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Union as well as Confederate soldiers from the county will be documented here. The concentration on Confederates is due their greater numbers, greater present-day interest, and more material. It is my hope that historical material can be presented impartially as history, without ancient loyalties and enmities that obscure fact-finding and connection-finding. Your contributions of information and corrections are welcome.

Your webmaster is not an expert, but he has been in touch with experts who know about the history of the war, and in many cases shared their muster rolls and other history.

Between 1959 and 1961, the Cherokee County Historical Society published in the Cherokee County Herald lists of the county's approximately 1,241 Confederate soldiers they had knowledge of. That series is available at local libraries. It came to me by way of the library at Rome, Georgia and J. T. Bishop. In light of the difficulty of optical character recognition (OCR), inaccuracies, and the easier option of obtaining the names from other sources, I have not transcribed the newspaper articles.

A contemporary researcher working from more extensive records estimates 2,040 men from Cherokee County served in the Confederate army. Cherokee County at that time included the town of Gadsden, now the county seat of Etowah County.

List of Cherokee County Confederate Soldiers and Widows of Confederat Soldiers making application for relief, approved Feb. 13, 1891 (pdf)

" Received of Judge R. R. Savage, applications for relief under the act for the relief of needy disabled confederate soldiers sailors and widows of confederate soldiers approved February 13, 1891 for the persons whose names are on the foregoing list for the distribution which takes place October 1895.
             This June 29th 1895, Jolene Purifoy, State Auditor"
The document lists widows beginning on page 3. Copy supplied by Edna Stephens, Lawrenceville, Ga.

Nicknames of Cherokee County Military Organizations

Pairing the soldier with the company is often not easy. Be aware that companies were sometimes consolidated with other companies to form new regiments as men were lost. The company that was "A", for example, might now be "D" in another regiment. Be aware that Cherokee Davis Guards and Davis Guards were not the same company. The Cherokee Beauregards were not the same company as the Beauregards. The latter name was used by companies from three counties. Similar traps are found in other names. Pleases see nicknames.

Civil War Units Having Cherokee County Soldiers

According to Dr. Ken Jones : Cavalry : 4th (Russell); 9th; 12th. Infantry: 7th; 19th; 22nd; 31st; 47th; 48th; 55th. See his Civil War Confederate Regiments from Alabama Counties

The Units

All Civil War Units The American Civil War Home Page.
The most complete listing of Civil War roster links on the Web (V. Leddy)
All Alabama Units Dr. Ken Jones web site history-sites.com/~kjones/
Request muster rolls of Alabama Civil War regiments
Jones' Alabama Cavalry Units Summary
Jones' Alabama Infantry Units Summary
Jones' Alabama Military Organizations by Local Designations (Nicknames)
V. Leddy's Alabama Rosters Web site
Cyndi's List of Alabama resources (Choose the military link)
Military Organizations Raised in Alabama from ADAH, based on the book by Willis Brewer.
James River Publications (commercial) | Alabama units
4th Cavalry (Russell's) General information from Jones.
From Cherokee County: Co. "B" [previously, Co. "D", 15th TN Cavalry Battalion] Captains: Alfred S. Truitt; Thomas W. Hampton (KIA, Mossy Creek); H. A. Gillespie. Capt. A. S. Truitt's Company of the Alabama Cavalry was also called Cherokee Cavalry.
9th Cavalry (designated Seventh Alabama Cavalry Regiment until 5 September 1864) Cherokeeans: Co. "F" [formerly Co. "B", 2nd/19th Cavalry Battalion] Captains: Robert B. Davenport (resigned, 27 Jan 65)
Summary and names of officers (Jones) Later included men formerly of Co. "D", 2nd/19th Cavalry Battalion
12th Ala Cavalry Regiment Summary and officers. (Jones) Recruited in part in Cherokee. It was consolidated with the 1st Alabama Cavalry while the army lay at Murfreesboro.
7th Infantry The 7th Alabama Infantry was organized at Pensacola 18 May 1861, made up of companies that had rendezvoused at that place from counties including Cherokee.
Co. C was for 12 months called the Cherokee Grays (also called Greys, Guards).
Co. K, Florence Guards, notes & photos. Muster roll, Co. A, K.
19th Infantry Original 19th Alabama Home Page by 19thalabama.org with muster roll of original regiment and more. (Richard Smart). | FTP version
Cherokee County Companies: D,E,F,G,H, and I).
Co. "D", Jake Curry Guards, or Curry Guards Captains: William P. Hollingsworth (transferred to Gen'l Ed. D. Tracy's staff); Edward Thornton (KIA, Jonesboro); Benjamin L. Archer
Co. "E", Cherokee Guards Captains: William E. Kirkpatrick (resigned, 17 Feb 62); Marvel M. Israel (wounded, Chickamauga; died, 8 April 64); Thomas J. Williamson (wounded, Atlanta)
Co. "F", Davis Guards Captains: Rufus B. Rhea (resigned, 7 Sept 63); Smauel M. J. Howard
Co. "G", Cherokee Mountaineers or Mountaineers Captains: Jackson Millsaps (resigned, 31 July 62); John N. Barry (dismissed, 23 April 64); James H. Leath (wounded, Atlanta)
Co. "H", Cherokees Captains: Joseph L. Cunningham (transferred to Gen'l Naglee's staff); Samuel B. Echols (resigned, 3 Sept 64; William B. Tripps; Samuel Marshall
Co. "I", Cherokee Rangers, also known as Co. "A". Captains: James H. Savage (promoted to Major)
22nd Infantry Cherokee County: Co. "D", The Beauregards. Captains: Stephen R. Hood (resigned, 10 Jan 62); Edward Herbert Armistead (promoted); T. C. Hagood; Thomas M. Brindley (KIA, near Atlanta, July 64)
Hundley's 31st Infantry, a part of Tracy's Brigade. (Hale's 31st, incorporated into the 49th in spring 1863 was a different unit.) Cherokee County:
Co. "A" Captains: Isaac P. Moragne (resigned, 13 Aug 62); Henry W. Pickens (resigned, 30 March 63); W. L. Hughes (wounded, Jonesboro)

Company B muster roll and letters of Pvt. Milton A. Hardin
A footnote on the last page of William S. Williams' service record states: "This company was designated at various times as Capt. Alexander's Company, Alabama Vols., Company B, and Company C, 31st Regiment Alabama Infantry.

Co. "C", known also as Co. "B". Captains: Marshal J.l Alexander (resigned, 28 Aug 62); Joseph J. Nix (wounded, Champion's Hill, Jonesboro; captured, Champion's Hill)

Co. "D" (Calhoun County) Captains: E. T. Thompson; (dropped from rolls, 2 June 64); John Rose. Roster

From Cherokee County: Co. A commanded by Moragne, and Alexander's Co. C (known as B at the Hardin web site).

47th Infantry Cherokee County: Co. E. was organized by Capt. Campbell. mustering at Loachapoka, Ala on Apr 30, 1862 with 100 members. Campbell was wounded at Cedar Run, Va. Aug 9, 1862 and appointed major Mar 17, 1863. Brandon was the next captain, then Hood was promoted to captain Sep. 13, 1863. Hood was disabled at Chickamauga, Ga. Sep 19, 1863 and resigned Mar. 18, 1864. Gaskin was promoted to captain Apr 29, 1864 and killed Sep. 30, 1864 at Ft. Harrison, Va. Capt. Cobb was wounded at Darbytown Rd., Va. Oct. 7, 1864. (Pitts)
48th Infantry Ken Jones' 48th page
Cherokee County: Co. G was called Elisha King Guards. Co. H was called the Cherokee Grays, Greys, or Guards.
55th Infantry
Clifton's 4th Ala. Inf. Battalion (not 4th Ala Inf. Regiment organized at Dalton Ga), also known as the 10th Inf. Battalion, was redesignated Snodgrass' 16th Inf. Battalion on 8 May 1862, which was taken into the 55th when it was organized at Port Hudson, Louisiana, in February 1863, with 900 veterans from Calhoun, Cherokee, Jackson, Madison, and Marshall counties.
This regiment was made up of Snodgrass's and Norwood's battalions, the former of six companies, the latter of five.
Cherokee County:
Co. B, 55th Ala. Inf., Cherokee Davis Guards, previously Co. A, Clifton's 4th Ala. Inf. battalion
Co. K, 55th Ala. Inf., Snodgrass Guards, previously Co. D, 16th Ala. Inf.
Captains: D. C. Daniel; wounded at Resaca and Atlanta. Consolidated: Captains: Wm. Randall; captured Vicksburg, Robert Wright; resigned.

Roster of entire battalion

Independent and Other Cherokee County Companies Cherokee Beauregards, Capt. John C. White's Co., Alabama Infantry. Cherokee Blues, Alabama Infantry. Cherokee County Volunteers, company and branch not stated, likely Infantry. Gadsden Light Guards, Alabama Infantry. (Gadsden was in Cherokee County at the beginning of the war.) Jabe Curry Guards, Alabama Infantry.
Rall's Rifles, Co. B, 31st Ala. Inf.

Some of the Soldiers

Cherokee County Confederate Veterans

The list of names and births indicated by asterisks was on the Web site when I inherited it. The information on this page is miniscule when compared to the whole. New information, corrections, and referrals to similar sites are welcome.

This list will show corrected spellings, dates, and other information that comes available.

Name Born Died Reg &
*Thomas Blair 1836 xxxx xxxxxx xxxxxx
*John T. Casey 1846
*Arthur D. Casey 1844
*William M. Cavin 1835
James Coheley/Kehela, Pvt. c.1829 18 Jul 1894 8th Rgt-B Jane M. Dotson buried at Howell Cemetery.
*Isreal Levander Childers 1845
*William Henry Cothern 1847
*William G. Daniel 1847
*Thos. S. Davis 1840
*Robert Samuel Dean 1836
*James Polk Ervin 1845
Isaac Fortenberry 1845 19 H rf
William Gaston Fortenberry 1845 19 H rf
*Jes. Davis Graham 1840
Fielden Lewis Hale 1814 1894 Captain, 29th Virginia Infantry, Co. D. Also a spy for the Confederacy in Louisiana and Texas.The Hales came from Virginia. They lived in Centre, Alabama for a period.
*William S. Hasting
*Ely H. Hardin 1845 ?

*Joel Helms 1842
*Charles A. Hester 1831
*Thos J. Lane 1835
*John W. Messer 1843
*John Mitchell 1834
*William A. McCord 1841
*Robert Hayne McDaniel 1847
*Walter Mc Fry 1850
*General Zachariah Parker 1848
*R.I. Ray 1844
*J. H. Ray 1949
John E. W. Randle 1840 1865 19 A tr A
*Jas. M. Reed 1844
*William Lewis Roberts 1843
*James A Rutledge 1844
*Allen B. Sharpe 1845
*Ephriam Smith 1845
*A.O. Sewell 1843
*William E. Thomas 1845
*Marcus E. Westbrook 1844
*Jackson B. Whorton 1845
William Scott Williams 1821 31-B lt
Wilson T. "Bud" Williams 4 Jun 1844 in service 31-B lt
*Joseph Wood 1842

Additional Confederate soldiers in Cherokee Co. These are buried in Mountain Springs cemetery.

Leroy C. Bedwell 1826
Marcus Formby 1838
A. S. Formby 1832
Peter H. Larey 1830
Duncan H. Shaver 1842
Anderson J. Snider 1842
William A. Turner 1839

Transcribed from tombstones by Homer Voiles (TSAOHD36 at aol.com)

More about individual soldiers


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