Congregational Methodist Church Cemetery

This cemetery is next to the Congregational Methodist Church in the Golden Springs area of Anniston, Alabama on Raemon Rd.

Copied 1984 by Yvonne Self

From U. S. Highway 431 (Quintard Ave) on Tenth Street, travel east 1.1 miles to Henry Road; over mountain 2.1 miles to intersection of Choccolocco, Golden Springs, and Coleman Roads; west on Coleman, then almost immediately, north on Raemon Road. Church and cemetery are less than one block on east side of road.

Wallace T. Brown, buried 1904, appears to be the earliest grave in this cemetery.

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Abbott, Brian Franklin

Champion, Sallie

Gidley, Neety

Abbott, Byron

Coley, Amandy

Gidley, Nickolas Monroe

Abbott, Felicia

Coley, John

Gidley, Oscar

Abbott, Grace

Crossley, John

Gidley, Thomas

Adams, Martha

Crossley, Ola

Golden Rev. James

Aderhold, Clemmie

Crumpton, Trudy

Golden, Howard

Aderhold, Howard

Denny, Mittie

Golden, John

Banks, Lula

Denny, Thomas Jr.

Golden, Mary

Banks, Ralph

Ellis, Alvah

Golden, Nancy

Banks, Thomas

Garrett, Annie

Golden, Paul

Blackburn, Linda

Garrett, Bernard

Golden, Veronica

Brooks, Carlton

Garrett, Daisy

Gordon, John

Brooks, Houston

Garrett, Evie

Gray, Harry

Brooks, Lorene

Garrett, J. D.

Hightower, Onie

Brooks, Toby

Garrett, Noah

Hightower, William

Brooks, William

Garrett, Thomas

Jackson, George

Brown, Ethel

Garrett, William Key

Jackson, Glenda

Brown, Wallace

Garrett. Ruby

Jobson, Shada

Brown, Will

George, Fannie

Ledford, Myrtle

Bunn, Charlsie

George, Robert

Ledford, Ollie

Bunn, Mary

Gidley, John

Ledford, Texanna

Bunn, Rev. Riley

Gidley, Laura

Lockridge, Frances

Cardwell, Catherine Dempsey

Gidley, Lilla

Lockridge, James

Lockridge, Nellie

Miller, Nancy

Smith, Sallie

Lockridge, William

Miller, Tinnie

Sparks, Allie

Mayfield, Mary

Miller, William

Sparks, Anna

McDowell, Mary

Miller, William Frank

Sparks, Arthur

McDowell, William

Odell, Ada Sparks

Sparks, Audrey

McKinzey, Ella

Perry, Alice

Sparks, Devada Grizzard

McKinzey, Harold

Perry, William Davie

Sparks, Emma

McKinzey, Wm. Arnold

Pettis, Carrie

Sparks, Floyd

McKinzie, Martha

Pettis, Charlie

Sparks, George

McKinzie, Oscar

Phillips, Nora

Sparks, Homer

McKinzie, Ruby

Phillips, Sylvester

Sparks, Horace (Pappa)

McKinzie, Rudolph

Ponder, Arthur

Sparks, James

Miller, Bessie

Ponder, Inf. Dau

Sparks, John

Miller, Bryant

Ponder, Maudie

Sparks, Juda Winn Brown

Miller, Clarence

Ponder, Robert

Sparks, Kemberly

Miller, Frank Jr.

Ponder, Roxie

Sparks, Larry

Miller, J. Henry

Ponder, William

Sparks, Leonard

Miller, Jake

Presley, B. F.

Sparks, Mary

Miller, James

Presley, Fred

Sparks, Maybelle

Miller, Jannie Golden

Presley, Mary I. Golden

Sparks, Ola Arwood

Miller, John

Reasin, James

Sparks, Rev. Thomas

Miller, Joyce

Robinson, Edward

Sparks, Rev. Thomas

Miller, Lillie Moore

Robinson, Richard

Sparks, Robert

Miller, Lydia

Robinson, William

Sparks, Ruby

Miller, Morris

Smith, Ester

Sparks, Susie

Sparks, Winell

Wade, Elizabeth Sparks

Wilkerson, John Henry

Stewart, Cordell

Wade, W. Eugene

Wilkerson, Lucille

Stewart, Jackson

Waugh, M. Beatrice

Wilkerson, William

Stewart, Purtis

Waugh, Robert

Williams, Ellis "Jack"

Stewart, William

Wilkerson, Bessie

Williams, M. Faye

Strickland, Essie

Wilkerson, Betty

Woods, Mabel

Strickland, John

Wilkerson, Clifford

Zaner, Mary

Taylor, Johnny

Wilkerson, Edgar

Zaner, William

Tillery, William

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