The people listed on this page have volunteered to assist in your research by performing lookups in off-line resources that they have available. Lookup requests should be limited to one name, or perhaps two if it is a married couple. Information returned by the volunteer will be minimal, for example:

Lookups can extend to searching the copyrighted material to determine if the material would be helpful to the requester in their research. Should the copyrighted material prove useful, the volunteer can provide the author's address and ordering information.

Most of these volunteers do not live in Calhoun County and are unable to do any courthouse look-ups.

If you are unable to contact one of the volunteers -- particularly if e-mail to them bounces -- please let me know and I'll remove them from the list.

1850 Benton County Census

Lois Danley, leeadan@aol.com

Miscellaneous Lookups in Anniston Public Library

Dale & Pat Brown, dalepat33@juno.com

Will you volunteer?

If you own or have access to off-line resources and would be willing to help your fellow researchers determine the usefulness of these resources by performing lookups, please contact the county coordniator of Calhoun County and I'll add your name and the resources to this list. Be sure to read the USGenWeb statement on copyrights before volunteering to perform lookups in copyrighted books.


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