Hawkins Family Cemetery

The cemetery was surveyed 29 July 1989 by Yvonne Self. A return visit was made to verify dates and inscriptions. In 2001, photos were taken of the gravestones. One of more of the tombstones is missing between the original survey and when the photos were taken. Names are linked to photographs of the tombstone.

This cemetery is on private property. Permission from the property owner must be obtained before visiting the site. From the intersection of U.S. Highways 431, 78, and AL Highway 21, proceed south on AL Highway 21 about .5 miles to Friendship Road. Turn east on Friendship and proceed about 4.3 miles. The cemetery is located on the north side of road on hill in clump of trees.

Questions about the cemetery or the Hawkins family buried there may be addressed to Judy Hines Hinesjungle@cableone.net.

Name Date of Birth Date of Death Inscription Comments
John R. Hawkins 25 Oct 1843 18 Mar 1861 b. Greenville Dist., S.C. footstone reads "J.R.H."
Thomas J. Hawkins 13 Aug 1847 7 Mar 1861 b. Calhoun Co., AL footstone reads "T.J.H."
Leanna Hawkins 1 Aug 1873 13 Sep 1880 dau of Josiah & __cind_ Hawkins [hard to read]
Josiah Hawkins 23 Oct 1802 15 Jun 1880 In Memory of Our Beloved Father; b. Greenville Dist., S.C. d. Calhoun Co., Ala. stone broken; footstone reads "J.H."
Avariller Thomas Hawkins 18 Feb 1808 18 Apr 1849 wife of Josiah Hawkins & Daughter of Lawrence Brock A native of Greenville Dist., S.C. Also of an infant daughter footstone reads "A.T.H."
James C. Hawkins 20 Oct 1830 5 Sep 1847   in same grave with J. Barton Hawkins
J. Barton Hawkins 16 Nov 1846 15 Jan 1848   in same grave with James C. Hawkins
Nancie Avarilla Jenkins 4 Nov 1853 6 Aug 1870 Wife of G. H. Jenkins Infant buried in grave with its mother

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