Harmony Baptist Church Cemetery

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Rhodes, Maud Roberts, Morris A. Scarbrough, Hattie A.
Rhodes, Maxie L. McCord Roberts, William M. Scarbrough, Hattie Annie
Rhodes, Sarah Robertson, Connie G.  Scarbrough, Inf son
Rhodes, W. H. Robertson, Willis J. Scarbrough, John W.
Rhodes, W. L. Rollins, Arthur W. Scarbrough, Lucy Lee
Rhodes, Welcum L. Rollins, Clinton Seay, A. G.
Rhodes, Wiley H. Rollins, J. C. Seay, Mary Alice Riddle
Rhodes, Wiley W. Rollins, J. R. Sharp, M. G.
Rhodes, Willie E. Rollins, Milton Fred Sharp, Mattie L.
Rhodes, Winnie B. Rollins, R. Carrie Sharp, S. L.
Richey/Richie Margaret Rollins, Rosa Simpson, Emmett
Riddle Howard G. Sr. Rollins, Rosa L. Simpson, Minnie G.
Riddle, Annie Lois Rollins, William C. Simpson, Percy F.
Riddle, Jason Gordon Rollins, William J. Skinner, Minnie E.
Riddle, Jason H. Rollins, Wilmer Smith, C. P. Buddy
Riddle, John Wesley [2] Ross, A. H. [2] Smith, Elizabeth Ann
Riddle, Lurline Ross, Capt. N. J. Smith, Frank
Riddle, Mary A. Ross, Stephen Mark Smith, Jennifer Anne
Riddle, Mary Alice Rutledge, Owen Smith, Jesse Paul
Riddle, Mary Gibson Sandford, George W. Smith, Keith E.
Riddle, Sarah Heifner Scarbrough, Abbie Smith, Lawrence Ray
Riddle, Sarah L. Scarbrough, Absalom B. Smith, Margaret F.

Smith, Martha Ann Suggs, Fannie Thompson, Nancy C.
Smith, Sam N. Suggs, Flora L. Thompson, Waddy
Smith, Sandra K. Suggs, J. D. Tolbert, Annie May
Smyth, Nancy M. Suggs, James D. Tolbert, C. P.
Smyth, Rev. E. T. Suggs, Jim Tolbert, Edna M.
Snider, Beatrice Suggs, John D. Tolbert, Ernest H. A.
Snider, Delia N. Suggs, Lewis Shane Tolbert, Frank
Snider, James W. Suggs, Loving P. Tolbert, M. A.
Snider, Nancy A. Suggs, Lucy Traywick, Fred J.
Snider, W. J. Suggs, Mary Jane Traywick, Lizzie H.
Sprayberry, Leslie Gay Suggs, Neeley M. Traywick, Terry Russell
Sprayberry, Minnie Crews Suggs, Thomas C. Turner, Brenda Gail
Stedham, Elvira Suggs, William Porter Turner, Carol Jean
Stephens, Garvin A. Swanzy, Doris Turner, Celia
Stephens, Nina S. Taylor, Mary Jane Turner, Charlie H.
Strickland, Myrtia A. Teague, Della Beaulah Turner, Claude
Strickland, Robert L. Third, Evelyn Nell Turner, Clay W.
Stroud, Fannie Thomas, Edith Turner, Dan Allen
Suggs, Callie D. Thomas, Grace S. Turner, Della
Suggs, Daisy W. Thomas, James R. Turner, Earl Alvin
Suggs, Deborah Ann Thomas, Lula Ann Hamilton Turner, Esther Lee
Suggs, Emery J. Thomas, Ray Lee Jr. Turner, Eva Lois
Turner, F. Kathleen Varnon, Bob Weeks, Inf dau
Turner, Frank Varnon, Vera O. Weeks, James J.
Turner, Inf Vaughn, Doris A. Weeks, M. M.
Turner, Jimmy Charles Venable, Zena Weeks, W. R.
Turner, John A. Walker, Harry Eugene Wheeler, Oscar B.
Turner, John H. Watson, Maude L. Wheeler, R. S.
Turner, Kathryn Watson, Virgil H. Williams, Bertha
Turner, Larry Ray Weaks, Emily Williams, Georgia
Turner, Marvin Weaks, John Williams, Henry
Turner, Maxwell Weaks, W. R. Williams, Jonathan
Turner, Minnie L. Weatherly, Asa Allen Williams, Judson O.
Turner, Nan B. Weatherly, Coke Orlando Williams, Major R.
Turner, Nellie B. Weatherly, James A. Williams, S. V.
Turner, Orbie L. Weatherly, Martha Williams, Sarah A. M.
Turner, Oscar (Pete) Weatherly, Susan J. Williams, Susan Emley
Turner, Ralph N. Weatherly, Willie Froney Williams, Walter V.
Turner, Rhodie A.  Weaver, Delie B. Woodsworth, Thelma Chastain
Turner, Robert L. "Bob" Weaver, Hugh H.  
Turner, Roy L. Weaver, Lillie Bell  
Turner, Simon B. Weaver, Mary Alice  
Turner, U. G. Weekes, Missouri M.  
Turner, Velma C. Weeks, C.  

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