Oxford Memorial Gardens
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Name Name Name

Lassiter, Virginia

Maddux, Iva

McCullars, Mary

LaTaste, Iola

Malone, George

McCullough, Bishop

LaTaste, Louis

Malone, H. L.

McCullough, Cloe

Latham, Hazel

Malone, W. C.

McCullough, James

Lawrence, Frankie

Mann, Christina

McCullough, Mary

Lawrence, Mary

Manna, Dominic

McDavid, Nancy

Ledbetter, Draper

Manna, Loraine

McDonald, James

Ledbetter, Leila

Manning, Sallie

McDonald, Mary

Ledbetter, S. L.

Marguklas, Anna

McDowell, Annie

Ledbetter, W. G.

Marguklas, Mavis

McDowell, Cora

Lee, E. L.

Marguklas, Mildred

McDowell, E. Grady Sr

Lee, Margaret


McDowell, Emmett G.

Lee, Martha

Marker, Andrew

McDowell, Mabry

Lee, Paula

Marker, Frances

McGriff, Evelyn

Lee, William

Marker, Snowden

Mclnish, Janileta

LeMaster, Elna

Marshall, Georgia

McKenzie, Mary

Leslie, Mattie

Marshall, Thomas

McKenzie, William

Leslie, W. W.

Marshall, William

McKibbon, Allen

Lewis, Lawson

Martin, Christine

McKibbon, Arthur

Lewis, Virginia

Martin, Earl

McKibbon, Clara

Ligon, Arthur [2]

Martin, Lillie

McKibbon, Groce

Ligon, B. J.

Martin, Norms

McKibbon, infant son

Ligon, Elmira

Martin, Ora

McKibbon, James

Ligon, Esther

Martin, Rena

McKibbon, Kate

Ligon, Grace

Martin, Walter Sr.

McKibbon, L. H.

Likens, Ann

Mason, Mary

McKibbon, Laura

Likens, John

Matheny, Charles

McKibbon, Laurie Ray

Likens, Lucinda

Matheny, Etoile

McKibbon, Mary

Likens, S. H.

Mather, Elliott

McKibbon, N. C.

Lipham, Daniel

Mather, Mary

McKibbon, Robert

Little, Caroline

Mattison, Cleve

McKibbon, Sallie

Little, Clara

Mattison, George

McKibbon, V. R.

Little, Espie

Mattison, Nancy

McKibbon, Virginia

Locke, Jane

Maxey, Adaline

McKleroy, Lovie

Lockhart, Adaline

Maxey, Theodosia

McKleroy, William

Long, Percy

McAdams, Caroline

McLean, Charlie

Long, Robert

McAdams, John

McLean, Emma

Lott, Fannie

McAdams, Mattie

McLean, George

Lott, John

McAuley, Anna

McLean, J. D. Rev.

Lott, Sarah

McAuley, Emma [2]

McLean, James Charles

Love, Ricky

McAuley, Mary

McLean, James M. Rev.

Lovelace, Dorothy

McCain, Ella

McLean, Julia

Lovvorn, Elna

McCain, J. R.

McLean, K. P.

Lovvorn, John

McCain, William

McMichael, John

Lunney, Gerold

McCann, Agnes

McNaron, Florence

Luttrell, Annie

McCann, Carrie

McNaron, Luther

Luttrell, Dudley

McCann, Joseph

McNaron, Ollie

Luttrell, Ella

McCants, Frances

McNaron, Robert [2]

Luttrell, Ethel

McCarthy, Edna

McNeal, Elsie

Luttrell, Frank

McClurkin, Alma

McNeal, William

Luttrell, Fred

McClurkin, Florence

McPherson, Frances

Luttrell, Gary

McClurkin, J. W.

McWhorter, Hazel

Luttrell, Harvey

McClurkin, James

Medders, G. Neal

Luttrell, Hugh

McClurkin, Retha

Mellon, Bettie

Luttrell, infant son

McClurkin, Roena

Mellon, Lila

Luttrell, John

McConnell, Ruby

Mellon, Louise

Luttrell, Katie

McConnell, Thomas

Mellon, Nell

Luttrell, Lutie

McCraw, Ben

Mellon, Robt

Luttrell, Marcy

McCraw, Cabert

Mellon, Sam

Luttrell, Maude

McCraw, Drury

Mellon, Wm. Foster

Luttrell, Robert

McCraw, Ella

Methvin, E. W.

Luttrell, Rush

McCraw, M. W.

Methvin, Jeanie

Luttrell, Susan

McCraw, Reuben

Methvin, Merit

Lux, David

McCraw, Roberta

Mickle, Cornelia

Lux, Lewis

McCraw, Sarah

Middleton, Fae

Lyle, Nancy

McCraw, Thomas

Middleton, George

Miller, Cora

Morrison, Nettie

Orr, Sarah [2]

Miller, Eulalie

Morrison, Woodrow

Orr, Stella

Miller, Frances

Morton, Geo.

Orr, Vera

Miller, Hugh

Morton, W. M.

Orr, William

Miller, infant son

Morton, W. U.

Owen, Billy

Miller, Isaac

Moss, Ada

Owen, Charlie

Miller, Jo Paschal

Moss, George

Owen, Edna

Miller, Lenora

Moss, William

Owen, Fay

Miller, Lilburn

Mullally, Barney

Owen, Harold

Miller, Myrtie

Mullally, Johnie

Owen, Jas.

Miller, Nathaniel

Mullinax, Oma

Owen, Lily

Miller, Rachel

Munroe, Christopher

Owen, M. Evie

Miller, Reaves

Munroe, Clara

Pace, Arnie

Miller, Sam

Munroe, Eva

Pace, Amy

Miller, Troy

Munroe, Martus

Pace, Bessie

Miller, Wade [2]

Murray, Nelson

Pace, Carl

Miller, Y. F. Rev.

Musser, Irma

Pace, Eugene

Milstead, Cecil

Musser, Robert

Pace, Eugenia

Milstead, Ida

Nall plot

Pace, Eulah

Mims, infant

Nall, Bessie

Pace, Evalyn

Mims, Roxana

Nall, L. A. Rev.

Pace, George

Minshew, Velma

Nall, Lula N.

Pace, Hugh

Minshew, Weldon

Nash, E. G.

Pace, J. B.

Minter, Genoa

Nash, Florence

Pace, Martha

Minter, Wm. Devin

Nash, L. T.

Pace, Mary [2]

Miskelly, L. B.

Nelson, Julius

Pace, Priscilla

Mitchell, Bell

Nelson, Oscar

Pace, Richard Rev.

Mitchell, Bernice

Nelson, Sherian

Pace, S. W.

Mitchell, Charles

Newell, Harriett

Pace, Terrell

Mitchell, Elender

Newman, Dalton

Page, lennie

Mitchell, Elizabeth

Newsom, George [2]

Parker, Henry

Mitchell, John

Newsom, Julia

Parker, Mary

Mitchell, Lisa

Newsom, Nancy

Parker, Susan

Mitchell, Mancil

Newsom, Sina

Parmlee, Jemima

Mitchell, Rosa

Newsom, Sterling

Parmlee, W. L.

Mitchell, W. F.

Nichols, Ada

Parnell, Alice

Mize, David

Nichols, Durie

Paschal, Grace

Montgomery, Joe

Nixon, Gordan

Pate, Robert

Montgomery, Maxine

Nixon, Mary

Patman, Alice

Montgomery, Sue

Nobles, Ocie

Patman, Eli

Moody, Rose Marie

Noland, Eunice

Patman, Robert

Moon, Annie

Noland, infant

Patman, Sarah

Moon, Nonnie

Noland, J. P.

Patterson, Ruth

Moon, William

Nolen, Mary

Patterson, Wesley

Moore, Addle

Norred, Linnie

Pearce plot

Moore, Charles F.

Norred, Pearl

Pearce, J. T.

Moore, Charlie

Norton, Charles

Pearce, John

Moore, Clarence L.

Norton, Ethelbert Rev

Pearce, S. G.

Moore, Clifford

Norton, Mary

Pence, Gladys

Moore, Geraldine

Norton, Rebecca

Pence, Sarah

Moore, Lorene

Norton, Thomas

Pence, Willie

Moore, Robert

Norton, William [2]

Pendleton, Mary

Moore, Sallie

Nunnelly, Ida


Moore, Thomas

Ogburn, E. F.

Penrod, Yula

Moore, Truman

Ogburn, M. E.

Perkerson, Henry

Morgan, Ada

Ogburn, Mary

Perkerson, Marie

Morgan, Arthur

O'Neal, Hattie

Perry, Margaret

Morgan, C. J.

O'Neal, Mary

Perryman, Oliver

Morgan, Charles

Orr, Annie [2]

Perryman, Sarah

Morgan, Edna

Orr, Christopher

Peters, Anthony

Morgan, Edward

Orr, Eloise

Peters, Tracy

Morgan, Marechal

Orr, Estelle

Pettus, Alice

Morgan, Mary

Orr, Eulah

Pettus, Edna

Morgan, Thos. J.

Orr, James

Pettus, Howard

Morris, Marjorie

Orr, John

Pettus, Marcus

Morris, Mary

Orr, Katherine

Pettus, Marvin

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