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CHRISTAIN, CHRISTIAN, HAYNES, HAYNOS, HOLMES, JOHNSON, JOHSON, YOUNG posted by Haden Holmes Brown on Tuesday, July 1, 1997

I am interested in Dovie Lee YOUNG JOHNSON HOLMES' ancestors: Dovie's mother, Sarah Elizabeth JOHNSON 9b.1870) married a YOUNG (of which we have no record); Sarah Elizabeth Johnson's parents were Allen P. JOHNSON (apparently used his mother's maiden name?) (b. 1847) and Mary Elizabeth HAYNES or HAYNOS; Allen P. JOHNSON's parents were William P. CHRISTAIN or CHRISTIAN (m. 1852) and Sarah H. JOHNSON (b. 1825); Joel JOHNSON and Sarah JOHNSON/JOHSON. I have been told the family moved from South Carolina to Newnan, Geogia to Lincoln, Alabama.

TAYLOR posted by Marci Scott on Wednesday, July 2, 1997

Surname TAYLOR -- Looking for a Charles R.TAYLOR. I find a C.B TAYLOR, C.R. TAYLOR in Calhoun Co. in the 1840 census Anyone with information on these TAYLORS please contact me . I have alot of reseach on TAYLORS, I will share .

BRITT, COBB, RAINEY posted by Margie Haynes on Friday, July 4, 1997

I am looking for information on the BRITT and COBB families in Calhoun County. Marlin Luther BRITT married Mary Ellen COBB his parents were William Luther BRITT and Sarah RAINEY. Her parents were Thomas George COBB and Louella Amazonia BRITT. Any info or family stories appreciated. Will share info that I have.

FORD, LOVE, PRATER posted by Margie Haynes on Friday, July 4, 1997

Looking for any information on the FORD and related families. Fielding Luther FORD married Mary Elizabeth "Mollie" PRATER. They lived in Webster's Chapel Community. I have a little info and will gladly share what I have. I do know that Fielding's parents Thomas FORD and Maranda LOVE are buried at Four Mile Methodist Church just off Hwy 21 toward Jacksonville, AL.

HULL posted by Nancy Vick on Sunday, July 6, 1997

Searching for information on William and Elizabeth HULL who lived in Benton County 1850 and in Calhound County 1860.

RIPLEY posted by Glenn Hand on Tuesday, July 15, 1997

I am interested in contacting anyone with knowledge of the James C. RIPLEY family who are listed on the Benton Co. AL census for 1850, 30th District. His age, 55 b. KY and possible wife, Mary, 39, b. KY and children: Elizabeth, 19 b. AL; Ambers(?) possible Ambrose, 17 b. TN; James Newton, 14 b AL; Thomas C. 10 b. AL; Mary Ann 9,b.AL and William 5,AL. From doing RIPLEY research in Titus Co. TX. I think the son, Ambrose moved there by 1860 with wife, Narcisse b. ARK and children: Mary J. age 8, N.E. age 4 (female) and J.W. age 1 (all children b. in Texas.) Any and all comments will be appreciated. Patsy Dearman Hand

ABERCROMBIE, HULL posted by Nancy Vick on Monday, July 21, 1997

I am researching the ABERCROMBIE and HULL Families of Calhoun County Ala. 1800 to 1850's.

HILL, MCCULLOUGH posted by Susan Lloyd on Monday, July 28, 1997

I have an ancestor we are trying to tie into for possible furthering of our direct lines. Her name is Rebecca HILL McCullough/McCulough. She was md to Henry L. MCCULLOUGH and resided in Benton Co. at the time of her father's death in 1854. We are trying to locate possible records on her children who would have been of marrying ages. I find them in Morgan Co on the 1830 census, and then loose them until the mention in estate records of Henry HILL Sr. in Morgan co. in 1854. Now to my request: Is there anyone anywhere who has access to marriage records, estate indexes, land indexes, etc....that might be willing to look up some of the stuff I have mentioned above. I show on the 1830 census for Morgan county the following children's ages: 1f b. 1810/1815, 1f b. 1815/1820, 1f b. 1815/1820, 1m b. 1815/1820, 1m b. 1820/1825, 1m b. 1820/1825, 1f b 1820/1825, 1f b. 1825/1830. I know I am requesting a lot, but we really would appreciate any lookups on the above. If we just had some names that we could take into the 1850's census would be most appreciated.I am assuming that since Henry isn't listed anywhere in the 1850 census in AL that he may have died. This is where the estate records index would be of great value to us on him. And if we had a marriage record after 1855 on Rebecca (HILL) McCullough would set us in a new direction for our search. I am more than willing to pay for copies and postage on anything I might be able to receive.

COBB, STEPHENS posted by Jane Rhem on Wednesday, August 20, 1997

I know the STEPHENS lived on Chocolocco Road and that William M. STEPHENS married Martha COBB there in 1861; then enlisted in the Confederacy in the 51st AL Cavalry - Co. "D". William and Martha's children were: J. W. and John Moses born in Calhoun Co. In 1866 they went to Falls County, TX where the rest of their children were born. I think William's father was Enoch STEPHENS, born in Campbell Co. KY. around 1820...coming first to Talladega Co., AL and then to Calhoun Co..There were some Stephens in Calhoun Co. when it was Benton Co. - John Richard STEPHENS and John STEPHENS. Thank you, Jane Stephens Rhem

HOBBS, JOHNSON, SEARCY, SPRADLEY, TANNER posted by Patsy Davis on Tuesday, September 23, 1997

I am searching information on the parents of my grandmother. I am looking for information on Joanna JOHNSON b Oct 7, 1871,d March 21, 1939, who married John Thomas TANNER b July 4, 1869, d Feb 5, 1913, and had at least six children, including Mabel TANNER b. May 11, 1899 ,in Anniston, Calhoun Co, AL ; Winnie TANNER SEARCY, Ruth TANNER HOBBS; William TANNER, Hosea TANNER and Johnny TANNER. I am told by a great aunt that "some of the family came from NC" but I don't know who or where. They may have lived in Hokes Bluff AL at some time. Joanna may be a descendent of Hosea (b SC abt 1808) and Lousia (b GA abt 1818) JOHNSON, but this is not confirmed. Mabel TANNER married Clarence Victor SPRADLEY Oct 23, 1912 in Talladega CO, Al, and later moved to Tuscaloosa. My father was the son of Mabel and Clarence SPRADLEY and always said he was "part Creek Indian" but I was not concerned about details of this until it was too late to ask him. Is it possible that you have any information on this family?
BARNES, COLEMAN posted by E. (Woody) Coleman, Jr. on Wednesday, October 8, 1997

I am researching my 3d great grandfather, Henry Allen COLEMAN, born in Putnam County, Georgia in 1814 and his wife: Sarah Ann BARNES, b. 1807. He appears to have left Cobb county, GA., sometime after 1850 ,where he lived a number of years, and lived awhile in Benton county, sometime before 1856. He then moved back to Georgia where he settled in Carroll county. I believe this family had kinfolk in neighboring Alabama. For the most part, this family had their residence in Cobb and Carroll county, GA. I would be most interested to find out something of the Coleman family of your county in Alabama since their might be a connection.

PRICE posted by Janis Lindemann on Wednesday, November 5, 1997

PRICE Family: Am researching the PRICEs in Benton/Calhoun Co., ca. 1850. Know they were from Spartanburg SC, and father was Joseph. Need help with family of son Robert who was d. by 1830 in ?SC when Joseph died. Would like to contact others researching this elusive group. Contact: Janis Lindemann e-mail jlinde@fia.net

DUNN, FULLER posted by Liane Jacobson on Thursday, November 6, 1997

I am looking for information on my g-grandmother's ancestors. My g-grandmother was born in Anniston in 1864. Her parent's names were Harris (b.1835 in Arkansas) & Mahala (b.1844 in Ala.) FULLER. In 1880 they are listed on census records for Township/Range 12 in Lauderdale Co. I am trying to locate any information about Mahala FULLER's maiden name,descendants of Harris & Mahala FULLER, & ancestors. My g- grandmother's name is Cora Nelson FULLER (b.10/1864 in Anniston, Ala.) & she married William Wade DUNN in Bogota, TX in 1893, if that might help. Thanks much for any help. Liane Jacobson ;-)

ANDERSON, BARTON, BROWN, DOZIER, GRIFFIN, KEITH, MOODY, ROSE, STROUD posted by John Powell on Friday, November 7, 1997

John STROUD, son of William and Margaret ROSE STROUD , was born Nov. 29, 1726 Prince George Co., VA and died in Wilkes Co., GA. John married Martha DOZIER who died 1816 in GA. Their daughter Elizabeth STROUD b. 1750 in Chatham Co., NC died 1829 Pendleton Dist. SC. She married William GRIFFIN b. Bristol Parish, Prince Geo. Co. who died Oct. 5, 1800 in Pickens (later Anderson) Co., SC. Their son Sargent GRIFFIN 1778 NC-1858 SC married Averillah BARTON 1788 SC-1863 SC. Averilla was the daughter or Benjamin BARTON b. 1760 Orange Co., VA died 1818 Pickens Co., SC and Dorcas ANDERSON b. Nov 13, 1763 and died Sept. 16, 1849 in Pendleton Dist., SC. Benjamin GRIFFIN the son of Sargent GRIFFIN married Frances BROWN the daughter of Lewis BROWN and Julia <unknow> .Benjamin's son Lewis Brown GRIFFIN was born May 30, 1835 in SC and died Dec. 14, 1916 in TX. Benjamin was raised by his Grandparents Lewis and Julia BROWN. Why? He was adopted by his uncle Barton GRIFFIN of Lee Co., MS after the death of Julia. W. L. KEITH was his guardian after his Grandfather's death in 1848. Who was Mr. Keith? Lewis Brown GRIFFIN married Mary E. MOODY b. Benton Co., AL they lived in St. Clair Co., AL . John Powell at PowellJP7@aol.com, thanks

LAWS posted by Mark Fain on Saturday, November 8, 1997

LAWS: Seeking information on John LAWS or Diner/Dinah LAWS found in the 1850 census for Benton Co. AL.


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