90 days
Wendeland W. Warren 2 M Ala. March Unknown Flux 7 days
F. Wells 78 F Va. Jan. Unknown Asma 365 days
Caroline Williams 47 F Ga. Apr. Unknown Scurvy 7 days
Nance J. Wilson 6 F Ala. Dec. Unknown Itermit. Fever 60 days
W.P. Worthington 22 F La. Oct. Unknown Fever 14 days
E. Wright 45 F Married N.C. Aug. Unknown Liver 10 days

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