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More information about Cherokee County Civil War soldiers

Name of Soldier Remarks
Thomas H. Cornelius Born 4 Dec 1844, GA; died 31 Dec 1903, probably in Cherokee County, AL. He was my great grandfather. He married Elizabeth Lettice Mitchell (d/o Levi Franklin & Eliza Jane Parr Mitchell) on 9 January 1868 in Cherokee County, GA
Contributed by Sherry Osburn
Thomas H. Cornelius served with Co. I, 19th Alabama Infantry, Army of Tennessee, CSA from enlistment on 10 Aug 1861 at Cothran's Ferry and was honorably discharged on the 13th April 1865. He was wounded at the Battle of Alabama Hill, by a bombshell, leaving him senseless. He applied for and was granted a class 4 Pension on 20 July 1889.

In his pension application included this affidavit from Capt. Jas. H. Savage:

This applicant joined my Company at 16 years old, a feeble stripling of a boy, weighing about 100 pounds, he was with his Company on duty on every move and march and in every battle with his Co. & Regt. from Shiloh April 6 & 7 to the 28th July 1864, except the Battle of Missionary Ridge when he was on a 15 day furlough & the only furlough he ever had. On the march through Tennessee & Kentucky he was left at Mumfordville when we captured ___, unable to march and supposed that he would be dead in an few days, but recovered, was captured by two federals and assigned to Hospital service to nurse the Confederate Soldiers wounded in Battle of Mumfordville and left there in Hospital where he remained until 4th Decr 1862, from thence alone he marched to parole camp at Chattanooga and rejoined his Co. at Shelbyville, Tenn, thence at the campaigne through the battles of Chicamauga, Lilton, Resaca, Cassville, Newhope and on the 16th of June 1864 was wounded and knocked senseless by a bombshell in the fight of Ala Hill Ga near Marietta thence to Atlanta, July 28th 1864, thence a prisioner was confined in Camp Chase Ohio was paroled in March 1865 and discharged after surrender, no truer or more _____ soldier or officer served in the Confederate Army. Ever faithful, true, never complaining. Jas H. Savage, Capt of late Co. I, 19th Ala Regt. CSA
Samuel Clay Everett

John Henry Everett
My ancestor Samuel Clay Everett born August 14 1845 and his older brother John Henry Everett born June 12 1834 both lived in Cherokee county and enlisted in the Alabama 22 infantry CO D. John Henry was wounded in the leg in the war and Samuel Clay was captured and paroled. After the war, both returned to Cherokee County. John Henry Everett died in 1916. Samuel Clay date of death is unknown.

Contributed by Gregory Lowell Everett (everetts-repair at juno dot com)
Isaac Fortenberry;
William Gaston Fortenberry
Fought in the Alabama 19th Infantry, CO. H. Both were wounded in service but fought with their unit until it surrendered and was pardoned at the war's end. I have more info about them, but I have no info, not even a name, for the third brother who fought. I think he may have been in the cavalry, and was possibly named Henry. I only learned about him from the pension papers of Isaac and William. Ramona Farrar, RAMONAFARRAR[delete]@aol.com
Fielden Lewis Hale 1814-1894, Captain, 29th Virginia Infantry, Co. D. Also a spy for the Confederacy in Louisiana and Texas.The Hales came from Virginia. They lived in Centre, Alabama for a period.
Zachariah Taylor Henderson my great grandfather, was a CSA veteran. He was born Oct 01, 1847 and died June 19, 1929 in Blanche, AL. He is buried in Union Hill Cemetery, Needmore, AL. He was a Mounted Cavalryman, Davenport's Battalion, Company B. Contributed by Billy T. Brown
Cyrus McCullough Cyrus McCullough, also a CSA vet, attended Civil War reunions with his friend Zachariah until their deaths, according to my mother who is still alive.
Contributed by Billy T. Brown
John E. W. Randle Born January 15, 1840 in Gaylesville and enlisted 19th Alabama Infantry Regiment, Co. H, "Cherokees", September 28, 1861, Huntsville, Alabama. Was discharged at the end of the war, died June 2, 1865. He is buried, with confederate marker in the Randle Cemetery, Gaylesville, Cherokee County, Alabama. Randle was often misspelled Randal, Randall, or Rundle.

Contributed by Thomas A. Randle, trandle[delete]@mindspring.com
Snead Compiled Service Records - Sneads in CSA Cherokee County Regiments
Extracted by Nolan Kenneth Snead (nks_gen at earthlink dot net) - - posted 6 Dec 2002

(1)Civil War Veterans & Widows, Cherokee County Alabama by Catherine C. Mann, Cherokee County Historian
(2)Compiled Service Records of CSA - Alabama 19th Infantry; Gadsden Library, Gadsden, AL
(3)Compiled Service Records of CSA - Alabama 48th Infantry; Gadsden Library, Gadsden, AL
(4)Confederate Service Records - Alabama; Alabama Archives, Montgomery, AL.

SNEAD, G. H.; b. Abt. 1840; d. Bet. 12/19 - 20/1862; CSA Army, 48th Alabama Infantry, Company H
SNEAD, James E.; b. 10/30/1836; d. 10/01/1886; CSA Army, 48th Alabama Infantry, Company H
SNEAD, Morgan; b. Bet. 8/19 - 9/17/1834; d. 8/09/1862; CSA Army, 48th Alabama Infantry, Company H
SNEAD, Andrew Jackson; b. Abt. 1845; d. 12/29/1896; CSA Army, 19th Alabama Infantry, Company H & I.
SNEAD, Philip B.; b. ____; d. 1864; CSA Army, 19th Alabama Infantry, Company H
SNEAD, Samuel B.; b. Abt. 1840; d. 1864; CSA Army, 19th Alabama Infantry, Company H
SNEAD, William H.; b. Bet. 8/1840 - 8/1841; d. 4/06/1862; CSA Army, 19th Alabama Infantry, Company H

Stephens James P. Stephens, Private, Company C, 7th Alabama Infantry, CSA.

John Berry Stephens, 2nd Sgt. Company H, 19th Alabama Infantry, CSA.

Little Berry Stephens, Private, Company F, 12th Alabama Infantry, CSA., my g. g. grandfather.

James P. Stephens' Civil War diary is on microfilm at the University of Alabama and Marshall University is publishing it soon. The Stephens family arrived in Cherokee County about 1838 and some still live there today. -Shannon Gregory (sgregory1 at cfl.rr.com). (Added July 2002.)

William Scott Williams

Wilson T. "Bud" Williams


Born in Newton Co., Georgia, William moved his family to Cherokee County in 1850. In March 1862 at age 41 (43 in his service record) he enlisted as a private in the 31st Alabama Infantry Regiment, Co. B (his war record cover has Co. C), which was then being organized at Talladega.

In May 1862 he contracted measles, which left him with severe rheumatism in his back and spine and he was given a medical discharge at Cumberland Gap TN in September 1862. He returned home and his wife Syntha Henson Williams died shortly thereafter. About a year later he married her sister Virginia A. Henson. Following his death about 1893, Virginia collected a Civil War widow's pension at Centre and Key. William, Syntha, and Virginia, along with a few of their 28 children, are buried in a unmarked family plot at Friendship Baptist Church. Efforts are underway to get a Civil War soldier's marker for William's grave.

According to Williams' family history, William and Syntha's oldest son Wilson T. Williams also joined about 1862, likely the same unit and possibly at the same time as his father, however I have been unable to find Wilson's service record. He appears to be the "Bud" Williams mentioned as a private in Company B of the 31st Alabama Infantry in a scrapbook of Wm. L. Roberts. Citations for Wm. S. Williams, Virgina Williams, and Bud Williams are found on pages 135 - 136 of "Civil War Veterans and Widows, Cherokee County, Alabama" by Catherine O. Mann, Cherokee County Historian.

A footnote on the last page of William S. Williams' service record states: "This company was designated at various times as Capt. Alexander's Company, Alabama Vols., Company B, and Company C, 31st Regiment Alabama Infantry." Apparently Company B was transferred into Company C during the war.

Contributed Jun 2001 by Les Tate, lrtate at comcast dot net .


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