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Smith Chapel Cemetery Survey, Pollards Bend, Cherokee County, Alabama

Current to January 2015
Pollards Bend is the Coosa River bend due south of Leesburg, Alabama

Members of the Barry Springs Chapter, D.A.R., Centre, Alabama, are working on updating the cemetery list for Pollard's Bend, Al. This includes: Shiloh Bothwell Cemetery, Shady Grove Cemetery, Smith's Chapel UMC, Sewell Cemetery, Matthews Cemetery and Providence Missionary Baptist Church.

This survey was done by Sherry Higgins Nickles, Tammy East, Deborah Sewell Naugher and Rebecca Sewell Homan who are residents of the Bend and are current members of the D.A.R. They hope to encourage others to research their family history.

This list was received for posting at the Cherokee County AlGenWeb from Rebecca Homan (rebecca.homan at gmail dot com).

# Name date of birth date of death Maiden Name husband of or wife of  son of or daughter of  Veterans Extra Information
SC-1 Akin, T.W. 15 Mar 1802 30 Dec 1894

SC-2 Anderson, Mattie A. 1849 Oct 1893

SC- 3 Awbrey, Alexander L. 19 July 1841 27-Jan-11
h/o (1)Sophronia E. Lowe s/o Benjamin Awbrey & Margaret Peggy Houston CSA (2) Ellen Elrose Thornton
SC-4 Awbrey, Benjamin 5 Feb 1792 6 Sept 1863
h/o Margarett Peggy Houston s/o Phillip Awbrey & Elizabeth Gordon

SC-5 Awbrey, Ellen Elrose 14 Apr 1846 21-Oct-20 Thornton w/o Alexander L. Awbrey d/o                             Thornton

SC-6 Awbrey, Infant 1 Sept 1885 1 Sept 1885

SC-7 Awbrey, Margaret Peggy 25 June 1798 23 Sept 1863 Houston w/o Benjamin Awbrey d/o James Houston & Mary Hughley

SC-8 Awbrey, Sophronia E. 25 May 1847 22 Aug 1882 Lowe w/o Alexander L. Awbrey d/o John R. Lowe and Minera E. Terrell

SC-9 Awbrey, V.L. 17 Apr 1869 4 Mar 1898
h/o Mary Elizabeth Bates s/o Alexander Awbrey & Sohronie E.Lowe

SC-10 Awbrey, Virgil Manuel 6 Dec 1895 30-Aug-04

s/o V.L. Bates & Mary Elizabeth Bates

SC-11 Bates, Celia D. Sewell 9 Nov 1883 3-Feb-05 Sewell w/o Charles Lafayette Bates d/o William Ed Sewell & Teresa Bryant Sewell
CRN#3 9 Feb 1905
SC-12 Bates, Halvia Matilda 14 Oct 1835 24-Oct-00 Atchison w/o Thomas K. Bates

SC-13 Bates, Julius W. 9-Oct-02 30-Nov-03

s/o Charles Layfayette Bates & Celia D. Sewell

SC-14 Bates, Roy 10-Aug-04 12-Feb-05

s/o Charles Layfayette Bates & Celia D. Sewell
He died nine days after his mother died.
SC-15 Bates, Thomas Kimsey 5 Aug 1830 21-Jul-13
h/o Halvia Matilda Atchison s/o Julius Bates and Lydia Hulsey CSA
SC-16 Cannon, J. M. 16 June 1881 11 July 1881

SC-17 Carroll, Alexander M. 12 May 1813 5 Dec 1873
h/o Mary Francis s/o
CRN#2 Killed by Tom Elderat Garrett'sFerry
SC-18 Carroll, Benjamin Franklin Oct 1849 Jan-19
h/o Mattie R. s/o Alexander M. Carroll & Mary Francis

SC-19 Carroll, Mary Francis 19 June 1817 6 June 1881
w/o Alexander M. Carroll

SC-20 Carroll, Mattie R. 15 Nov 1863 5 Dec 1887
w/o Benjamin Franklin Carroll

SC-21 Carroll, Robert A. 20 Oct 1851 22-Nov-06

s/o Alexander M. Carroll& Mary Francis

SC-22 Carroll, Thaddeus N 20 Mar 1841 3 Mar 1887

s/o Alexander M. Carroll& Mary Francis

SC-23 Chisolm, Cynthia Emma 23 Mar 1858 4-Jun-34 Wood w/o John H. Chisolm d/o Allen Wood & Annberry Legg

SC-24 Chisolm, Epsie J. 18 May 1845 3-Mar-02 Carroll w/o Patrick Jack Chisolm d/o J. D. Carroll

SC-25 Chisolm, John H. 15 Apr 1849 10-Aug-31
h/o Cynthia Emma Wood s/o

SC-26 Chisolm, John Ross 2 Dec 1893 1-Nov-01

s/o John H. Chisolm

SC-27 Chisolm, Laura A. 25 July 1869 27-May-27 Anderson w/o William Chisolm d/o

SC-28 Chislom, Roy Wood 1 June 1891 9 Nov 1892

s/o John H. Chisolm

SC-29 Chisolm, William J.  14 Apr 1896 15-Apr-10

s/o William M. Chisolm & Laura Anderson

SC-30 Chisolm, William M. 24 Apr 1861 4-Sep-30
h/o Laura Anderson s/o

SC-31 Daniel, Maggie Lou 3-Feb-00 6-May-01

d/o George R. Daniel & Dora Rhodes

SC-32 Daniel, Martha Victoria  1 Aug 1846 8-Feb-31 Lowe w/o Seaborn H. Daniel d/o Jefferson Lewis Franklin Lowe & Louise Gallagher

SC-33 Daniel, Seaborn H. 5 Jan 1842 31 Nov 1936
h/o Martha Victoria Lowe s/o Frances (Frank) Daniel & Lydia Long CSA 39 Inf GA Co.D  & 19th Alabama Co. H
SC-34 Davis, Aden P. 23 Feb 1818 8 Oct 1855

SC-35 Duepree, Martha C Oct 1784 Sept 1856

SC-36 Eads. Sham 2 Jan 1899 14-May-26

Father on tombstone
SC-37 East, Albert I 17-Jun-33 6-Aug-99
h/o Hycalee H.

SC-38 East, Hycalee H. 22-May-36 31-Dec-99
w/o Albert I. East

SC-39 Eubanks, George Wilson 18-Oct-30 8-May-78
h/o Mary Naugher s/o M.H. Eubanks & Bulah

SC-40 R-Eubanks, Mary

w/o George Wilson Eubanks d/o H.S. Naugher & Maxine Ruth Smith

SC-41 Ford, Margarett J. 4 May 1853 9-Jan-15
w/o W.B. Ford

SC-42 Freeman, Cornelia 24 Aug 1863 27 Aug 1879

born in Mississippi
SC-43 Garner, Charley M 27 Jan 1871 30 Dec  1881

s/o W.T. Garner & Mary

SC-44 Hannah, Harriett L. 20 Feb 1837 10 Nov 1877 Carroll w/o William F. Hannah d/o Alexander Carroll & Mary Francis

SC-45 Hass, Cicero M

s/o William Hass

SC-46 Hass, Sammie M.F. 29 July 1886 24-Aug-12

d/o G.H. Hass  & C.H.

SC-47 Hass, William A 24 July 1883 17-Jul-02

s/o C.H. Hass

SC-48 Helms, Clara 8 Aug 1892 13-Aug-20

d/o W.H. Helms & Mary Elizabeth "Lizzie" Shehand

SC-49 Helms, Edward J.  8 Apr 1872 18-Oct-07

SC-50 Helms, Lelar May 3 July 1889 30 Oct 1892

SC-51 Helms, Mary Elizabeth  1866 11-Apr-47 Shehand w/o W. H. Helms d/o Robert Shehand
b. GA
SC-52 Helms, William Madison "Levi" 4 Aug 1829 8-Sep-00
h/o Mary D. s/o William Lewis Helms & Dorcas Marion Thomas CSA b. N.C.
SC-53 Helms, W.H. 1855

h/o Mary Elizabeth s/o William Madison Helms & Dorcas Marion Thomas
b. GA
SC-54 Helms, Zollie 31-Jul-08 6-Jul-24

d/o W. M Helms & Mary Elizabeth Shehand

SC-55 Hicks, Acie Thomas "Acy  T." 22 Aug 1850 18-Jan-44 Helms h/o Sarah Fannie  Helms s/o Jim Hicks & Amanda Grantham

SC-51 Hicks, A.T. Fannie 81 yrs 27-Jan-40 Helms w/o W.H. Hicks d/o Mat Helms & Dot Thomas

SC-52 Hicks, Elizabeth Amanda 29 Nov 1862 1-Mar-43
w/o William M. Hicks

SC-53 Hicks, Popie 11 Mar 1890 17 Feb 1897

SC-54 Hicks, Sarah Fannie 15 Jan 1859 27-Jan-40 Helms w/o Acie Thomas (Acy T) d/o Mat Helms & Dot Thomas

SC-55 Hicks, William M. 1 Nov 1855 16-Apr-17
h/o Elizabeth Amanda d/o

SC-56 Landrum, Elisha 8 Apr 1801 25 Aug 1850
h/o Elizabeth Deupree s/o Samuel & Elizabeth Landrum

SC-57 Landrum, John N. 13 Feb 1843 12 Apr 1857

s/o Elisha Landrum & Elizabeth Deupree

SC-58 Lasseter, Andrew Jackson 23 Jan 1847 6-Oct-23
h/o Barbara A. Bates s/o CSA-GA
SC-59 Lasseter, Barbara 15 Oct 1855 25 Feb 1895 Bates w/o Andrew Jackson Lasseter d/oThomas K. Bates & Halvia Matilda Atchison

SC-60 Lee, Infant 9 June 1894 31 Jan 1894

c/o John Alexander Lee & Vassa Ann

SC-61 Lee, John Alexander 20 July 1874 5-Mar-40
h/o Vassa Ann s/o James Lee &          Helms

SC-62 Lee, Vassa Ann 4 May 1876 4-Nov-30
w/o John Alexander Lee

SC-63 Lowe, Carl 1899 16-Mar-05

s/o John F. Lowe & Nannie M.

SC-64 Lowe, George J. 24 Nov 1850 19-Apr-34

s/o Jefferson Lowe & Louisa Caroline Gougher

SC-65 Lowe, Infant

d/o John F. Lowe & Nannie M.

SC-66 Lowe, Infant 1893

d/o John F. Lowe & Nannie M.

SC-67 Lowe, Jefferson  5 June 1817 10 Sept 1889
h/o Louisa Caroline Gougher s/o 
SC-68 Lowe, John Franklin 25 Sept 1866 10-Apr-37
h/o Nannie M. s/o Jefferson Lowe & Louisa Caroline Gougher

SC-69 Lowe, Louise Caroline  14 July 1820 1-Jan-01 Gougher w/o Jefferson Lowe d/o

SC-70 Lowe, Nannie M. 8 Feb 1872 30-Sep-17 Bates w/o John Frankline Lowe d/o Thomas K. Bates & Halvia Matilda Atchison

SC-71 Lowe, Thomas J. 1894

s/o John F. Lowe & Nannie M.

SC-72 Malone, Anne Jane 20 Sept 1551 20-Apr-22
w/o John Hudson Malone

SC-73 Malone, John Hudson 10 Mar 1843 8 Jul 1893
h/o Anne Jane Malone

SC-74 Malone, Robert B. 2 June 1887 18 Dec 1890

s/o John Hudson Malone & Ann  Jane

SC-75 Mat, C.W.  

The ts is broke- Only"Mat"on it?Matthews
SC-76 Matthews, Archable J. 15 Dec 1827 16-Aug-00
h/o Elizabeth A. Miller s/o Frances Matthews & Mary McDaniel
b. Georgia
SC-77 Matthews, Ezekial E.  1860 12-Mar-31
h/o Mary L s/o Tom Matthews & Sallie Woods

SC-78 Matthews, Eddie   Dec 1897 1902

d/o John P. Matthews & Mattie C. Lasseter

SC-79 Matthews, Elizabeth Ann 24 Oct 1827 20 Oct 1889 Miller w/o Archable J. Matthews d/o  Miller

SC-80 Matthews, John P. 24 July 1866 4-May-13
h/o Mattie C. Lasseter s/o Archable J. Matthews & Elizabeth Ann Miller

SC-81 Matthews, Martha 1864 15-Mar-05

SC-82 Matthews, Mary L.  1860

d/o Archable J. Matthews & Elizabeth Ann Miller?

SC-83 Matthews, Mattie C.  5 May 1873 12-Nov-09 Lasseter w/o John P. Matthews d/o Andrew Jackson Lasseter & Barbara A. Bates

SC-84 Matthews, Willie 1901 1901

d/o John P. Matthews & Mattie C. Lasseter

SC-85 Payne, Jack 23-Jun-40 26-Jun-40

SC-86 Payne,Mack 23-Jun-40 23-Jun-40

SC-87 Pollard, Johnnie Martha 14 Mar 1861 9-Sep-04 Chappell w/o Paul James Pollard d/o John P. Chappell & Mary Megginson

SC-88 Pollard, Paul D. 31 Oct 1882 22-Nov-07

s/o Paul James Pollard & Johnnie M. Chappell

SC-89 Pollard, Paul James 8 Oct 1857 20-Mar-19
h/o Johnnie M. Chappell s/o

SC-90 Pritchett, Johnie S.  26 Apr 1898 16-Oct-02

s/o James L. & E.G.

SC-91 Pritchett, Lodfella 31 May 1899 21-Oct-02

d/o James L. & E.G.

SC-92 Randle, Agnes L. 23 Feb 1867 14 Oct 1867

d/o Wm. McKendree Geo. Randle & Louisa J. Dejournett Louisa was a Lowe
SC-93 Randle, Alice E. 23 Feb 1867 19 Oct 1867

d/o Wm. McKendree Geo. Randle & Louisa J. Dejournett Louisa was a Lowe
SC-94 Randle, Martha Ann 10 Oct 1833 30 May 1865 Clifton w/o Wm. McKendree Randle d/o George Clifton & Nancy Paty
She was his 1st wife
SC-95 Reaves, Mary E. 18 Apr 1872 9 Feb 1898 McDaniel w/o Samuel Jesse Reaves d/o John McDaniel & Mary Mollie Chappell
husband moved to TX after her death
SC-96 Roberts, Altha Bessie 23 Jan 1879 11 June 1881

d/o Samuel D. Roberts & Minevia Ann Smith
family moved on to TX
SC-97 Sewell, Ella Catherine 18-Jul-01 15-Oct-02

d/o Elby Sewell & Eliza Dale Weems Sewell

SC-98 Sims, Infant 29-May-10 19-May-10

s/o W.C. Sims & Kate 

SC-99 Smith, Aden 23 Feb 1818 8 Oct 1855

SC-100 Smith, Hazel Stanley 10-Sep-05 1-Apr-76 Stanley w/o Henry Grady Smith d/o Van S. Stanley & Telitha Samples

SC-101 Smith, Henry Grady 28 Oct 1894 4-Jan-76
h/o Hazel Stanley s/o John McDaniel Smith & Mary Chappell

SC-102 Smith, Hugh W. 17-Apr-17 18-Jan-01

s/o Wiley Marvin Smith & Willie Awbrey James
buried in Florida but tombstone here too
SC-103 Smith, Infant 24-Mar-23 24-Mar-23

d/o Wiley Marvin Smith & Willie Awbrey James

SC-104 Smith, John McDaniel 1 Jan 1851 17-May-24
h/o Mary Chappell s/o Wiley Hubert Smith & Mary Elizabeth Osborne

SC-105 Smith, Leila 4 July 1899 19-Dec-34
w/o HenryGrady Smith

SC-106 Smith, Maggie Joe 18-Jul-30 3-Aug-30

d/o Henry Grady Smith & Leila 

SC-107 Smith, Mary (Mollie) 11 Jan 1852 15-Jun-24 Chappell w/o John M.Smith d/o John P. Chappell & Mary Megginson

SC-108 Smith, Mary Vester 24-Jan-10 25-Oct-22

d/o W. A. Smith and Ola

SC-109 Smith, Rebecca M. 2 Apr 1832 25-Apr-05
w/o J.T. Smith d/o

SC-110 Smith, Rosetta "Etta" 24 Jan 1833 13-Oct-00

d/o John McDaniel Smith & Mary Chappell

SC-111 Smith, Virgil McDaniel 9-Jan-23 7-Apr-03
h/o Lillian Pollard Smith s/o Willey Marvin Smith & Wille Mae Awbrey
ex husband of Lillian Pollard Smith
SC-112 Smith, Wiley Marvin 4 Oct 1890 16-Dec-72
h/o Willie Mae Awbrey s/o John McDaniel Smith & Mary Chappell

SC-113 Smith, Willie Mae 1 Aug 1893 26-Nov-74 Awbrey w/o Wiley Marvin Smith d/o Virgil L. Awbrey & Mary Elizabeth Bates

SC-114 W.E.S.

foot tomb only no dates
SC-115 W.R.

foot tomb only no dates
SC-116 Wagnon, Callie Bell 11 July 1881 23-Jul-11 Chislom w/o P.L. Wagnon d/o    Chisolm

SC-117 Watson, James Thaddeus (Tod) 19 Mar 1842 20-Jun-19
h/o Mary E. Sewell s/o Tyre Watson & Clarissa B. CSA b. Georgia
SC-118 Webb, Jesse W. 17 Aug 1840 14 Sept 1891
SC-119 Webb, Mary E. 7 June 1846 5 Jan 1874

SC-120 Weems, Hait Wain 24 Jan 1895 27 Feb 1895

s/o John Allen Weems & Susan Agnes Smith

SC-121 Weems, John Allen 17 Jan 1870 7-Jul-24
h/o Susan Agnes Smith s/o Joel C. Weems & Sarah E. Smith

SC-122 Weems, John Herbert 13-Sep-03 6-Jul-04

s/o John Allen Weems & Susan Agnes Smith

SC-123 Weems, Little Mary 15 Dec 1899 1-Jan-00

d/o John Allen Weems & Susan Agnes Smith

SC-124 Weems, Mildred Louisa 18-Mar-14 22-Mar-14

d/o H. A. Weems

SC-125 Weems, Mildred Lucille 18-Jul-09 1-Dec-30

d/o John Allen Weems & Susan Agnes Smith
SS with Susan
SC-136 Weems, Ray Joel 10-Sep-14 10-Jul-15

s/o John Allen Weems & Susan Agnes Smith

SC-137 Weems, Robert  13-Sep-03 13-Jul-04

s/o John Allen Weems & Susan Agnes Smith
twin to John Herbert
SC-138 Weems, Ruth Inez 17-Feb-12 12-Jun-23

d/o John Allen Weems & Susan Agnes Smith

SC-139 Weems, Susie Agnes Smith 3 Nov 1874 11-Jan-46 Smith w/o John Allen Weems d/o John McDaniel Smith & Mary Chappell

SC-140 Weems, Willard 22-Apr-15 12-May-15

s/o H. A. Weems & 

SC-141 Weems, Willie R. 14 Apr 1887 27 Dec 1889

s/o Joel C. Weems & Sarah M.E. Smith

SC-142 Whitworth, Abe
13 Dec 1881

s/o W.A. Whitworth & Nannie Hargis

SC-143 Whitworth, Jeffie
28 Nov 1888

s/o W.A. Whitworth & Nannie Hargis

SC-144 Whitworth, Norma "Nannie" Hargis 11 May 1848 8 Dec 1893 Hargis? w/o W.A. Whitworth d/o
husband may have went to TX after death
SC-145 Whitworth, Samuel W. Feb 1868 6-Nov-37

s/o William Whitworth & Mary Roberts
family went to TX
SC-146 Wood, Allen 1803/1811-13 14 Sept 1862
h/o Ann Berry Legg s/o
b in North Carolina/founder-Wood's Bend
SC-147 Wood, Ann Berry 1818 28 Mar 1862 Legg w/o Allen Wood d/o James Legg & Lucy Hampton

SC-148 Wood, Emma Chislom 17 Nov 1850 4-Apr-38 Chislom w/o Richard N. Wood d/o 
sister to John H. Chisolm
SC-149 Wood, Richard Nathaniel 12 July 1853 18-Aug-08
h/o Emma Chisolm s/o Allen Wood & Annberry Legg
CRN#2 (Coosa River News)- called Dick

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