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 Rutledge, Crisler, Erwin, Pilgrim, Dodson (Contact contributor for amplification.)
contributed 2000 by Mike Rutledge, Boaz, Alabama. Current E-mail Unknown.

Register Report - 28 May 2000

First Generation

1. James Rutledge. Born Circa 1770/1780.

There is some evidence that Jmaes had at least 4 sons James A b 1802 NC.;

John b. 1810 Atkins NC; Wilson b. about 1803 NC; and Thomas b. about

1809-10. I can find no proof at this time where James came from before

moving to Cherokee Co. AL. John and Wilson both moved to Independence Co.

AR in about 1857-59. Their families were in Cherokee County AL and are

listed in the 1840 and 1850 census records.

James wife may have been Sarah Willis also from NC. The family records of

John b.1810 states that his father was James Rutledge d. 7 Dec, 1848 and

Sarah Willis d. 14 Feb, 1846 was his mother. Other Rutledge family members

in Cherokee Co. AL in 1840's and 1850's are buried at Oak Bowery Methodist

Church. This cemt. does not have markers with dats of death in the 1840's,

but there are some sandstone markers there which are unreadable.

I did find two sand stone markers at the site of James Rutledge's (b. 1802)

land which he was living on in 1837. There are no readable markings on the

stones. I have visited the Drake family several times over the years as

they now reside on the farm where James onced lived. Mrs. Drake showed me

the markers.

He married unknown Rutledge. Born Circa 1765.

They had the following children:

2 i. James A. Rutledge

3 ii. Thomas Rutledge

Second Generation

2. James A. Rutledge. Born 11 Nov 1802 in NC. Died Nov 1875 in Cherokee Co.

AL. Occupation farmer. Education read & write.

On census records for James I found in 1850 a Thomas Rutledge born 1810 was

living in the same household.

In the 1860 census I found a Simpson A. P. Rutledge age 80 living in the

same household. The 1860 census records I looked at were in the Gadsden

Libary. The card appeared to have Simpson as age 80. I checked the State

Archives in Montgomery in April, 2000. The archives had Simpson listed as a

child age 8. This could be correct as all the birth dates of the children

would be correct. BUT Simpson was not listed in the family Bible as a


In the 1840 census records for Cherokee Co James was listed at house/land #

124 there was also a James at 124 that apeared to be his father and a woman

that was his mother. They were listed with birth dates between 1780 and

1770. Also listed at #132 was Wilson Rutledge and his family who later

moved to Ark.

Another brother appeares to be John Rutledge who also moved to Ark. I have

no direct proof of the relationships of what I belive to be 4 brothers and

their father and mother living in Cherokee Co in the 1840 census.(James,

Thomas, John, and Wilson with their father James and mother Sarah)

In the 1850 census records for Cherokee Co AL I found Thomas Rutledge living

in the same household with James b. 1802. I can only conclude that he was a

brother of James due to the ages. Thomas was listed as 40 years old so his

date of birth would have been cira 1810. In the 1870 census I found a TJ

Rutledge living in Cherokee Co with Fannie Dykes, female age 30 born in AL.

This TJ list his pace of birt as TN. The ages match with Thomas found in the

1850 census living with James. There is some evidence that the father of

James and Thomas was living in TN before coming to AL. The Dykes family

received land ajoining James Rutledge when they arrived in Cherokee Co in


He married Mary A.??? Rutledge Born 22 Apr 1818 in NC. Died 31 Aug 1901 in

Chattooga Co, GA. Religion Baptist.

"Death of Mrs. Rutledge" from the Summerville News Sept. 4, 1901.

Mrs. Rutledge, an aged lady of Chattoogaville died at the home of her son at

that place last Saturday afternoon. Rev. J.H. Glazner, her pastor conducted

the funeral services. Mrs. Rutledge was the mother of our esteemed friend,

T.B. Rutledge, and we extend to him and other relatives our sympathy in

their bereavement.

I was told by Sue Hooper gg-granddaughter of Mary A. that she spoke German

and never learned to speak English. Sue said her father told her this story

as he heard it as a child. The 1900 census does state that both her parents

were born in Germany. I have not as yet been able to verify this, nor to

determine what Mary's last name was before marring James 1802. I did find

a will for GERHARD WILL of Tryon Co. NC dated 3 July, 1778 with James

Routledge as a witness. The will had German signatures. The Rutledge name

is spelled a number of different ways within the same family lines. This

could be a leed. Gerhard was born in Germany, but I do not know about his

children who WOULD/COULD be one of the parents of my Mary.

They had the following children:

4 i. John W Rutledge

5 ii. Sarah C. Rutledge

6 iii. William H. Rutledge

7 iv. James A. Rutledge

8 v. Lidia C. Rutledge Terrance

9 vi. Thomas Burton Rutledge

10 vii. Andrew Jackson (Henry) Rutledge

11 viii. Joel H. Rutledge

3. Thomas Rutledge. Born 1809 in Duplin Co. NC.

Third Generation

4. John W Rutledge. Born 19 Jul 1840 in Cherokee Co. AL. Education


John was a blacksmith. In 1900 John, Millissa , and Lula were living in

the Seminole dist. of Chattooga co GA . Thomas was living in the Coldwater

dist. of Chattooga Co. GA alone.

John was in the Civil War as a member of Col. John Hart's 6th GA Calavery

along with his brother James.

He married Millissa McCarter, 3 Jan 1869 in Chattooga Co, GA. Born 1855.

They had the following children:

12 i. Thomas Alexander Rutledge

13 ii. Lula Rutledge Snow

14 iii. Mary Rutledge Morris

15 iv. William Rutledge

5. Sarah C. Rutledge. Born 17 Dec 1838 in Cherokee Co. AL. Died Before 1875.

Sarah married Lafayette Rogers on 2 Jan, 1858. In the state archives at

Montgomery AL I found the 1860 census records showing that Sarah had 2

children: James C. age 1 and John M. age one month.

She married Lafayette Rogers, son of ??? Rogers & Jane Rogers, 2 Jan 1858 in

Chattooga Co. GA , crt recd. Born 1839 in Alabama.

They had the following children:

16 i. James C Rogers

17 ii. John M. Rogers

6. William H. Rutledge. Born 8 Jul 1842 in Cherokee Co AL. Died 8 Oct 1843

in Cherokee Co. AL. Buried in Cherokee Co. AL.

William was the third child and died at the age of 1 year and 2 months

7. James A. Rutledge. Born 2 Nov 1844 in Cherokee Co. AL. Died 26 Sep 1929.

Buried in Oak Bowery Cemt. Cherokee Co, AL. Occupation farmer, miller.

James married Amanda J. McDonald after the death of Hannah. Hannah was the

mother of all the children. James was a member of John Hart's 6th GA Cal

during the civil war. He was a private in the Sardis Vols, Company G.

Sardis Church(Chattooga Co. GA) is located about 5 miles from their farm. It

is located at Chattoogaville, Chattooga Co. GA. James was captured and sent

to prison at Rock Island IL. He was released at Richmond VA in 1865. He had

been in the hospital for what was thought to be sugsr diabetees.

According to the 1880 and 1890 census for Cherokee CO AL James and Hanna A.

McDonald had 6 children and in 1900 lived at Gaylesville AL. After Hanna

Died James Married her sister Mandy McDonald. James was called Jim. Milton

Married Lillie Broome on 23 March 1913 according to marriage records at

Chattooga CO. GA courthouse. Bell C Rutledge married a Baker and lived at

Lyerly GA while Milton and Zack move to Rome.

Osborn lived in Cherokee CO AL and took the son of Thomas Burton Rutledge,

Lonnie after Thomas and wife Etta Carroll both died.

According to Paul Tucker, of Lyerly GA, who was the son-n-law of Bell

Rutledge Baker, James A. Rutledge b. 1802, was sitting on the front porch

of their home in 1865 at just about dark. He saw a man walking up the road

and thought he recognized the manner in which he walked. James then

recognized the man as his son James b.1844, He ran from the porch to the

road jumped the fence and ran down the road to hug his son whom he believed

to be dead. I later found Civil War records to verify (James b. 1844) had

been a member of John Hart's 6th GA Cal.( I have most of the war files on

James and his brother John, both served together) service he was captured

and sent to prison in Rock Island Illinois, He was released in March 1865

and had been making his way home for about 2-3 months.

Paul also shared with me he had found land records in Cherokee CO AL where

James had owned at one time or another 9 sections of land. This I have not

followed up on.

He first married Hannah A. Mcdonald Rutledge, daughter of James Hamilton

(Hamp) McDonald & Mary E. Dodson. Born 9 Jul 1851. Died 13 Jul 1900. Buried

in Oak Bowery Cemt. Cherokee Co, AL.

They had the following children:

18 i. Osborn A. Rutledge

19 ii. Mary C. Rutledge

20 iii. Zack M. Rutledge

21 iv. Milton T. Rutledge

22 v. Della C. Rutledge

23 vi. Theodosia Cummi (Belle) Rutledge Baker

He second married Amanda J (Mandy) McDonald, daughter of James Hamilton

(Hamp) McDonald & Mary E. Dodson, 16 Jun 1901 in Cherokee Co. AL.

8. Lidia C. Rutledge Terrance. Born 4 Jan 1847 in Cherokee Co, AL.

Lydia died shortly after she married Johnny and he never remarried. there

were no children. they were married 25 Aug, 1870

She married Johnny Terrance.

9. Thomas Burton Rutledge. Born 2 Sep 1849 in Cherokee Co. AL. Buried 1909

in Johnson Cemt. Chattoogaville, GA. Occupation farmer. Religion Baptist,

member Sardis Baptist Church, Chattoogaville.

Thomas Burton was 47 when he and Etta Carroll maried. I have not found any

previous marriage records for Thomas. Thomas died when a tree fell on him

while cutting wood. Both Thomas B. and his wife Etta are buried at Johnson

cemt. Chattooga Co. GA.

Etta died only a few years later and the boys were given to other family

members to raise.

Wess and Jess went to SC to live with John W.'s daughter Lula, Osborn raised

Lon. I saw a photo of Thomas while visiting Sue Hooper, he was a nice

looking man.

"From the Summerville News" Thursday March 4, 1909

SEMINOLE district:

Mr. T.B. Rutledge was killed by a tree falling on him last Wednesday

afternoon. The tree had blown down a year or two ago and had hung on the

stump by some splinters. He was walking under the log when it suddenly fell

on his right shoulder, knocking him down and injuring him so severly that he

died in about forty minutes. He was perfectly conscious untill the last.

He said he was ready to go but hated to leave his wife and five little

children. Mr. Rutledge was 60 years old and has lived in this community all

his life. He was a member of the Baptist Church at this place for over 30


He married Etta Carrell. Born 19 Aug 1875.

They had the following children:

24 i. William Lee Rutledge

25 ii. Alonzo Jackson Rutledge

26 iii. Gilbert Hollis Rutledge

27 iv. Wesse Marion Rutledge

28 v. Jesse Burton Rutledge

10. Andrew Jackson (Henry) Rutledge. Born 4 Oct 1852 in Cherokee Co, AL.

In 1900 Mary A Rutledge 22 April, 1818, was living with Andrew Jackson

"also called Henery".

1910 son Hollis was listed as head of household. Living with Hollis was M.J.

Bowman, his sister Mattie and Mattie's son Walter Lee Rutledge, my


He married Nancy Jane Bowman, daughter of James M. Bowman & Ruth ???, 26 Dec

1880 in Chattooga Co. GA. Born About 1853 in Chattooga Co, GA.

They had the following children:

29 i. Hollis R. Rutledge

30 ii. Martha A. Rutledge

11. Joel H. Rutledge. Born 26 Mar 1855 in Cherokee Co, AL. Died 29 Sep 1875

in Cherokee Co. AL.

I have fopund no records of Joel as yet. I do not think he was married nor

did i find any property records for him. I do not know why he died.

Fourth Generation

12. Thomas Alexander Rutledge. Born 30 May 1876 in Cherokee Co. AL. Died 25

Aug 1963 in Calhoun Co. AL. Buried Aug 1963 in Mt. Olive Baptist , Ohatchee

AL. Occupation farmer. Education elementry. Religion Baptist.

Thomas was injured in a sawmill accident when his leg was burned badly.

Thomas opperated the sawmill. after the accident he applied for SS

disability during the 1940's or early 50's. To prove his age he went to

Cartersville, Bartow County GA to get the family Bible from his sister Mary

Rutledge Morris to prove his age. This was told to me by his son Thomas A.

Jr. The Bible is the Bible of John W. Rutledge. T. A. jr. did not know if

the Bible was orginally the Bible of John 1840 or James 1802.

He first married Martha A (Mattie) Rutledge, daughter of Andrew Jackson

Rutledge & Nancy Jane Bowman. Born 29 Nov 1883 in Cherokee Co. AL. Died 1942

in Trion, Chattooga Co. GA. Occupation housewife. Education elementry.

Religion Baptist.

Mattie Rutledge Taylor joined the Sardis Baptist Church at Chattoogaville,

Chattooga Co. GA on 27 Aug, 1910 according to Church records. She and Walter

attended church there when Walter was a child.

They had the following children:

31 i. Walter Lee Rutledge

He second married Rejohni A. Waters Rutledge. Born 22 Jan 1904 in AL. Died

30 Oct 1983 in Calhoun CO. AL. Buried in Mt Olive Baptist, Ohatchee AL.

Occupation housewife. Education elementry.

They had the following children:

32 i. Earl Rutledge

33 ii. Thomas Rutledge

34 iii. James Franklin Rutledge

35 iv. Thomas Alexander Rutledge

36 v. Luciel Rutledge

37 vi. Jennie or (Calie) Melissa Smith Rutledge

38 vii. Montine Dixion (unmarried) Rutledge

He third married Winnie McLester Rutledge, 8 Sep 1901 in Chattooga C. GA.

Thomas married Winnie McLester in 1901. They had 2 sons but Winnie left

with the boys. I have been uaable to trace the children. I don't knoe their

names. They were married in Chattooga Co. GA. and are supposed to have moved

to Rome GA.

5-3-00 I contacted Lee Gordon McLester of Wisconsin and his mother Pearlie

McLester. Pearlie told me Winnie's name was Winfred. Winnie said she left

Thomas because he was mean to her and the boys. On of the Boys names was

David Rutledge, He lived in Cleveland Ohio as did Winnie. David was the

president of a large company there and very successful, Pearlie thought he

died in the 1960's. She didnot remember the other sons name Winnie married

a Mr. Foster. She died in the 1970's. Winnie's father's name was Lee

Gorden McLester; she had 4 brothers Lee Gorden II; John; Clarence; and

Charles along with at least one sister Edna. Clarence lived in FL, but was

raised in Gadsden AL and was later buried there. His wife's name was Inez

Aderholt McLester and she still lives in Mimia Fl.

Winnie's father was a cirit riding Minister in Floyd Co. GA.

They had the following children:

39 i. David Rutledge

13. Lula Rutledge Snow. Born 1871 in Cherokee Co. AL.

Lula married Claud Snow they moved to Rock Hill SC. They later took Wess and

Jess Rutledge, the twin sons of Thomas Burton Rutledge to live with them.

Thomas and his wife both died and left the children with relatives.

She married Claud Snow.

14. Mary Rutledge Morris. Born 1873 in Cherokee Co. AL.

Mary lived in Cartersville GA and had 2 girls and 2-3 boys. She was married

to Tom Morris. She was called aunt Maim by Thomas Jr. and his brother and

sisters. Mary died after being burned while scalding hogs. Mary is

reported to have the family Bible of John W. Rutledge, her father. The Bible

would now be in the possition of one of her children or grandchildren.

She married Tom Morris.

15. William Rutledge. Born 1879 in Cherokee Co. AL.

16. James C Rogers. Born About 1859 in Cherokee Co Al.

17. John M. Rogers. Born About 1860 in Cherokee Co. AL.

18. Osborn A. Rutledge. Born 1874 in Cherokee Co. AL. Buried in Oak Bowery

Meth. Cherokee Co, AL.

He married Carie Sanford, daughter of Robert S. Sanford & Luetter Adline

Erwin, 24 Apr 1904 in Cherokee Co, AL. Born 8 Jan 1880. Died 25 Dec 1948.

Buried in Oak Bowery, Cherokee Co, AL.

19. Mary C. Rutledge. Born 1876.

She married T.R. Staton, 21 Jan 1894 in Cherokee Co. AL.

20. Zack M. Rutledge. Born 22 Feb 1879 in Cherokee Co. AL. Died 1957. Buried

in East View Cemetary, Rome, Floyd Co., GA.

Married Clara 15 March 1903, Zack lived aty Cave Springs in Floyd Co GA. He

owned a farm on a hill behind the GA school for the deaf. I have received

information from his grand-daughter Zackie Kelly, she has been a great deal

of help.

I was told by Sue Hooper that on of Thomas Burton Rutledge's csons lived

with Zack for a while after the death of TB.

He married Clara Everett, 15 Mar 1903 in Chattooga Co, GA. Born 1879. Died

1965 in Charleston, SC. Buried in East View Cemetary, Rome, Floyd Co., GA.

They had the following children:

40 i. Ethel May Rutledge

41 ii. James Albert Rutledge

42 iii. Chester Milton Rutledge

21. Milton T. Rutledge. Born Jul 1882.

He married Lillie Rutledge.

22. Della C. Rutledge. Born Apr 1884.

She married Pink Allen, 14 Apr 1901 in Floyd Co. GA (G234).

23. Theodosia Cummi (Belle) Rutledge Baker. Born 30 Nov 1886. Died 1 May

1968 in Trion, Chattooga Co. GA.

She married James Thomptson Baker, son of John McCain Baker & Eva Alford.

Born 21 Jun 1877 in Dekalb Co, AL. Died Jun 1953.

James first marriage was to Julie Baugh no date or other information.

They had the following children:

43 i. Minnie Almetia Baker Tucker

24. William Lee Rutledge. Born 19 Aug 1900. Died 14 Oct 1960.

Bill and Ona were seperated and he never had much contact with his son


He married Ona Amos Rutledge. Born Mar 1897.

Ona had sisters living in Gadsden AL and Boaz AL. Their names were Mary,

Dorah, Bessie, and Eulla Amos Pruitt. Bill Amos was a policeman in Attala


They had the following children:

44 i. James Rutledge

25. Alonzo Jackson Rutledge. Born 10 Aug 1902. Died 15 Oct 1981 in Chattooga

Co. GA. Buried 1981 in Unity Church, Cherokee Co. AL. Religion Baptist.

Married 24 May, 1924

He married Dicie Elizabeth Hopkins Rutledge, 4 May 1924 in Cherokee Co, AL.

Born 15 Feb 1908. Died 9 Oct 1986.

26. Gilbert Hollis Rutledge. Born 24 Oct 1904.

Married 24 March 1930

He married Mattie Lee Young Rutledge. Born 4 Jan 1906.

They had the following children:

45 i. Sue Rutledge

46 ii. Donald Rutledge

27. Wesse Marion Rutledge. Born 15 Aug 1907.

Married 24 Sept, 1932

He married Dorthy Beatrice Dodson Rutledge. Born 7 Jul 1919.

They had the following children:

47 i. Gilbert Hollis Rutledge

48 ii. Beatrice Angline Rutledge

49 iii. Elizabeth Louise Rutledge

28. Jesse Burton Rutledge. Born 15 Aug 1907.

Jessie and Maude joined Sardis Baptist Church in 1928 according to Church

records. They transfered their letter to another church in 1939.

He married Maude.

29. Hollis R. Rutledge. Born Nov 1881. Died 1960. Buried in Johnson Cem.

Chattooga Co. GA. Occupation farmer.

30. Martha A. Rutledge. Born 29 Nov 1883. Died 1942 in Trion, Chattooga Co.


Fifth Generation


31. Walter Lee Rutledge. Born 25 Oct 1899 in Chattooga Co. GA. Buried 1965

in Madison Co. AL. Occupation Cab driver. Education elementry. Religion


Walter maried Sarah Pilgram and had 2 sons, Albert and Winford. Sarah died

when winford was 9 days old from complecations of child birth. Winford

weighted over 13 pounds.

Walter's 2nd wife was Mary Oaks. They had 2 children Clara and William


Walter attended Sardis Baptist Church as a boy with his mother and Will

Taylor or so Mary Oaks Rutledge told me.

He first married Sarah Lee Pilgrim, daughter of James Alexander Pilgrim &

Mary Lou Sims. Born 27 Jul 1903 in Cherokee Co, AL. Died 1932. Buried in

Trion Cemt. , Chattooga Co. GA. Occupation housewife. Education elementry.

Religion Meth.

They had the following children:

50 i. Albert Lee Rutledge

51 ii. Walter Winfred Rutledge

He second married Mary Oaks Rutledge. Died in Madison Co. AL. Buried in

Madison Co., AL. Occupation textile worker. Education elementry. Religion

Church of Christ.

They had the following children:

52 i. Clara Rutledge

53 ii. William Bennett Rutledge

32. Earl Rutledge. Born 22 Aug 1922 in Boaz, Marshall Co. AL. Died 20 Nov

1922 in Boaz, Marshall Co. AL.

33. Thomas Rutledge. Born 20 Aug 1927 in Boaz, Marshall Co. AL. Died 29 Nov

1927 in Boaz, Marshall Co. AL. Buried in Boaz,.

34. James Franklin Rutledge. Born 5 Apr 1928 in AL. Education elementery.

Married 17 March 1956

He married Sara Mitchell. Born 21 Apr 1938.

They had the following children:

54 i. Bobby Joe Rutledge

55 ii. James Richard Rutledge

56 iii. Robert Alexander Rutledge

57 iv. Michael Eugene Rutledge

58 v. Jeffery Dewite Rutledge

59 vi. Mattie Regina Rutledge

60 vii. Pamala Denise Rutledge

61 viii. Fredia Renia Rutledge

62 ix. Jessie Shane Rutledge

35. Thomas Alexander Rutledge. Born 7 Jun 1934. Education elementry.

Thomas Alexander (called Bug for junior or June Bug)married Frances 2 Jan

1956. He married the second time 5 July 1980.

Bug told me His dad wanted to talk to Walter before he died in 1963 and Bug

was the one who called Walter to ask him to come to see Tom. Walter would

not come to talk to Tom. Bug and all of Tom's family knew about their 1/2

brother living in Huntsville.

He first married Frances Peal Johnson. Born 24 Dec 1938.

They had the following children:

63 i. Junior Ray Rutledge

64 ii. Tommy Wayne Rutledge

65 iii. Treasa Lynne Rutledge

He second married Lorretta Flowers. Born 1 Jun 1961 in Brewton AL.

They had the following children:

66 i. Brenda Lynne Rutledge

67 ii. Thomas Alexander Rutledge

68 iii. Billy Joe Rutledge

69 iv. Jessie Lee Rutledge

36. Luciel Rutledge. Born 6 May 1935. Died 7 May 1935.

37. Jennie or (Calie) Melissa Smith Rutledge. Born 17 Oct 1935. Died in GA.

Buried in GA.

She married Nat Smith. Born 15 Aug 1935.

They had the following children:

70 i. Barbara Sue Smith

71 ii. Melissa Ann Smith

72 iii. Linda Gail Smith

73 iv. Doyle Edward Smith

74 v. Judy Kay Smith

38. Montine Dixion (unmarried) Rutledge. Born 28 May 1944 in AL. Education


39. David Rutledge.

40. Ethel May Rutledge. Born 27 Jun 1904. Died 29 Mar 1997. Buried in River

View Memorial Gardens, Charleston, SC.

She married Marvin Clanton Buford, 7 Nov 1930. Born 1901. Died Nov 1969.

Buried in River View Memorial, Charleston, SC.

They had the following children:

75 i. Robert Clanton Buford

76 ii. Clara Kathryn Buford

77 iii. Zachri Ann Buford

78 iv. Myron Eugene Buford

79 v. William Chester Buford

41. James Albert Rutledge. Born 5 Jul 1906. Died 22 Nov 1907. Buried in Oak

Bowery Cemt. Cherokee Co., AL.

42. Chester Milton Rutledge. Born 6 Nov 1910. Died 24 Apr 1994. Buried in

East View Cemt. Rome, Floyd Col, GA.

43. Minnie Almetia Baker Tucker. Born 1 Aug 1917 in Cherokee Co. AL.

She married Paul McWhorter Tucker, son of John Cornelius Tucker & Ethel

Venice Wilkie, 2 Oct 1932. Born 14 Nov 1912 in Cherokee Co, AL.

44. James Rutledge.

He married ????.

They had the following children:

80 i. James Lee Rutledge

81 ii. Gary Wayne Rutledge

82 iii. Deborah Lynn Rutledge

45. Sue Rutledge.

46. Donald Rutledge.

47. Gilbert Hollis Rutledge. Born 22 Jul 1935. Buried in Chattooga Co. GA.

48. Beatrice Angline Rutledge. Born Dec 1940. Buried in Chattooga Co. GA.

She married Junior Fleming.

49. Elizabeth Louise Rutledge. Born 23 Jan 1945.


83 i. Donald Lee Upton

84 ii. Gary Wayne Upton

85 iii. Melanie Doereece Upton

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