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These Civil War pages were prepared mainly from sources on the Internet. As you probably know, not all sources on the Internet can be trusted. Even if facts and dates are consistent among Web pages, it could simply mean that several people copied from an earlier Web page that contained an error.

On the other hand, some individuals have unselfishly labored to gather and post reliable facts. At these sites you will see the site owner's credentials and lists of references. These sites would seem to be trustworthy, though the links they point to may not have the same reliability.

As always in genealogy, try to find primary documents--those made at the time of the event. Photocopies and transcribed documents and indexes concerning the Civil War period are published on the internet by companies such as Ancestry.com the Mormon Church's FamilySearch.org , and the Bureau of Land Management. In any case, multiple sources should be consulted.

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