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Chilton County Lookups: Volunteers who have books they will do lookups in.

Chilton County Books for sale, and where to buy them.

Archives, Libraries, etc.

The following list of books are linked to more complete information. Some of them are outdated or duplicated in easier to obtain materials but I've included them so you can know that.
Most of the books have a direct link to the Library of Congress (OCLC) web site. Their web site is linked to a large number of libraries and will give you a list of libraries that have the book. Most of the libraries linked to are large ones or universities and there are many libraries that are not listed. Many of them do not inter library loan but often copies of limited information can be obtained through inter library loan. You would need to know specific details to do that.Very few genealogy libraries do ILL of entire books.
Those not listed on OCLC may be listed with another organization such as a statewide system. Since I first wrote this more libraries are linked to OCLC.
To get an ILL you'll have to go through your local library and even in a large system there is often one person that handles ILL. They have more resources to find a book and who will loan it.
The Birmingham Public Library (BPL) has most of the books listed here and will do a limited amount of coping for a fee if you know the page numbers. (David Dennis)
BPL details
More info on interlibrary loan can be found at the following links.
Using Interlibrary Loan for Genealogical Research--August 21, 1998 by George G. Morgan
The Library of Congress >> Librarians & Archivists >> Interlibrary Loan

Clicking on the books listed will take you to details.