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Cedar Bluff Baptist Church members picture, 1952

Cedar Bluff Baptist Church members list, 1952 (Print and use with the photo.)

Cedar Bluff Baptist Church minutes and records 1856-1870

Cedar Bluff Baptist Church history through 1970 (excerpts) (not yet posted.)


Cedar Bluff School History

Historical Odds and Ends in Roughly Chronological Order

"Built in 1839 in what was later known as Lawarence Station, three miles east of Cedar Bluff, on the Centre-Rome Highway, this log cabin was on the battle scene between Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest and Col. A. D. Streight of the Union Army in May 1863.After the victory, Gen. Forrest had breakfast with the family of Col. Lawrence before his victorious march to Rome." Frances Underwood in The Gadsden Times, Sunday Jun 22, 1958; photo by Clifford Watts.
"On the Centre-Rome Highway, three miles east of Cedar Bluff, there is a historical marker which shows that this in the place where Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest, with only 322 men, captured the Union Col. A. D. Streight and his detachment of 1,466 men, May 3, 1863." Frances Underwood in The Gadsden Times, Sunday June 22, 1958. Photo by Clifford Watts.
Cornwell Furnace - Click to enlarge Cornwell Furnace, used to smelt iron for the Confederate States during the Civil War.
Cornwall furnace in 1948 before site restoration. Many of these Cedar Bluff photos were supplied by Sue Young, formerly Velma Sue Ingram, who is facing the camera here.

1889 August 10 -- Account of The Comic Calhoun - Williamson Duel at Cedar Bluff, one of the last honor duels.
(Also see Georgia Backroads magazine, Sept. 2003)

Yoke of oxen carrying a load of cedar poles to be made into charcoal in the late 1800's.
Detail: from left, Zack Young (great grandfather of Hugh Young); Charley Knight.
"Cobia's Mill -- Water-powered grist, flour, and saw mill on Chattooga River -- started operation about 1880 and ceased operation with the creation of Weiss Lake inn 1961. (Courtesty of Clayton Studio.)" ("Cherokee County Alabama, A Pictorial History, 1836-1986, Sesquicentennial Commemorative Edition," page 78.)
"Hi Lumpkin gave me this interesting photo. On the back, in his handwriting, it says: 'Circa 1909, Reed Home in Cedar Bluff, Ala.' and identifies the people from left to right as Hugh Reed, Sr., William Hiram Lumpkin, Sr., Mr. Reed (Civil War Vet), and Tol Shropshire." -- Contributed August 2004 by Marilyn Protzeller, protzelb@bellsouth.net. She adds that Hi was William Hiram Lumpkin who died in 2001, son of the man shown in the photo. Both Lumpkins were from Centre.
Dykes Bridge, the last covered bridge to fall, was destroyed by a tornado in December 1954. (S.Y.) (Photo by Clayton Studio. Appeared in same publication cited for Cedar Bluff Hotel, below.)
The old Cedar Bluff Hotel, destroyed by fire in 1914, was owned by D. N. Williamson and operated by William A. Tucker. (Photo provided by Catherine Mann for "Cherokee County Alabama, A Pictorial History, 1836-1986, Sesquicentennial Commemorative Edition," page 7.)
"McElrath Mill on Terrapin Creek, one mile west of State Route 9, was a water-powered grist mill and gin. Joseph H. Ashley operated the mill about 1900. (Picture courtesy of Hoyt. Ashley.) ("Cherokee County Alabama, A Pictorial History, 1836-1986, Sesquicentennial Commemorative Edition," page 78.)
See a map of Cedar Bluff town square portraying the period 1890 - 1920.
Cedar Bluff railroad depot around the turn of the century. Another scan is below. Far left: John M. Neely. Man with arm on ladder at left: Charles Neely. Man at right of ladder: Isaac Gilbert. Man next to the steps at left, seated: Node Harris. Others unidentified. (Identifications courtesy of Lena Sue Neely's niece, Shirley, and relayed by Sue Young of Cedar Bluff, Ala. John was Charles Neely's father.)
The old Cedar Bluff train depot from the north side around the turn of the century. Picture supplied by Sue Young of Cedar Bluff, who says the building in the left background was a busy hotel. Some people can make out the Methodist church in the right background. Part of the depot is still standing as ruins. Picture source: Gadsden Times Cherokee Sesqucentennial Section, Jan. 7, 1986. Cedar Bluff Train Depot - Click to enlarge
"Cedar Bluff's Rye-Ola bottling plant. Perhaps someone will recognize those on porch and in wagon, and the young lady walking up. According to Carlton Davis, the plant was located in Cedar Bluff about 1913 at the town square." -Photo caption from an undated newspaper clipping.
First gasoline being delivered to Cedar Bluff. Mr. John Harwell had the agency, Standard Oil, and lived in a house that stood where the Robert Mann house is now (1975). In the Model T are Mr. and Mrs. Walter Sewell. -from the Northeast Alabama Genealogical Society newsletter, April 1975, Vol 4, No. 2. (Note the horse-drawn tanker.)
Emery & Daphney Reese family about 1919 and some of their 16 children. Reese Street in Cedar Bluff is named after the family. L to R: Ida, b. 1910; Rosa, b. 1905; Emery Alexander Reese, b. 1882; Hubbard (young one in front), b. 1909; Daphney Wilkins, b. 1886; Sallie, b. 1904; George, b. 1907. Contributed 2010 by grandaughter Virginia Thompson of Stone Mountain, Ga. (gingers900 at msn.com). Click for larger photo.
Farill school in Wright's Bend, east of Cedar Bluff, about 1925. The larger boy in the middle is Raymond Roe, my father. His parents were Paul and Ethel (Barnes) Roe. The girl on his right was Alice Clara Canada (Mrs. Frank Ray) daughter of Tom and Rhoda Canada. The woman with the bonnet was their teacher, Miss Thelma Sloan. Both my father and Aunt Alice were born in 1909 and they look to be about 15 or 16. Photo and caption submitted Nov. 2004 by Wayne Roe of Anniston, Alabama.
Class of 1930 Scrapbook for Loretta Adams

Professors of Cedar Bluff High School 1930

Theodore Gustaf Thom ("German", she writes)

English teacher -------------Kathleen Hudson

Home Economics ----------Mary Love Woolridge

History teacher ------------Mrs. Theodore Thom

Music ---------------------Mrs. Ruth Runyans

Vocational Agri. Teacher --N. G. Norris

Junior High Teacher -------Florine Sandlin

5th and 6th Grade ---------Mrs. Sowell

3rd and 4th Grade --------Mrs. Lydie Mae Stinson

1st and 2nd Grade --------Mrs. N. G. Norris

(Original is owned by S. Y. of Cedar Bluff.

New! October 2004

1937 Ninth Grade Class, Cedar Bluff High School

(married names when known are in parentheses)

1 Opal Ray
2 W. C. Cameron
3 Ozell Shew
4 Oscar Pruitt
5 Margaret Williamson (2, Campbell)
6 Christine McHugh
7 Alice Story (Roe)
8 Hassel B. Davis
9 Annie "A. V." Goss (Hardin)
10 Evelyn Davis (1, Wood; 2, Nichols)
11 Beatrice Harris
12 Betty Jo Hawkins
13 Sylvia Smith
14 Cathrine Hardin (Morgan)
15 Melba Faye McRae
16 Bonnie Lay
17 Sybil Wood
18 John Sloan
19 Elwin Elliot
20 Bill Hurley
21 Harold Frost
22 Milton Roe
23 Billie Joe Daniel
24 Reuben Bishop
In October 2004 three people who were in the picture identified the people pictured. All were identified by Alice Story Roe; all but three were identified by Milton Roe; A. V. Goss Hardin identified herself and a few others. All identifications are in agreement. A.V. says she quit school before the end of the 9th grade, so the picture was made sometime before the end of the school year. Mr. Defries, also a preacher, was one of their teachers (say Milton and Alice).

Travis Hardin of Meridianville, Alabama, has an original photo.

Money's Bend ferry near Cedar Bluff, 1941. The operator, pictured, was Charley (C.P.) Weeks, father of Ethel Weeks Reed. He was identified by Ethel Weeks' grandson Richard Reed Fleming.  
Hackett's Store. Picture and paraphrased caption are from the Cherokee County Herald, April 15, 1992. This was at the time possibly the oldest store building in Cedar Bluff. [It was torn down about 1997.] The owner was the late John Hackett. His son the late Russell Hackett taught and was principal of Hatcher High School. After the school closed [when segregated schooling was ended], Russell taught at other schools in the county. Other children of John Hackett included Tago, James, Harry, Ernest, Charles, Jewell McClellan, Opal Landrum and Evelyn.  

See a 1948 aerial photo of Cedar Bluff (poor quailty with some buildings ID'ed.)

At one time community baseball teams were popular. Here are the 1949 champs, the Farill team. Back row, l. to r.: Ralph Johnson, Charles Loveless, John Green, Dude Meade, and JC Hardin.

Front row, l. to r.: Ted Black, Sidney Davis, Robert Garner, Tom Money, G. T. Adams, and Carlton Davis. (Source: S.Y.)

Hazel Edwards, telephone operator at the newly installed switchboard. (Sep. 9, 1951 clipping from an unidentified newspaper, probably The Gadsden Times. Photo by J. E. Clayton.)
Main Street, Cedar Bluff, 1958. The spire in the center is the Methodist Church and the white house was the home of the Bert Cobia family. Mr. Cobia was a mayor of Cedar Bluff in the 1980's. In the 1950's he owned the small telephone company and located the operator and equipment in an adjacent house, out of the picture on the left. The phones were the old crank type. The main operator's name was Hazel Edwards. Margaret Cobia and Sue Young were two of the regular employees after a Mr. Weaver bought it from Bert.

"Mr. Errol" Davis operated Davis Service Station (Gulf) and drove the school bus in the picture. He raised pheasants at his home between the Cobias and the Methodist Church. Brown's Store (general merchandise) is in the background.

This information is from Sue Young of Cedar Bluff.
[Cedar Bluff 1958]
Here's what the sign says. This photo was supplied by James Bishop of Rome, Ga. [Pheasants for sale]
In the late 1960's, the water from Weiss Lake didn't stop farmer and businessman Richard McElrath from taking a ferry to tend his fields now on an island. Richard McElrath is at far right. At far left is Grady Steele. Fourth from right is Russ Early. The ferry boat was previously in service as a public ferry at Cedar Bluff. (S. Y.)  

Cherokee County home

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