Harmony Baptist Church Cemetery

Church and Cemetery on south side of County Highway 55; about 3.6 miles east of intersection, Choccolocco and Golden Springs Roads.

Over 74 unmarked graves. Oldest marked grave, Margaret Richey Hughes who died 1861; however, a newer stone is inscribed 1867.

Copied April 1986 by Yvonne and Lisa Self. Checked Oct 1986 by Anne Daniell and Yvonne Self; a few additions Oct 1993 by Yvonne Self and Mildred Smith Laney. This cemetery was vandalized in the fall of 1986.

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A. D. E.

Battles, Wm. H. "Bill"
Bentley, James Louis

Andrews, Edna Hicks

Baugh, J. J.

Bentley, Jethroe
Angle, Georgia A.

Baugh, Malinda

Bentley, Johnnie F.

Angle, R. L.

Bayol, B. M.

Bentley, Lessie L.

Angle, Robert L.

Bayol, Hurteline

Bentley, Mary T.
Angle, Robert L. "Jack"
Bennett, Doris Swanzy
Bentley, Odessa P.

Angle, S/Z D.

Bennett, Elizabeth
Bentley, Paul M.

Angles, Emily M.

Bennett, H. W.

Blackmon, Sarah Ann

Angles, Willie D.

Bennett, Hannah

Boone, Frank D.

Arnold, Millie Ruth
Bennett, Martha Weatherly

Borders, A. J. H.

Austin, Charlie
Bennett, Willa Mae

Borders, Abner Hopton

Austin, Cynthia
Bennett, William W.

Borders, Addie May

Austin, ----ert

Bennett, William Wayne

Borders, Annie Locke

Austin, Eula Mae

Bennett, Willis Drayton

Borders, Annie Lois

Austin, Milton

Bentley, Aline P.

Borders, Charles S.

Barker, C. D.

Bentley, Arthur L.

Borders, Cyntha

Battles, Clarice C.
Bentley, Dollie M.

Borders, Cynthia Annie

Borders, Frances E. Brimer, Pearl P. Chastain, Richard D.
Borders, Inf Brimer, Sallie Hewett Chastain, Thelma
Borders, Inf dau Brimer, U. G. Chasteen, Melvin
Borders, J. Brimer, William E. Clay, Ethel E.
Borders, James Griffin Brimer, William M. Cobb, Martha Ann
Borders, John Knox Brown, Era Coleman, Annie L.
Borders, Margaret Browning, Enoch Jr. Coleman, Charles L.
Borders, Margaret Rowe Browning, John F. Coleman, Emma J.
Borders, Mary E. Goodlet Browning, Sarah Coleman, Harvey
Borders, Mary R. Bryant, Ferda Coleman, James
Borders, Nannie P. Bussey, Hattie T. Coleman, Ruby
Borders, S. K. Bussey, J. Henry Coleman, Thom G.
Borders, Sam W. Bussey, James H. Coleman, William
Borders, Sammie Canada, Bertha Maie Comer, James Monroe
Borders, Sarah A. Carter, Lessie Comer, Morgan Ollie
Borders, Sarah A. M. Carter, M. D. Comer, Pluma Lee
Bray, Cleve F. Champion, Grace Markquette Cooper, Charles Freeman
Brimer, A. C. Chastain, Annie M. Cooper, Mildred E. Hudson
Brimer, Adeline Chastain, Clara Coppett, Archie Lee
Brimer, Edna G. Chastain, D. L. Coppett, Dennie Jean
Brimer, Emma Vera Chastain, G. A. Coppit, John Jr.
Brimer, J. Green Chastain, Lena Couch, James Robert
Craven, Clifford E. Davis, Dr. J. F. M. Downing, John E.
Craven, Samuel A. Davis, Frank M. Downing, Julia
Craven, Samuel F. Davis, Harvey Elston Downing, Lewis Morris Jr.
Craven, Sophia J. Davis, Inf dau Draper, Carrie
Craven, Stella H. Davis, Mary Cleora Draper, R. W.
Craven, William A. Davis, Mrs. Lucy J. Ellerd, J. M.
Crews, Ada D. Davis, N. M. Ellerd, Lizzie E.
Crews, Minnie Davis, Nannie H. Ellerd, M. A.
Cunningham, Inf dau Davis, Willie Mattie Long Estes, Addie L.
Cunningham, N. V. Denson, Bird Monroe Estes, Carl
Cunningham, Ruth Denson, Martha Caroline Estes, Carl. E.
Cunningham, Will Dickerson, Herman Evins, Claudine H.
Curry, Bea Benjamin Dickerson, J. P. Evins, Frontis W.
Curry, Maud Evins Dickerson, Jesse P. Evins, Maud
Curry, Van Gene Dickerson, Lizzie Ezell, Darrell Alan
Daniel, Charlie Hoyt Dickerson, Mary Agnes Ezell, James Ralph
Daniel, Racine C. Dickerson, Mary E. Fairburn, Alice
Daugherty, J. T. Dickerson, Solomon D. Faulkner, C. Walton
Daugherty, Sallie J. Downing, Adaline E. Faulkner, Della Beaulah Teague
Davis, Alice Mallory Downing, Araminta V. Faulkner, Dixie Viola
Davis, C. D. Downing, Bernard B. Faulkner, Elsie
Davis, Callie Binford Downing, Ethel Faulkner, Floyd Washington


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