Barbiere's Cavalry Battalion, Local Defense Troops

Major Joseph Barbiere's Cavalry Battalion was organized in 1864 from several independent companies, which had themselves been created as supporting forces for the Conscript Reserves. The battalion served principally in central Alabama during the fall and winter, 1864-1865, and it was first assigned (November 1, 1864) to Armistead's Cavalry Brigade, District of Central Alabama, until January 1865. The unit was headquartered at Wilsonville, Alabama (February 1865) and was reported as serving with the Alabama Reserves with six companies ("A"-"F"). It was assigned to, and included in the surrender of the Department of Alabama, Mississippi and East Louisiana by Lieutenant General Richard Taylor at Citronelle, Alabama, on May 4, 1865. 488 Soldiers

Barbiere's Cavalry Battalion consisted of Companies "A"-"E" (probably Captain John C. Brown's, Captain J. M. Clifton's, Captain George W. Dawson's, Captain Thomas J. Goldsby's, and Captain Thomas K. Truss' companies), "F" (Captain Andrew W. Bowie's), and "G" (Captain P. L. Griffitts)

Dawson's Cavalry

An Independent Company organized August 1, 1863 which was organized and commanded by Captain George W. Dawson of Perote, then Pike, now Bullock County. The Company was made up of draft exempt men (very young and very old) from Macon County, Pike County and what is now Bullock County Alabama. Dawson's Cavalry was organized with other independent companies into Barbiere's Cavalry Battalion sometime before November 1, 1864.

Captain Dawson born 1835 was the first commander of Company I (Perote Guards), 1st Alabama Infantry Regiment; the 1st was reorganized in spring 1862 and Dawson then enrolled as Lieutenant, Company B, 53d Partisan Rangers (53d Alabama Cavalry) Homer Jones, Ozark Alabama.

Dawson's Cavalry Roster

Finney, James AL Dawson's Cav.
Hooks, C. D. AL Dawson's Cav.
Jones, R. L. AL Dawson's Cav.
Martin, J. D. AL Dawson's Cav.
Martin, J. F. AL Dawson's Cav.
McClender, W. H. AL Dawson's Cav.
Padjett, I. M. AL Dawson's Cav.
John Wilkerson - Bethel Presbyterian Church Yard in Scotland (Union Springs) Alabama "Dawson's Calvary CSA"
William Smith - Bethel Presbyterian Church Yard in Scotland (Union Springs) Bullock County Alabama "Dawson's Calvary CSA"
Alexander McNair - Bethel Presbyterian Church Yard in Scotland (Union Springs) Bullock County Alabama "Dawson's Calvary CSA"
Daniel McMillan - Bethel Presbyterian Church Yard in Scotland (Union Springs) Bullock County Alabama "Dawson's Calvary CSA"
John McLoed - Bethel Presbyterian Church Yard in Scotland (Union Springs) Bullock County Alabama "Dawson's Calvary CSA"
William Hooks - Bethel Presbyterian Church Yard in Scotland (Union Springs) Bullock County Alabama "Dawson's Calvary CSA"

Alphabetical Roster

Ables, H. M., Truss' Co.
Acton, S. M.
Adair, R. E., Goldsby's Co.
Adams, A. J., Bowie’s Bowie’s Co. F
Adams, Benjamin E., Brown's Co.
Adams, J., Bowies' Co.
Adams, Linley, Truss' Co.
Akin, J. W., Bowie’s Bowie’s Co. F
Allen, Royall, Bowie’s Bowie’s Co. F
Alverson, B. F., Co. M
Andirson, J., Bowies' Co.
Anthony, C. P., Co. E
Armstrong, J. H., Bowie's Bowie’s Co. F
Armstrong, J. J., Co. G
Ashcroft, T. S.
Avereitte, B. W., Goldsby's Co.
Baker, A. E., Goldsby's Co.
Baldwin, J. P., Dawson's Co. 2nd Lieutenant
Baldwin, J. W., Sergeant
Ballard, A. M., Co. C
Banister, E. W., Bowie’s Co. F
Banister, J. C., Bowie’s Co. F
Barnett, J., Co. C
Barton, David, Truss' Co.
Barton, G. W., Truss' Co.
Bass, B. J., Truss' Co.
Baugh, J. A., Goldsbys' Co.
Beehl, Charles
Bergin, W. M., Truss' Co. Corporal
Beuford, George, Goldsby's Co.
Bidwell, L. P., Co. G
Biggs, William, Davenport's Bn. Brown's Co
Billingsley, D. H., Goldsby's Co.
Birchfield, Edward, Truss' Co.
Bittle, J., Bowie’s Co. F
Bittle, J. A., Bowie’s Co. F
Bittle, J. B., Bowie’s Co. F
Black, J. M., Co. G
Blair, J. A., Co. D
Blake, Robert, Truss' Co.
Blandin, J. W., Goldsby's Co.
Boaz, W. T., Bowie’s Co. F
Boddie, H. B., Co. C
Boozer, C. C., Co. B
Bowie, A. W., Co. F Captain
Boykin, Colin M., Goldsby's Co.
Boykin, R. H., Goldsby's Co.
Boykin, Robert D., Goldsby's Co. Jr.2nd Lieutenant
Boykin, S. F., Goldsby's Co.
Bradford, D. A., Truss' Co.
Bradford, T. B., Truss' Co.
Brantley, George, Goldsby's Co.
Brock, Wilburn
Brown, A. J., Truss' Co.
Brown, John C., Brown's Co. Captain
Brown, Robert W., Truss' Co. Sergeant
Brown, Thomas, Truss' Co.
Brown, William B., Truss' Co. 2nd Lieutenant
Brownel, J., Bowie’s Co. F
Boyd, I. M. AL Dawson's Co.
Brozer, E. B., Co. B
Bruce, Josiah, Brown's Co.
Brunson, John B., Brown's Co.
Brunson, Matthew, Brown's Co. Sergeant
Bryan, I. F., Brown's Co.
Bunston, J. C., Bowie’s Co. F
Burgin, J. D., Co. E
Burston, E. W., Bowie’s Co. F Sergeant
Byran, W. H., Co. B
Cain, M. I., Brown's Co.
Campbell, Albert C., Goldsby's Co.
Canickle, J. D., Co. E
Cannon, Benj., Clifton's Co.
Cantrell, S. P., Co. E
Cap, Henry, Brown's Co.
Capps, J. N., Truss' Co.
Capps, John R., Brown's Co.
Cargal, R., Truss' Co.
Catred, S., Bowie’s Co. F
Cavry, W. H., Bowie’s Co. F
Chamble, M. L., Truss' Co.
Chapman, J. H., Brown's Co.
Chislom, W. M., Goldsby's Co.
Clark, Jesse, Brown's Co.
Clark, John H., Brown's Co.
Clark, S.D., Brown's Co.
Clark, William E., Brown's Co.
Clift, G. W., Truss' Co.
Clifton, Jas. M., Clifton's Co. Captain
Clowdis, J. W., Truss' Co.
Coats, Jackson J., Brown's Co. Corporal
Coats, Thomas J., Brown's Co.
Cochran, W. A., Goldsby's Co.
Codman, J. Y., Bowie’s Co. F
Coker, J. A., Truss' Co.
Coker, J. H., Bowie's Co. F Corporal
Cole, J. M., Co. F
Coleman, J. M., Bowie’s Co. F Corporal
Collins, J., Co. G
Cotton, Sterling R., Goldsby's Co.
Covington, L. D., Clifton's Co. 1st Sergeant
Cowden, J. J., Truss' Co.
Cowden, R. V., Truss' Co.
Craig, George H., Goldsby's Co.
Crampton, W. M.
Cranford, Shadrach M., Brown's Co.
Crawford, Luke R., Co. C
Cross, W. H., Co. B
Curry, W. H., Bowie’s Co. F
Dake, Thomas A., Co. H
Daugherity, Anderson, Bowie’s Co. F
Davidson, John, Goldsby's Co.
Davis, A. R., Co. G
Davis, Gen, Co. G
Davis, George T., Goldsby's Co. Corporal
Davis, L. R., Goldsby's Co.
Davis, V., Co. B
Dearman, J. G., Co. F
Deloach, James F., Brown's Co.
Denman, R. S., Co. B
Deshago, A. L., Co. A
Dickey, John, Truss' Co.
Donnely, William H., Brown's Co.
Dority, Anderson, Bowie’s Co. F
Dudley, E. A., Goldsby's Co.
Dudley, M. R., Goldsby's Co.
Dudley, R. J., Goldsby's Co.
Duke, C., Bowie’s Co. F
Duke, James B., Goldsby's Co.
Duke, T. W., Bowie’s Co. F
Duke, Thomas A., Bowie’s Co. F
Duncan, A. W., Bowie's Co. F 2nd Lieutenant
Duncan, B. J., Goldsby's Co.
Dunlap, J. A., Bowie’s Co. F
Dye, W. F., Co. G
Dyess, George J., Brown's Co.
Dyess, Winfield S., Brown's Co.
Easley, T. P., Truss' Co.
East, J. W., Truss' Co.
Edmonds, H. C., Co. F 1st Lieutenant
Edmunds, H. C., Co. F 1st Lieutenant
Edmundson, W. B., Goldsby's Co.
Edwards, H. C., Bowie’s Co. F Sergeant
Edwards, W., Co. F
Ellard, W. W., Truss' Co. Sergeant
Emerson, Robert A., Goldsby's Co. Corporal
Erwin, John, Truss' Co.
Estes, T. N., Co. B
Eubank, Robert, Truss' Co. Jr.2nd Lieutenant
Evans, H. T., Co. G
Evans, M. J., Co. G
Fannin, Abraham W., Brown's Co. 2nd Lieutenant
Fannin, J. B., Brown's Co.
Fannin, William A., Brown's Co.
Ferris, S. J.
Fleming, George L., Clifton's Co.
Ford, J. M., Goldsby's Co.
Fort, Gabriel H., Goldsby's Co. Sergeant
Fowler, J. W., Bowie’s Co. F Corporal
Franklin, E. G., Truss' Co.
Franklin, J. M., Truss' Co.
Frazier, J. L., Truss' Co. E
Frazier, William, Truss' Co.
Freeman, H. F., Co. G
Freeman, J. L., Co. F, G
Fugerson, Thomas P., Truss' Co. 1st Sergeant
Fulkerson, Daniel, Clifton's Co.
Fulks, J.P., Goldsby's Co. Sergeant
Gaddisen, C., Co. E
Gambest, G. J., Brown's Co. Corporal
Gammage, James A., Brown's Co.
Gann, W. G., Goldsby's Co.
Gibbs, M. E., Co. G
Gibson, A., Brown's Co.
Gibson, James A., Goldsby's Co.
Ginkins, T. B., Co. C
Glenn, J., Bowie’s Co. F
Glenn, W. R., Truss' Co. E
Goldsby, T. B., Goldsby's Co.
Goldsby, Thomas J., Goldsby's Co. Captain
Gooderich, R. C., Goldsby's Co.
Goodwin, Henry, Truss' Co. Corporal
Goodwin, W., Truss' Co. Corporal
Goolsby, J. B., Truss' Co.
Goolsby, J. M., Truss' Co. D
Grant, C., Goldsby's Co.
Green, B. F., Co. G
Griffin, P. S., Co. G Captain
Hall, A., Truss' Co.
Hammack, R., Co. G
Hantin, D., Bowie’s Co. F
Harmon, A. J., Co. G
Harper, William E., Brown's Co.
Harrell, F. E., Goldsby's Co.
Harrell, W. Henry, Goldsby's Co. Corporal
Harris, James B.
Harris, Simpson, Brown's Co.
Harrison, James, Bowie’s Co. F
Harrison, William H., Brown's Co.
Hartline, Sanford, Clifton's Co.
Hassell, J. A., Bowie’s Co. F
Haston, W. A., Co. G
Hatcher, Robert A., Goldsby's Co. Sergeant
Head, M. G., Bowie’s Co. F
Head, M. W., Bowie’s Co. F
Head, Thomas, Brown's Co. - On Muster roll dated September 25, 1863 - Enlisted November 1863 indicates that he was discharged prior from the 6th Alabama Infantry due to disability caused by wound in the thigh.
Heath, William E., Brown's Co.
Heifner, W. A., Truss' Co.
Henisson, J., Bowie’s Co. F
Higginbotham, J. W., Truss' Co.
Higginbotham, S. K., Truss' Co.
Hill, A., Bowie’s Co. F
Hill, J. P., Bowie’s Co. F
Hobbs, S. F., Goldsbys' Co.
Hoglan, Joseph, Co. C
Holland, A., Bowie’s Co. F
Holland, J. T., Bowie’s Co. F
Holley, T. T., Co. G
Howell, James M., Brown's Co.
Howerton, H. H., Brown's Co.
Howls, M. G., Bowie’s Co. F
Hughs, W. J., Bowie’s Co. F
Hunt, B. B., Bowie’s Co. F Sergeant
Hunt, Benj. B., Bowie’s Co. F Sergeant
Hunter, Edward V., Goldsby's Co.
Hunter, John S., Goldsby's Co.
Hunter, Ransom D., Goldsby's Co. 1st Lieutenant
Hunter, S. J., Goldsby's Co.
Hunter, Starke, Goldsby's Co. Sergeant
Hurst, Thomas, Truss' Co.
Huston, James T., Bowie’s Co. F Sergeant
Huston, W. A., Bowie’s Co. F
Hutchison, W. C., Brown's Co.
Jacks, G. C., Truss' Co.
Jacks, J. K., Truss' Co.
Jacks, S.F., Co. E
Jackson, Gillis, Brown's Co.
Jackson, R.N., Brown's Co.
Jackson, William A., Clifton's Co.
James, John E., Brown's Co.
Jenkins, J. H., Bowie’s Co. F
Jenkins, O., Co. G
Johnson, G. W., Co. I
Johnson, J. W., Bowie’s Co. F
Johnson, Jonathan M., Brown's Co. Sergeant
Jones, Charles, Goldsby's Co. Sergeant
Jones, Henry P., Goldsby's Co.
Jones, Irvin, Bowie’s Co. F
Jones, Thomas B., Goldsby's Co.
Jones, W. T., Goldsby's Co.
Jordan, A. W., Truss' Co.
Jordan, O. C., Truss' Co.
Justice, William, Brown's Co.
Keipp, G. E., Goldsby's Co.
Kelley, James, Brown's Co.
Kelley, Monroe, Brown's Co.
Kelley, W. A., Goldsby's Co.
Kelly, Samuel, Truss' Co.
Kemp, W. H., Co. G
Kenaday, H. W., Co. I
Killough, David, Truss' Co.
Kinney, H. B., Co. H
Lake, James A., Goldsby's Co.
Lamar, Zack, Goldsby's Co. Corporal
Lambert, George F., Brown's Co.
Latham, W. C., Truss' Co.
Lenoir, L. E., Goldsby's Co.
Lightsey, J. L., Bowie’s Co. F
Linham, Richard B., Goldsby's Co.
Link, George W.
Little, Reuben, Truss' Co.
Lively, M. C., Co. B
Love, J. A., Truss' Co.
Love, Samuel, Truss' Co.
Macon, G. T., Co. G
Manning, W. J., Co. G
Martin, H. C., Goldsby's Co.
Mashburn, J. Y., Bowie’s Co. F
Mashburn, M. M., Bowie’s Co. F
Mashburn, S., Bowie’s Co. F
Matheny, William H., Brown's Co. Sergeant
May, Pleasant J., Clifton's Co.
Mayo, J. H., Bowie’s Co. F
Mayo, J. T., Bowie’s Co. F
McCloslin, J., Co. G
McCloud, R.J., Goldsby's Co.
McCombs, William, Truss' Co.
McCoy, H. M., Truss' Co.
McDaniel, J. R., Truss' Co.
McDaniel, Robert, Truss' Co.
McDonald, Joseph, Truss' Co.
McIlwain, J. H., Goldsby's Co.
McLane, A. H., Truss' Co.
McMillan, R. A., Bowie’s Co. F 1st Sergeant
McNutt, Robert
Merian, J., Co. G
Milhous, Philip, Goldsby's Co.
Miller, J. O., Boure's Co., Co. F
Mills, J. M., Co. G
Milton, Allen S., Brown's Co.
Milton, W. B., Goldsby's Co.
Mims, Robert, Goldsby's Co.
Minter, John M., Goldsby's Co. Sergeant
Mitchel, L. C., Co. F
Mitchell, A. B., Co. G
Mitchell, P. C., Co. G
Mixon, Anthony W., Brown's Co.
Moberly, J. R., Bowie’s Co. F
Mobsley, James R., Bowie’s Co. F
Mohan, J. B., Co. A
Montgomery, Charles G., Goldsby's Co.
Moore, William, Truss' Co.
Morrison, J. C., Truss' Co.
Mote, Matthew, Truss' Co.
Myrick, William M., Brown's Co.
Nabers, T., Co. E
Nabors, J. W., Bowie’s Co. F
Nall, William, Bowie’s Co. F
Naramore, L., Truss' Co.
Neely, R. B., Bowie’s Co. F
Neely, V. C., Bowie’s Co. F
Neighbors, John W., Bowie’s Co. F
Nelson, J. F., Co. I
Newnan, James, Goldby's Co.
Niel, J. A.
Nieley, John, Co. G
O'Connor, W. W., Bowie’s Co. F
Owens, Lewis A., Clifton's Co.
Owens, M., Bowie’s Co. F
Parker, I. D., Brown's Co.
Parkman, J. M., Goldsby's Co.
Parnel, I. M., Co. G
Parrish, William, Brown's Co. 1st Sergeant
Parsen, William J.
Parsons, Jackson, Truss' Co.
Parting, Philiman, Truss' Co. Sergeant
Parton, J. W., Truss' Co.
Paterson, J., Bowie’s Co. F
Pennington, J. J., Bowie’s Co. F
Peyton, J. E., Clifton's Co.
Phillips, S., Co. D
Pierson, T., Co. G
Pitchell, J. E., Bowie’s Co. F
Plattenbury, W. M., Co. G
Pool, W. L., Truss' Co.
Posey, J. C., Truss' Co.
Posey, J. H., Truss.' Co.
Powell, H., Jr., Goldsby's Co.
Prater, Joab, Brown's Co.
Prater, W. B., Brown's Co.
Praytor, W. W., Truss' Co.
Pressly, J. N., Truss' Co. E
Price, E. O., Truss' Co.
Price, J. J., Truss' Co.
Privitt, B. F., Bowie’s Co. F
Pruitt, E., Co. F
Pruitt, J., Co. F
Pruitt, J., Co. G
Pruitt, J. F., Co. E
Pruitt, R. M., Bowie’s Co. F
Pruitt, W. S., Co. G
Pulcord, J. E., Co. F
Ragan, C. H., Truss' Co. Corporal
Ramsey, R. C., Captain
Rape, Charles, Brown's Co.
Rauls, James N., Goldsby's Co.
Reeder, Thomas, Truss' Co.
Riddle, W. D., Co. G
Riley, Jesse, Brown's Co.
Roach, James, Brown's Co. Corporal
Roden, T., Bowie’s Co. F Corporal
Roden, T. M., Co. C
Rodgers, Matthew, Brown's Co. Corporal
Rogers, J. N., Truss' Co.
Ross, N. H., Truss' Co.
Rushing, Francis M., Brown's Co. 1st Lieutenant
Russell, Benjamin, Goldsby's Co. Corporal
Russell, R., Co. E
Sackey, S., Co. C
Sapp, John A., Brown's Co.
Saunders, R. S., Goldsby's Co.
Sevenson, H. S., Bowie’s Co. F
Sewart, A.
Shankelford, William, Co. G
Shields, John, Goldsby's Co.
Shoemaker, R., Truss' Co.
Short, W. B. Y., Truss' Co.
Sims, Thomas, Truss' Co.
Singleton, H. L. W., Bowie’s Co. F Lt.
Slayton, Thomas
Smith, B., Truss' Co.
Smith, D. C., Bowie’s Co. F
Smith, G. N., Brown's Co.
Smith, J. Q., Goldsby's Co.
Smith, J. S., Goldsby's Co.
Smith, Richard, Clifton's Co.
Smith, William, Truss' Co. Sergeant
Snow, J. A., Truss' Co.
Soles, Henry C., Goldsby's Co.
Spart, I. S., Brown's Co.
Spencer, C. C., Goldsby's Co.
Spencer, Young, Goldsby's Co.
Starr, J. W., Goldsby's Co.
Stevenson, H. L., Co. F
Stewart, J. M., Bowie’s Co. F
Stewart, William, Goldsby's Co.
Stickney, T. F., Goldsby's Co.
Stockdale, Geo. W., Bowie’s Co. F
Stockdale, J. R., Co. G, 1st Lieutenant
Straigs, J. W.
Stringer, P. G., ACS
Stuart, B. F., Bowie’s Co. F
Swannes, T. H., Brown's Co.
Tarver, Benjamin, Goldsby's Co.
Tate, A. C., Goldsby's Co.
Tate, William W., Brown's Co. Sergeant
Taylor, George, Truss' Co.
Taylor, J. N., Truss' Co.
Taylor, John D., Brown's Co.
Taylor, T. B., Truss' Co.
Teague, Abner A., Brown's Co.
Teague, S. G., Bowie’s Co. F, Co. F
Terrill, Robert A., Truss' Co. 1st Lieutenant
Thomas, W. S., Bowie’s Co. F
Thomas, W. S., Co. G
Thompson, D. J., Bowie’s Co. F
Thompson, R., Bowie’s Co. F
Thompson, S. J., Bowie’s Co. F
Thompson, T. A., Co. F
Thrash, D. B., Goldsby's Co.
Thrash, E. B., Goldsby's Co.
Thweatt, D. H., Co. G
Tobias, C. L., Brown's Co.
Toole, John E., Goldsby's Co.
Truss, G. W., Truss' Co.
Trussell, G. B., Bowie’s Co. F
Turner, J. A., Co. B
Turner, S., Co. B
Vandegraft, J. H., Truss' Co.
Vandegrift, G. W., Co. E
Vann, E. T., Truss' Co.
Vann, J. K., Truss' Co.
Vann, M. K., Truss' Co.
Vaughn, A., Co. G
Vaughn, Charles, Goldsby's Co.
Vaughn, Fielding, Goldsby's Co.
Vaughn, James, Goldsby's Co.
Vines, W., Truss' Co.
Wade, J. C., Bowie’s Co. F
Wade, Joseph C., Co. F
Waide, A. M., Bowie’s Co. F
Waldrop, R. J., Truss' Co.
Walker, ---, Goldby's Co.
Ward, H. L., Brown's Co.
Ware, E. R., Co. G
Ware, J. M., Truss' Co.
Ware, R.J., Co. G
Warren, J. R., Bowie’s Co. F
Waters, D. K., Bowie’s Co. F
Watson, J.C., Truss' Co.
Watts, A. J., Co. G
Watts, Benj., Goldsby's Co.
Watts, G. W., Bowie’s Co. F
Watts, H., Bowie’s Co. F
Watts, L. G., Goldsby's Co.
Watts, Parker, Goldsby's Co.
Weaver, William M., Goldsby's Co. 1st Sergeant
Webb, W. H., Brown's Co.
Weems, J. J., Truss' Co.
West, M. C., Brown's Co. A
Wheeler, J. F., Truss' Co.
White, D., Co. G
White, J., Bowie’s Co. F
White, S.W., Truss' Co.
Wigley, J. A., Co. D
Wilkerson, Richard, Bowie’s Co. F
Williams, Henry, Brown's Co.
Williams, L. S., Goldsby's Co.
Williams, O. D., Truss' Co.
Williams, T. E., Goldsby's Co.
Williams, W. A., Goldsby's Co.
Willkinson, R., Bowie’s Co. F
Wilson, John W., Clifton's Co.
Witt, T. G., Bowie’s Co. F
Wood, C. B., Goldsby's Co.
Wood, E. N., Truss' Co.
Woodward, Edward P., Bowie’s Co. F
Wright, John R., Goldsby's Co.
Yeateman, J. Z., Co. G

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