[Cherokee County map] Cherokee County, Alabama Shiloh-Bothwell Cemetery

Shiloh-Bothwell Cemetery Survey, Pollards Bend, Cherokee County, Alabama

Current to February 2015
Pollards Bend is the Coosa River bend due south of Leesburg, Alabama

Members of the Barry Springs Chapter, D.A.R., Centre, Alabama, are working on updating the cemetery list for Pollard's Bend, Al. This includes: Shiloh Bothwell Cemetery, Shady Grove Cemetery, Smith's Chapel UMC, Sewell Cemetery, Matthews Cemetery and Providence Missionary Baptist Church.

This survey was done by Sherry Higgins Nickles, Tammy East, Deborah Sewell Naugher and Rebecca Sewell Homan who are residents of the Bend and are current members of the D.A.R. They hope to encourage others to research their family history.

This list was received for posting at the Cherokee County AlGenWeb from Rebecca Homan (rebecca.homan at gmail dot com).

Gr # Name Date of birth Death date Maiden name Wife or Husband of Son or daughter of, mother of Veteran infor Extra informaton
SBC-5 Hannah, Clara Adrian 10/25/1902 6/5/1984 Adrian w/o E. S. Hannah d/o Frank and Daisy Adrian

SBC-6 Hannah, E. S. 8 Oct 1895 8/24/1970
h/o Clara A. Hannah s/o James M & Theodocia Bothwell Hannah
Nickname: Ebb. (Samuel Ebenzer Soloman)
SBC-7 Higgins, F. C.
12/24/1911 6/2/1993

s/o George Benjamin & Zollie Hannah Higgins WWII Nickname: Buck. (Felton Clifford)
SBC-8 Higgins, Catherine Isom 3/28/1915 3/17/2001

d/o George Benjamin & Zollie Hannah Higgins

SBC-9 Higgins, Zollie Ersa Hannah 29 Nov 1893 5/13/1930 Hannah w/o Geo. Ben Higgins o James M & Theodocia Bothwell Hannah d/o James M & Theodocia Bothwell Hannah

SBC-10 Higgins, George Benjamin 28 Feb 1886 5/13/1959
w/o Geo. Ben Higgins o James M & Theodocia Bothwell Hannah s/o John W. (Jack) & Mary Bramblett Higgins

SBC-11 Hannah, John Frank 10 Aug 1891 8/29/1961

s/o James M & Theodocia Bothwell Hannah WWII
SBC-12 Hannah, Lillie 22 Dec 1896 12/2/1925

d/o James M & Theodocia Bothwell Hannah

SBC-13 Hannah, Theodocia Bothwell 27 May 1864 6/2/1936 Bothwell w/o James M. Hannah d/o James E. & Mary Mountain Bothwell d/o James E. & Mary Mountain Bothwell

SBC-14 Hannah, James Matthew 3 Aug 1860 10/20/1924
h/o Theodocia B. s/o Samuel & Louiza Morgan Hannah

SBC-15 Hannah, Elbert Watson 10 Oct 1888 7/18/1919

s/o James M & Theodocia Bothwell Hannah

SBC-16 UM- Vines, Lilla M 3/2/1905 aft 1907 Pitts w/o John F Vines d/o Reuben Pitts & Martha E.
1900 census of Cherokee County,Alabama
SBC-17 UM- Vines, Lilla- infant

d/o John & Lilla Vines

SBC-18 Knighten, William I.- infant

s/o Ben Knighten

SBC-19 Vines, Florena 4/10/1935 7/15/1998
w/o Willard Vines

SBC-20 Vines, Willard E. 11/24/1928 12/2/2003
h/o Florena Vines

SBC-21 Rutledge, Richard Jackson 24 Jan 1836 7/9/1915

f/o George W. Rutledge CSA
SBC-22 Rutledge, George W. 4 Feb 1869 11/4/1944
h/o Emily J. Rutledge s/o Richard & Rebecca Norris Rutledge

SBC-23 Rutledge, Emily Jane 20 Sep 1857 3/8/1931 Holman? w/o George W. Rutledge d/o Martha Holman

SBC-24 Moore, Willie P. 10/31/1915 5/20/1956 Smith
d/o W. D. & Martha Vadia Smith

SBC-25 Smith, Willie D. 22 Oct 1890 5/16/1957
h/o Martha Smith s/o John Smith
father lived in Murrycross, Al CRN#3
SBC-26 Smith, Martha Vadia 6 June 1894 9/21/1992 Rutledge w/o Wille D. Smith d/o George W & Emily Rutledge

SBC-27 Smith, David Sanford 8/13/1902 10/7/1988

s/o John K. & Sara Ann Wilson Smith

SBC-28 Questionable

SBC-29 Questionable

SBC-30 Rutledge, Leona 25 Oct 1886 19 Dec 1892 Rutledge
d/o George W & Emily Rutledge

SBC-31 Rutledge, William R. 28 Oct 1889 15 Sept 1890

s/o George W & Emily Rutledge

SBC-32 Holman, Martha 31 Jan 1827 6/20/1907

m/o Emily J. Rutledge

SBC-33 Rutledge, Infant 10/18/1923 10/19/1923

s/o George S. Rutledge

SBC-34 Smith, Hugh C. 3/29/1917 12/29/1932

s/o Willie D and Martha Rutledge Smith

SBC-35 Dowda, Lessie Wilson 26 Sept 1898 10/5/1978 Wilson w/o Carl F. Dowda d/o Samuel & Pearl Malone Wilson

SBC-36 Dowda, Carl F. 2 Dec 1897 9/10/1962
h/o Lessie Wilson s/o

SBC-37 Sewell, Buford Q. 4/12/1919 12/4/1965
h/o Reba Sharp s/o Elby & Eliza Dale Weems Sewell WWII
SBC-39 Rutledge, Nellie 18 Mar 1888 1 June 1888 Rutledge
d/o George W & Emily Rutledge


SBC-43 Adrian, Jackson 2/23/1934 3/23/2007
h/o Norma Jean Jacobs s/o Joe Dan & Ruth Sewell Adrain
Nickname Jack
SBC-45 Sewell, George W. 5/9/1909 9/21/1935

s/o Joel Carl &Mary Childress Sewell

SBC-46 Strawn, Catherine Elizabeth Sewell 3/16/1911 9/28/1939 Sewell w/o Tom Strawn d/o Joel Carl & Mary Childress Sewell

SBC-47 Sewell, Mary Elizabeth Childress 10 Aug 1889 2/1/1986 Childress w/o J. Carl Sewell d/o Marcus & Emily Cothran Childress

SBC-48 Sewell, Joel Carl 5 Jan 1885 12/11/1971
h/o Mary Childress s/o George Washington & Mary Sanders Sewell

SBC-49 Sewell, Frank Nathaniel 1/5/1924 10/18/1995

s/o Joel Carl & Mary Childress Sewell WWII
SBC-50 Parker, Mattie L. with infant 10 Nov 1887 3/11/1925 Payne w/o W.H. Parker d/o John Calvin Payne & Emily Snead
with infant. Was a Rains when they married-CRN#3
SBC-51 McBrayer, Winnie Pollard 5 Sept 1890 4/21/1958 Coker 1st w/o Barto Pollard d/o Cheatman Coker & Martha Anderson

SBC-52 Pollard, Daniel Barto 21 Nov 1888 4/3/1937
h/o Winnie P McBrayer s/o George W. Pollard & Elizabeth Goodwin
married 1 Dec 1913 CRN#3
SBC-53 Hines, Rosa Mae 4/28/1900 6/5/1934

d/o Wesley Pollard & Gillie Ann

SBC-56 Goodwin, Elizabeth 21 Jan 1826 1/8/1920

m/o Elizabeth Goodwin Pollard?
net:CharleneBaxter:Elizabeth's mother wasLilleBethHendricks
SBC-58 Mason, William Wendell 4/10/1936 2/27/2007
h/o Vivian Pollard

wedding date: 18 Aug 1963
SBC-59 Pollard, Elizabeth G 6 July 1858 12/19/1934 Goodwin w/o George W. Pollard d/o________Goodwin & Elizabeth

SBC-60 Pollard, George W. 28 Sept 1858 6/29/1908
h/o Elizabeth Goodwin s/o

SBC-65 Oats, Mary Pauline 9/15/1908 11/8/1908

d/o John Thomas Oaks & Zora Woodall ?

SBC-66 Eads, Frances R. July 1800 2/22/1904

widow in census 1880 with daughter, Elizabeth &her children
SBC-68 Sewell, Sue Daniel 2/12/1926 5/24/2014 Daniel w/o Thomas M. Sewell d/o Joe Daniel & Clyde

SBC-69 Sewell, Thomas Marion 1/1/1922 11/11/1985
h/o Sue Daniel Sewell s/o Elby & Eliza Dale Weems Sewell WWII
SBC-70 Sewell, Noah Charles 6/2/1914 5/25/1938

s/o Elby & Eliza Dale Weems Sewell

SBC-71 Sewell, Elba Dale 6/1/1903 5/11/1986

d/o Elby & Eliza Dale Weems Sewell

SBC-72 Sewell, Eliza Weems 20 July 1877 11/23/1935 Weems w/o Elby Sewell d/o J. C. Weems & Sarah M. E. Smith

SBC-73 Sewell, Elby
21 Jan 1874 9/7/1941
h/o Eliza Weems Sewell s/o William E. Sewell & Teresa Bryant
E.L. on tombstone which is incorrect. Elby did get mail to LB.
SBC-74 Adrian, Joe Dan 3/29/1907 6/8/1978
h/o Ruth Sewell Adrian s/o Frank W. Adrian & Daisy Richey

SBC-75 Adrian, Ruth Naomi Sewell 3/1/1907 5/27/2004 Sewell w/o Joe Dan Adrian d/o Elby & Eliza Dale Weems Sewell

SBC-76 Parker, M. W. 2/4/1927 3/12/1927

SS with J.W. Parker
SBC-77 Parker, J. W. 2/4/1927 2/4/1927

SS with M.W. Parker
SBC-79 Vines, Billy Earl 7/21/1944 6/2/2014
h/o Sadie M. Vines s/o Ervin Lee Vines & Eula Lee Ragan

SBC-80 Whitten, Alma Higgins 8 Aug 1878 3/26/1927 Higgins w/o Jessie T.Whitten d/o John W (Jack) Higgins & Maggie Bramblett
Was also married to William Marion Archer
SBC-81 Whitten, Jessie Thomas 19 Feb 1868 3/17/1920
h/o Alma H. Whitten s/o William Whitten & Harriet Honet

SBC-82 Pollard, Mary Chandler 6 Oct 1899 5/19/1986 Chandler w/o John Wesley Pollard d/o Oliver Richard Chandler & Martha Patterson

SBC-83 Pollard, John Wesley 7 Jan 1896 5/23/1986
h/o Mary Chandler s/o George W. Pollard & Elizabeth Goodwin WWI
SBC-88 Rogers, Louise 3/29/1925 10/5/1947 Oaks w/o d/o John Thomas Oaks & Zora Woodall

SBC-89 Oaks, Zora Woodall 11 Jan 1889 2/20/1941 Woodall w/o John Thomas Oaks d/o

SBC-90 Oaks, John Thomas 3 Oct 1879 6/2/1961
h/o Zora Woodall s/o

SBC-91 Thornton, Eva 6 Jan 1887 10 June 1887

d/o Sam N. Thorton & Julia E. Sewell
Received info. From Richard Sewell
SBC-92 Thornton, Vadie 21 June 1881 1 Sept 1882

d/o Sam N. Thorton & Julia E. Sewell
Received info. From Richard Sewell

SBC-94 UM- Mountain, Ellen E age 59 10/2/1979

Received info. From Richard Sewell-1st grave in cemetery
SBC-95 Livingston, John Washington 13 Sept 1853 4/6/1938
h/o Sallie Bothwell s/o William W Livingston & Mary J. King
1st wife:Haynie
SBC-96 Livingston, Sallie Elizabeth Bothwell 4 Feb 1861 1/1/1943 Bothwell w/o J. W. Livingston d/o Thomas N. Bothwell & Elivia Edwards

SBC-102 Porter, Hattie Sewell 2/28/1905 5/26/1905 Sewell w/o Walter E. Porter d/o William Ed Sewell & Teresa Bryant

SBC-103 Porter, Walter E. 2/10/1905 4/21/1905
h/o Hattie S. Porter s/o Christopher C Porter & Martha Withrow
married 14 July 1908 by Judge Savage CRN#2
SBC-104 Porter, Eidth Loudayne 5/20/1915 6/16/1916

d/o Walter E. Porter & Hattie Sewell

SBC-105 Head, Emma Sewell 11/20/1900 10/23/1957 Sewell w/o B. Carl Head d/o Elby & Eliza Dale Weems Sewell

SBC-106 Head, Benjamin Carl 25 Mar 1895 7/3/1966
h/o Emma Sewell Head
WWI 1st wife: Nellie
SBC-107 Williams, Vada Cox 10/1/1911 9/29/1943 Cox

SBC-108 Cox, Marvin 5/15/1903 5/1/1935

Middle initial N
SBC-109 Cox, George E 3/20/1930 3/20/1930

s/o Marvin Cox & Vada Cox Williams?

SBC-110 Williams, Jr. Marvin 5/1/1938 5/1/1938

s/o Williams and Vada Cox

SBC-111 UM

SBC-112a Wilson, Charles Lester

s/o Lester Wilson & Fairy Green

SBC-112b Wilson, Present Lamar

SBC-113 Coker, J. Woodrow 12/3/1919 8/9/1959
h/o Wilma C. Coker s/o Joseph Wheeler Coker & Nora Ruth Weems
Joseph Woodrow
SBC-114 Coker, Wilma Eueline W. 4/1/1923 12/12/1999 Wilson w/o J. Woodrow Coker d/o Samuel Dolphus Wilson & Pearl Malone
2nd husband was a Smith
SBC-115 Wilson, Mattie Pearl 18 July 1881 9/2/1951 Malone w/o Sam Wilson d/o John Hudson Malone & Annie Jane Davis

SBC-116 Wilson, Samuel Dolphus 5 Nov 1876 7/17/1943
h/o Pearl Malone Wilson s/o Wilson & Nancie

SBC-117 Wilson, Infant

c/o Samuel & Pearl M. Wilson

SBC-118 Wilson, Nancie 28 July 1841 9/7/1908

m/o Samuel D. Wilson

SBC-122 UM

SBC-123 UM

SBC-124 UM infant

SBC-125 Norton, Bessie Lee 11/14/1901 11/10/1908

d/o Ed D & Kate Dingler Norton

SBC-126 Norton, Elgin UM

SBC-127 UM-Norton, Thurman


SBC-129 Killingsworth, Kitty I.
24 Aug 1898 1/12/1981 Hannah w/o Arthur Killingsworth d/o James M & Theodocia Bothwell Hannah

SBC-130 Killingsworth, Arthur Manley 3 Sept 1884 4/9/1955
h/o Kitty H. Killingsworth s/o Abner M Killingsworth & Julia Wedgeworth

SBC-140 Davis, John Martin 28 May 1894 4/28/1959
h/o ?Payne s/o J. M. Davis & Maggie Tidmore WWI
SBC-141 Davis, William A. 14 Oct 1896 9/22/1958

s/o J. M. Davis & Maggie Tidmore WWI
SBC-142 Davis, Sallie 22 Oct 1889 6/14/1949

d/o J. M. Davis & Maggie Tidmore
SBC-143 Davis, Martin John 4 Feb 1860 7/10/1940
h/o Maggie Tidmore Davis s/o J. M. Davis & Margaret Crenshaw

SBC-144 Davis, Maggie 4 Dec 1870 5/10/1937 Tidmore w/o Martin J. Davis d/o John Tidmore & Mytilda Jones

SBC-145 Wilson, Margaret Lucille Higgins 1/4/1922 3/4/1999 Higgins w/o William Allen Wilson d/o George Benjamin & Zollie Hannah Higgins
SBC-146 Wilson, William Allen 1/13/1924 1/15/2001
h/o Lucille H.Wilson s/o Roy Wilson & Nobie Abernathy WWII
SBC-148 Ragan, John Daniel 23 Jan 1871 12/17/1951
h/o Minnie LeeWilson s/o J. J. Ragan & Phebe Jane McCollum

SBC-149 Ragan, Minnie Lee 18 Oct 1874 4/3/1932 Wilson w/o John D. Ragan d/o Wilson and Nancie

SBC-150 Ragan, John Daniel II. 1 Mar 1896 11/5/1926

s/o John D. Ragan & Minnie Lee Wilson

SBC-151 Ragan, Rev. James Clark 1 Sept 1835 1/16/1918
h/o Phebe Jane McCollum s/o Benjamin & Sarah Dangard CSA b. Tennessee m. 1863
SBC-152 Ragan, Phebe Jane McColum 14 Aug 1837 12/5/1914 McColum w/o Rev. J. C. Ragan d/o
Stone has been repaired with metal on sides.
SBC-153 Ragan, Infant UM

s/o Lemon Belton (Dock) Ragan & Lula

SBC-154 Ragan, Lenion Belton -UM 3 June 1883 9/12/1952
h/o Lula Wilson Ragan s/o J. C. Ragan and Phebe McColum WWII Dock
SBC-155 Ragan, Lula Wilson 9 Apr 1869 1/2/1946 Wilson w/o Lenion (Dock) Ragan d/o Wilson and Nancie

SBC-156 UM- Hicks, Infant

c/o Lula & Hollis Hicks

SBC-158 Weems, Infant

c/o Jake Weems & Minnie Sewell
Possibly Minnie Teresa b 1905 d 1907
SBC-159 Weems, Infant

c/o Jake Weems & Minnie Sewell
Possibly Jacob Uriah b 1905 d 1907
SBC-160 Singleton, Wade G. 2/24/1905 5/6/1905
h/o Cora Lambert Singleton s/o Rev. Wm W. Singleton & Margaret

SBC-161 Singleton, Cora Lambert 3/4/1905 5/31/1905 Lambert w/o Wade G. Singleton d/o Tom Lambert & Parthenia Nail

SBC-167 Vines, Erwin L 6/13/1907 5/3/1971
h/o Eula L. Ragan Vines s/o John L. Vines & Lilla Pitts

SBC-168 Vines, Eula Lee Ragan 1/10/1909 5/10/1993 Ragan w/o Erwin L. Vines d/o

SBC-170 Bishop, Clarence C 4/8/1903 11/4/1968
h/o Myrtle Wilson Bishop s/o

SBC-171 Bishop, Myrtle Wilson 3/18/1905 8/1/1987 Wilson w/o Clarence C.Bishop d/o Sam D. Wilson & Pearl Malone

SBC-172 Higgins, Emma Ruth Payne 3/19/1927 12/7/2008 Payne w/o James M. Higgins d/o S. Luther Payne & Evie Tucker

SBC-173 Higgins, James Manon 2/26/1924 7/15/2000
h/o Emmie Ruth P. Higgins s/o George Benjamin Higgins & Zollie E.Hannah WWII
SBC-175 Hatley, Infant

d/o Mandy Hately

SBC-176 Hatley, Mandy

m/o Bessie Thurman

SBC-177 Johnson, Infant

s/o Joe Johnson

SBC-178 Johnson, Martha 2/17/1905 9/26/1916
w/o Johnie W. Johnson d/o

SBC-179 Johnson, Johnie W. 5 oct 1873 12/9/1956
h/o Martha Johnson s/o

SBC-180 Johnson, James E. 3/3/1903 3/16/1969

s/o Johnie W. Johnson & Martha

SBC-181 Johnson, Infant

SBC-182 UM

SBC-184 UM- Jenkins, Thomas

f/o David W. Jenkins

SBC-185 Jenkins, David W. 13 July 1880 11/11/1954
h/o Viola Jenkins s/o Thomas Jenkins

SBC-186 Hicks, Lula E. Ragan 18 Nov 1894 11/9/1975 Ragan w/o Hollis Hicks d/o John Ragan & Minnie Wilson

SBC-187 Hicks, Hollis
21 Aug 1889 10/20/1967
h/o Lula E. Hicks s/o Acty & Sarah Frances Helms

SBC-189 Payne, Robert Eugene 7/30/1911 4/21/1988
h/o Hazel L. Payne s/o Blunt H. Payne & Cynthia Kirk

SBC-190 Payne, Hazel Lee 12/16/1915 11/15/2008 Hicks w/o Robert E. Payne d/o Hollis Hicks & Lula Reagan

SBC-195 Greer, William

h/o Kate A.R.Greer s/o
Nickname Bill
SBC-197 Miller, George, Jr

SBC-201 Hawkins, Lester 4/17/1912 7/20/1964
h/o Ruby C. Sewell s/o Wm. Edward Hawkins & Nettie P. Snider WWII
SBC-202 Hawkins, Ruby Christine Sewell 3/18/1913 7/30/2011 Sewell w/o Lester Hawkins d/o Joel Carl Sewell and Mary Childress

SBC-207 Weaver, Brenda Sue 12/2/1949 7/18/1950

d/o W.C. Weaver & Mary Thurman

SBC-208 Thurman, Harrison R. 1 June 1872 3/29/1928
h/o Bessie Thurman s/o

SBC-209 Thurman, Robert Lee 12/26/1927 3/1/1928

s/o Harrison R.Thurman & Bessie (Lollie)

SBC-210 Thurman, Bessie
3/5/1905 12/26/1927
w/o Harrison R. Thurman d/o
SBC-211 Thurman, Infant

c/o Harrison R. Thurman & 1st wife?

SBC-212 Thurman, Infant

c/o Harrison R. Thurman & 1st wife?

SBC-213 Thurman, Infant

c/o Harrison R. Thurman & 1st wife?

SBC-214 Thurman, Infant

c/o Harrison R. Thurman & 1st wife?

SBC-215 Thurman, Infant

c/o Harrison R. Thurman & 1st wife?

SBC-216 Coffia, Grovie Wilson 5/20/1907 8/8/1907

s/o J. C. Coffia and G. L.

SBC-217 Hindman, Emma Margaret 10/28/1926 7/19/1928

d/o J. T. Hindman & A. M. (?Rosa Mae)Pollard

SBC-218 Jenkins, Viola Yarta 6 Apr 1886 9/11/1916 Yarta w/o David Jenkins d/o
CRN#4 p. 27 death notice (Coosa River News)
SBC-219 Jenkins, Ruby (Infant)

d/o David Jenkins &Viola Yarta

SBC-219a UM- Lecroy, Infant

c/o J. P. Lecroy & Myrtle Butler

SBC-220 Lecroy, Anthony 1/19/1943 6/20/1949

s/o J. Millard Lecroy & Ruth


SBC-222 Fortenberry, Ernest Lloyd 4/5/1905 9/7/2004
h/o Christine Fortenberry s/o Elijah C. W. Fortenberry & Nora Whitten WWII U.S.Navy Called Lloyd
SBC-224 Coker, Leonard Wood 7/11/1919 5/20/1983
h/o Gladys Anthony s/o Cheatham L. Coker & Minnie Lee Hicks WWII
SBC-225 Coker, Gladys Anthony 10/25/1925 8/25/2013 Anthony w/o Leonard W. Coker d/o Water Coswell Anthony & Nolia Snider

SBC-227 Naugher, Moses Stewart 9/17/1920 5/3/2003
h/o Haney F. Naugher s/o H. S. Naugher & Maxie Ruth Smith WWII
SBC-229 Lyons, Opal Sewell 3/17/1909 3/20/1997 Sewell w/o Luther Robert Lyons d/o Elby Sewell & Eliza Dale Weems

SBC-230 Lyons, Luther Robert
2/5/1903 5/16/1976
h/o Opal Sewell s/o Luther L. Lyons & Sara Elliott
Called Bob
SBC-231 Miller, Barbara Nell Sentell 5/17/1951 7/21/2013 Sentell w/o George Miller, SR d/o Roy Sentell & Edna Adrian

SBC-232 Miller, George W. SR 6/22/1947 11/24/1992
h/o Barbara Nell Sentell s/o

SBC-233 Sentell, Edna Earle Adrian 3/9/1916 12/28/2011 Adrian w/o Roy Sentell d/o Frank Woodful Adrian & Daisy Richey

SBC-234 Sentell, Roy W. 8/1/1914 9/18/1969
h/o Edna A.Sentell s/o Charlie Sentell & Katie Tallent WWII
SBC-235 Sewell, Maureen Wood 2/18/1921 11/11/2008 Jordan w/o Roy Sewell d/o Ambrus Jordan & Alma Odessa Winn

SBC-236 Sewell, Roy Carl 3/13/1915 7/23/1989
h/o Maureen Sewell s/o Joel Carl Sewell & Mary Childress WWII
SBC-237 Strawn, Hazel Lounell Sewell 5/5/1913 12/2/2005 Sewell w/o J.C. Strawn d/o Joel Carl Sewell & Mary Childress

SBC-238 Strawn, James Cicero 28 Oct 1897 2/20/1987
h/o Hazel Strawn s/o W. K. Strawn & Minnie Whorton
Called Jim
SBC-240 Weaver, William Clarence 11/16/1922 9/16/1995
h/o Mary E. Weaver s/o WWII U.S.Army
SBC-241 Weaver, Mary E. 2/2/1926 7/22/2013 Thurman w/o Wm Clarence Weaver d/o Harrison Thurman & Bessie (Lollie)

SBC-244 Butler, Fred Lee 3/1/1924 3/27/1982
h/o Katherine Lindsey s/o
Wife is buried at Bestesala Bapt. Church
SBC-246 Lindsey, John Moses
4 Aug 1899 1/17/1978
h/o Leila M. Lindsey s/o Leonard Asbury Lindsey & Lula Conner

SBC-247 Lindsey, Leila Martin 5/11/1902 9/23/1963 Martin w/o John Moses Lindsey d/o

SBC-248 Wright, Julia A. 17 Dec 1859 1/26/1931 Spraggin w/o John Wright d/o Spraggin
m/o John Berry Wright
SBC-251 Hubbard, Nellie 3/18/1918 3/26/1919

d/o Maron Hubbard & Allie Jenkins

SBC-252 Hubbard, James Albert 5/3/1916 6/2/1916

s/o Maron Hubbard & Allie Jenkins

SBC-254 UM

SBC-257 Oaks, Ruby 2/1/1925 3/1/1925

d/o John Oaks & Cordelia Brannon

SBC-258 Fortenberry, Nora Adell 9 June 1898 9/15/1984 Whitten w/o Lige W. Fortenberry d/o Jessie Whitten & Alma Higgins

SBC-259 Fortenberry, Elijah C.W. (Lige W) 18 Mar 1892 12/10/1948
h/o Nora Whitten s/o Jim Whitt Fortenberry & Elizabeth Lissie Wilson

SBC-261 Stowe, Gregory James 12/27/1965 12/27/1965

s/o James Stowe & Cora Dean Naugher

SBC-264 Naugher, Maxie Ruth 9 Mar 1899 11/29/1976 Smith w/o H.S. Naugher d/o Archie Smith & Cora Harpst

SBC-265 Naugher, Horace Savage 22 July 1897 4/12/1975
h/o Maxie Ruth Naugher s/o Moses S. Naugher & Sally E. Savage

SBC-270 Higgins, Lori Suzanne 3/12/1969 3/13/1969

d/o John P. Higgins & Rose Allene Humphries

SBC-272 Higgins, John Presley 3/5/1927 1/16/2002
h/o R. Allen Higgins s/o George Benjamin Higgins & Zollie Hannah
Called Puny
SBC-274 Pollard, John Wesley, JR

h/o Nancy S. Pollard s/o John Wesley Pollard Sr. & Mary Chandler

SBC-280 Wadsworth, William Lewis Bill 2/19/1930 9/10/1983
h/o Pat Wadsworth s/o Clarence W. & Annie May Smith

SBC-281 Wadsworth, Clarence William, SR 3/20/1905 3/12/1973
h/o Annie Mae Smith s/o

SBC-282 Wadsworth, Annie Mae 3/24/1905 6/10/1905 Smith w/o Clarence W. Wadsworth d/o John W. Smith & Vinnie L. Coker

SBC-283 Wadsworth, Clarence J. 9/27/1927 8/7/1990

s/o Clarence W. & Annie May Smith

SBC-284 Smith, John Washington 10 Feb 1880 8/1/1958
h/o Vinnie L. Coker s/o

SBC-285 Smith, Vinnie L 27 Feb 1883 6/1/1956 Coker w/o John W. Smith d/o Lewis Cass Coker & Martha Anderson


SBC-287 Coker, Matilda A. 23 Nov 1894 4/12/1975 Lecroy w/o William T. Coker d/o E. H. Lecroy & Mary Jane

SBC-288 Coker, William T. 11 Nov 1875 2/19/1943
h/o Matilda L. Coker s/o Lewis Cass Coker & Martha Anderson

SBC-291 Coker, Infant

c/o Joseph (Joe) Coker & Nova Weems
SBC-292 Coker, Infant

c/o Joseph (Joe) Coker & Nova Weems
SBC-293 Coker, Thomas Franklin 9/11/1933 9/11/1933

s/o William T. Coker & Matilda Lecroy

SBC-294 Coker, Infant

c/o Joseph (Joe) Coker & Nova Weems
Cheatham Leonard
SBC-295 Coker, John T PVT 7 Apr 1894 11/10/1922

c/o L. C. Coker & Martha C. Anderson WWI John Thomas
SBC-296 Coker, Martha Cornelia 8 Jan 1852 11/2/1938 Anderson w/o Lewis C. Coker d/o Anderson

SBC-297 Coker, Lewis Cass 8 Apr 1850 5/14/1919
h/o Martha Anderson s/o

SBC-298 Coker, Matthew

b/o Lewis Cass Coker
no dates
SBC-300 Coker, Minnie L 3 Feb 1887 2/23/1980 Hicks w/o Cheatham L. Coker d/o A.C. Hicks & Sarah Frances Helms

SBC-301 Coker, Cheatham L 10 Jun1892/3 6/9/1965
h/o Minnie L. Hicks s/o Lewis Cass Coker & Martha Anderson

SBC-302 Coker, Emily Frances 10/28/1931 11/19/2000

not married
SBC-303 Coker, Nova R. 10/3/1900 3/5/1967 Weems w/o Joseph W. Coker d/o Jake Weems & Sarah M. Sewell

SBC-304 Coker, Joseph Wheeler 7/15/1898 6/15/1957
h/o Nova R. Sewell s/o Lewis Cass Coker & Martha Anderson

SBC-305 Smith, Tammy Anita 2/27/1966 2/23/1968

d/o Ottis Smith & Jimmie Coker

SBC-314 Sewell, Wayne Max 4/12/1905 6/8/2011
h/o Betty Jane Higgins s/o Halbert Sewell & Mildred James Korea
SBC-324 Payne, Edith

w/o Homer R. Payne d/o Chesnut

SBC-325 Payne, Homer H. 5/7/1903 7/24/1984
h/o Edith Chesnut s/o Blunt H. Payne & Cynthia Kirk

SBC-326 Payne, Jerry W. 6/30/1941 6/24/1971
h/o Virginia s/o Homer Payne & Ethel Kirk

SBC-327 Miller, Christopher Wayne, JR 3/28/1984 3/28/1984

s/o Christopher W. Miller, SR & Tammy Mae Payne

SBC-328 Poole, James Wesley 5/20/1912 4/13/1950
h/o Mildred Pollard s/o WWII
SBC-330 Green, R. Samuel 8/25/1919 8/27/1944
h/o Mildred Pollard

SBC-333 Pollard, Vachel A 15 Mar 1891 11/22/1941
h/o Willie Mae Akins s/o George W. Pollard & Elizabeth Goodwin WWI
SBC-336 Helms, William C. 15 Dec 1895 2/5/1973
h/o Bertha Mae Wilson s/o Wm. H. Helms & Mary Hunter

SBC-337 Helms, Bertha Mae 11/22/1900 11/11/1972 Wilson w/o William C. Helms d/o

SBC-338 Brown, Euell 2/24/1928 6/27/1938

s/o Hiram L. Brown & Ethel Wilson
Euell D. C.
SBC-341 Wright, Bertis K. 20 Dec 1894 10/19/1967 Knighten w/o John B. Wright d/o William A. Knighten & Florence O. Pollard

SBC-342 Wright, John Berry 10 May 1887 11/3/1977
h/o Bertis K. Knighten s/o John Wright & Julia A. Spraggin

SBC-343 Anderson, Elton James 6/26/1922 11/19/1959
w/o Christine Wright s/o Bert A. Anderson & Anna Coheley

SBC-344 Fortenberry, Christine Anderson 9/14/1926 10/31/2012 Wright h/o 1st Elton J. Anderson d/o John Berry Wright & Bertis Knighten
Also married Lloyd Fortenberry
SBC-349 Higgins, Vela Idell 6/16/1901 12/26/1983 Richardson w/o Ernest A. Higgins d/o John K. Richardson & Emma Neyman

SBC-350 Higgins, Ernest Alford 11/29/1900 9/8/1971
h/o Vela Idell Richardson s/o John W (Jack) Higgins & Mary Bramblett Higgins

SBC-355 Brown, Geraline

Higgins w/o John William Brown d/o Ernest A. Higgins & Vela I. Richardson

SBC-356 Brown, John William Bill 7/7/1914 12/26/1995
h/o Geraline Higgins s/o Elmer Brown & Emma

SBC-357 Bishop, Willard Gordon 10/17/1924 7/24/1960
h/o Polly Ingram s/o Clarence C. & Myrtle Wilson

SBC-358 Bishop, Gordon Randall 2/13/1943 8/1/1947

s/o Willard Gordon Bishop & Polly Ingram

SBC-364 Knighten, J.P. 7/19/1915 1/30/1975

s/o Benjamin Burton Knighten & Rosa Mae Price

SBC-365 Knighten, Benjamin Burton 23 July 1889 2/21/1958
h/o Rosa Mae Price s/o William A.K. Knighten & Florence O. Pollard

SBC-366 Knighten, Rosa Mae 9 Dec 1887 11/24/1960 Price w/o Benjamin Knighten d/o Price

SBC-367 Knighten, Tivis 5/15/1931 4/2/1981

d/o Benjamin Burton Knighten & Rosa Mae Price

SBC-372 Tallent, Doyal W. 10/22/1924 1/22/1973
h/o Lois M. Tallent s/o Fred M. Tallent & Nellie Ann Baldwin WWII
SBC-373 Tallent, Lois

Stapleton w/o Doyal Tallent d/o Stapleton

SBC-374 Tallent, Nellie Ann Baldwin 2/28/1905 9/15/1981 Baldwin w/o Fred M.Tallent d/o Ed Baldwin & Amy Conoway

SBC-375 Tallent, Fred McKinley 7/17/1900 4/29/1966
h/o Nellie A. Baldwin s/o James and Florence Boring

SBC-378 Naugher, Elisa Annette 6/6/1971 6/25/1971

d/o Brent Naugher and Carol Annette Brown N. Irwin

SBC-379 Hale, Adell 21 Sept 1883 12/14/1978 Higgins w/o John Ellis Hale d/o John W. (Jack) Higgins & Margaret Bramblett

SBC-380 Hale, John Ellis 26 Mar 1880 11/26/1965
h/o Adell Higgins s/o Ellis Hale

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