Oxford Memorial Gardens
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Name Name Name

Pettus, Mildred

Ray, Robert

Roberts, Vester

Pettus, Ruby

Ray, Viola

Roberts, W. E. Sr

Pettus, Willis

Reagan, Eugenia

Roberts, W. F.

Petty, Rose

Reagan, M. W. Rev.

Roberts, W. Harvey

Phillips, Bonnie

Reagan, Margaret

Roberts, William

Phillips, Chester

Reaves, Albert

Robertson, Charlie

Phillips, Claude

Reaves, Amos

Robertson, Frances

Phillips, Ethel

Reaves, Chester

Robertson, Francis

Phillips, Frank

Reaves, Clara

Robertson, James

Phillips, Gladys

Reaves, Comela

Robertson, Kathy

Phillips, Houston

Reaves, Franklin

Robertson, Louise

Phillips, John

Reaves, Geraldine

Robertson, Mary

Phillips, Marjorie

Reaves, Harriet

Robertson, Opal

Phillips, Mary

Reaves, James

Robertson, Robert

Phillips, Myrtice

Reaves, Katherine

Robertson, Stamps

Phillips, Roston [2]

Reaves, Lillie

Robertson, Steve

Phillips, Samuel

Reaves, S. M.

Robertson, William

Phillips, Sarah

Reed, Mary

Robertson, Yula

Phillips, Virginia

Reed, R. W.

Robinett, Donia

Phillips, William

Reineking, Angelina

Robinett, Lonnie

Phillips, Willie

Rinehart, Ida

Ross, A. H. Gen.

Pinson, Florida

Rinehart, Rallay

Ross, Allen

Pinson, Mae

Ritch, Henry

Ross, Louisiana

Pinson, Martha

Ritch, Mary

Ross, Nancy

Pinson, Rena

Ritch, T. A.

Ross, Susan

Pinson, Robert

Roberson, J. Willis

Rouse, Warren

Pinson, Vanessa

Roberts, Aberdeen

Ruffin, Rena

Pinson, Wm. Ernest

Roberts, Allen

Russell, B. S.

Pirkle, George

Roberts, Anna

Russell, Dorothy

Pirkle, Vera

Roberts, Annie

Russell, Emma

Pope, Annie

Roherts, Arrie

Russell, James

Pope, H. C.

Roberts, Bertha

Russell, Mary

Pope, James

Roberts, Bessie

Russell, Minnie

Pope, M. F.

Roberts, Carra

Rutledge, Albert

Pope, Ola

Roberts, Cecil

Rutledge, Alice

Pope, Robert

Roberts, Earl

Rutledge, George

Posey, Elbert

Roberts, Earle

Salter, Clara

Posey, Mary

Roberts, Eliza

Salter, Linda

Powell, Albert

Roberts, Evia

Salter, 0. D.

Powell, Marion

Roberts, Frances

Sawyer, Carrie

Prater, Elnor

Roberts, Francis

Scarbrough, Mary

Prater, Elouise

Roberts, Frank

Schroeder, Fay

Prater, George

Roberts, George

Scott, Mary

Prater, Kathryn

Roberts, Gip

Sease, Sarah

Prater, Sarah

Roberts, Harris

Setliff, Josephine

Prater, William [2]

Roberts, James

Shaddix, Lenton

Prickett, Elizabeth

Roberts, John

Shaddix, Lily

Pritchett, L. M.

Roberts, Katie

Sharp, Adam

Privett, John

Roberts, Lee

Sharp, Arthur

Privett, Tom

Roberts, Leona

Sharp, John

Pruitt, Bernie

Roberts, Ligon

Sharp, Rosa

Pugh, Niley

Roberts, Maggie

Shears, Ada

Pugh, Mairon

Roberts, Margaret

Shears, Helmoth

Pyles, Julia

Roberts, Mary

Shears, Maudie

Quenelle, Elizabeth

Roberts, Mattie

Shears, Monty

Quenelle, Nellie

Roberts, Minerva

Shears, Nellie

Quenelle, Paul

Roberts, Mitella

Shears, Ralph

Ray, Charlie

Roberts, Nancy

Shears, Ravee

Ray, Elizabeth

Roberts, Otie

Shelton, James

Ray, Ernest

Roberts, Paul

Shepard, Gerald [2]

Ray, Ewell

Roberts, Pauline

Sherrill, Levi

Ray, Frankie

Roberts, Pearl

Sherrill, Sarah

Ray, John

Roberts, Richard

Shortnacy, Claude

Ray, Johnithan

Roberts, Sarah

Shortnacy, Maude

Ray, Lula

Roberts, T. Jeff

Shropshire, Kelly

Ray, Margaret

Roberts, Texana

Shropshire, Fanny


Smith, Missouri

Stokes, Della

Shuford, David

Smith, Raymond

Stokley, Florence

Shuford, Fannie

Smith, Ross

Story, H. Grady

Shuford, John

Smith, Ruth

Story, Ianthia

Shuford, Kate

Smith, Sallie

Stovall, Jack

Shuford, Minnie

Smith, Samuel

Strength, A. Carl

Shuford, Susan

Smith, Sarah

Strength, Erma

Sides, George

Smith, Sardenia

Strickland, A. E.

Sides, Helen

Smith, Thena

Strickland, Arlis

Simpson, Beulah

Smith, Thomas

Strickland, Bertha

Simpson, Craig

Smith, W. T.

Strickland, Beulah

Simpson, Dorothy

Smith, William

Strickland, Clara

Simpson, Ernest

Smith, Willie

Strickland, Edward

Simpson, Fred [2]

Smyly, Bessie

Strickland, Ernest

Simpson, infant

Smyly, Marvin

Strickland, Etta

Simpson, Lillian

Smyth, Allan

StrIckland, George

Simpson, Pauline

Smyth, Mattie [2]

Strickland, James

Sims, John

Smyth, Maynard

Strickland, Nellie

Sims, Mary

Smyth, William

Strickland, Nettle

Sims, Wordlaw

Snarr, Earl

Strickland, Wm.

Singleton, Demris

Snarr, Flossie

Strickland, Wyatt

Singleton, Emma

Snarr, Myrtle

Striplin, Grace

Singleton, Robert

Snider, Nellie

Stubbins, Benjamin

Sitcavage, Cleo

Snider, William

Stubbins, Charles

Sitcavage, John

Snow, Ada

Stubbins, George

Skinner, Rosa

Snow, Clark

Stubbins, Harry

Slaughter, Anna

Snow, Corinne

Stubbins, Mabel

Slaughter, Thomas Rev.

Snow, Lelia

Stubbins, Mary

Slaughter, W. G.

Snow, Mary

Stucky, Ida

Smallwood, Elsie

Snow, Maxine

Stucky, Margaret

Smallwood, Eugene

Snow, Roxie

Stucky, Ruby

Smallwood, Janie

Snow, Ruth

Stucky, Stephen

Smallwood, Julian

Snow, William

Suddeth, Edward

Smedley, Sarah

Sparks, Irene

Suduth, C.

Smelcher, Rose

Sparks, Mary

Suduth, J. M.

Smelley, C.

Sparks, Robert

Suduth, Jacob

Smelley, Cecil

Sparks, W. Clarence

Sullins, Catherine

Smelley, Maud

Spencer, John

Sullins, Curtis

Smelley, R. Wayne

Spencer, Martha

Summers, Annie

Smith, Ada

Spencer, Mary

Summers, Ellie

Smith, Ann

Spencer, Susan

Summers, H. C.

Smith, Annie

Sponsel, Jesse

Summers, Harry

Smith, Augusta

Sponsel, Vedia

Summers, Jack

Smith, Bessie

Spradley, Bertha

Summers, Lillie

Smith, Carley

Spradley, Charles

Summers, Marion

Smith, Carroll

Spradley, Leona

Summers, Maude

Smith, Charles

Spradley, Lola

Summers, Patsy

Smith, Dialthia

Spradley, Mary

Summers, T. D.

Smith, Dollie

Spratley, Marianne

Surrett, Glenda

Smith, Edgar

Stallings, Joseph

Surrett, Jess

Smith, Frank

Stamps, Mary

Sutton, Ruth

Smith, Gay

Stanford, Herman

Swain, Mildred

Smith, George

Stanford, Terrell

Swift, Clifford

Smith, Hazel

Staples, Gallie

Swift, Flemmon

Smith, Herman

Staples, John

Swift, J. N.

Smith, Ida

Staples, Margaret

Swift, L. A.

Smith, J. F. Jr.

Stephen, Elizabeth

Swift, M. L.

Smith, James

Stephen, Vanessa

Swift, W. H.

Smith, Janie

Stephen, Walter

Swinford, Henry

Smith, Jeremiah

Stephen, William Rev

Swinford, Mary

Smith, John Floyd

Stephens, Ann

Swinford, Victor

Smith, Joseph [2]

Stephens, James

Swope, M. J.

Smith, L. S.

Stewart, Harmon

Swope, Nellie

Smith Lester

Stewart, Ruth

Swope, S. M.

Smith, Lillie

Stitt, James [2]

Taliferro, Addie

Smith, Mary

Stitt, Mary

Taliferro, Elizabeth

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