March 2018

Thank you for the link corrections, the photos and the Web sites you have sent.

These pages need a re-work. I sat down last week in a conference with myself and we agreed that I need to spend time on writing my first book about some of my amazing experiences. I believe it's called a memoir. Because of that I will be shortchanging the work here. But I will respond to your emails, and if the writing gets blocked then I can work on redesigning the pages with tighter CSS. (Or I can give the responsibility for these pages on your request if you contact me.)

These pages have been under my watch since about June 2000, and I had a beginning creative burst which has since slowed down. Nevertheless, this site has gradually become a large site with lots of material -- material that has come from many places and from many volunteer contributors like you. I am still very short on material from Centre, the county seat, and that is simply because contributors have not sent me material.

I try to make the e-mail addresses on this site spam-resistant by inserting the word [delete], which you should delete from the e-mail address. It's not ideal. I'm open to other suggestions in that department.

To publish Cherokee County genealogy and historical items on this site, plese send them by email attachment to me at, or by US Mail to Travis Hardin, P.O. Box 485, Meridianville, AL 35759. That is in the Huntsville area. I retired to Huntsville when I left Maryland, where I spend several decades. I am a native of Cherokee County. I graduated from Cedar Bluff High School in 1959.

Let's keep this site a valuable gathering place for Cherokee County research. When e-mailing me please put the word "Cherokee" somewhere in your subject. Travis Hardin