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Bullock County, Alabama was created by the legislature, December 5, 1866, but at the same session, February 8, 1867, its boundaries were rearranged. Its territory was taken from Barbour, Macon, Montgomery and Pike counties. The county contains 610 square miles, or 390,400 acres.

It was named in honor of Col. Edward C. Bullock, of Barbour County, colonel of the 18th Alabama Infantry Regiment, C. S. A., who died later in the War.

Location and Physical Description

Bullock County lies in the southeastern section of Alabama, south of Macon and Montgomery counties, bounded on the east by Russell and Barbour, on the south by Barbour and Pike, and on the west by Pike and Montgomery counties. Chunnennuggee Ridge divides the county into two parts. This ridge is an important physiographic feature, forming the watershed of three river systems. It also separates the two main topographic divisions of the county, that Is, the "prairie region" or northern section, and the "sandy-lands region" to the south. North of the ridge is a belt of low hills and irregular ridges with a network of V-shaped valleys and wet weather streams. This is locally known as the "hill-prairie" country. The true prairie lies to the south, and its typical development from Union Springs northwestward to the Montgomery county line is one of low relief. The elevations along the Central of Georgia Railway vary from 260 to about 530 feet above sea level. High Ridge in the southwest section is apparently the highest point, and the place where Line Creek leaves the county is probably the lowest. The drainage is mainly through the several cracks forming the head waters of the Conecuh and Pea rivers, and several bold streams flowing northward through Macon County into the Tallapoosa River. The headwaters of Cowikee Creek are also in this county.

Settlement and Later History

The early history of the county is identified with that of the counties from which it was formed. Settlement followed the final Creek cession of 1832. An excellent citizenship filled its rich lands, coming from other states as well as from adjacent counties. Handsome homes were located on the plantations and in the nearby villages.

In January, 1837, the Creek Indians then being removed from the country, committed some depredations, which brought about an engagement between them and the whites, about three miles west of Midway, then in Barbour, but now in this county. One white man, Walter Patterson, was killed, and Judge W. R. Cowan lost his left arm. A few others were slightly wounded, and several horses were killed. General William Wellborn was in command. It is not known that any Indians were killed.

What's New

Bullock County Surnames
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Dawson Calvary Company
A brief history concerning the little known Dawson's Calvary of Bullock and Pike Counties Alabama. This company of men, originally part of the fourth battalion, was separated from the rest of the battalion and sent to the Coast to work alongside Capt. Barlow's Calvary catching deserters who were fleeing to Florida.

Petition of Elizabeth Smith
Elizabeth Matilda Thompson Smith, filed a petition for a pension on the confederate service of her husband, Jonathan Alexander Smith who served in Dawson's Cavalry Company. She was denied because at that time no record could be found of Dawson's Cavalry. She obtained affidavits from two members of the unit who attested to the fact that my grandfather did indeed serve in the company. Those affidavits are included here.

Barbiere's Cavalry Battalion, Local Defense Troops
Major Joseph Barbiere's Cavalry Battalion was organized in 1864 from several independent companies, which had themselves been created as supporting forces for the Conscript Reserves. The battalion served principally in central Alabama during the fall and winter, 1864-1865 as local defense troops.


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The surrounding counties of Bullock are: Barbour, Macon, Montgomery, Pike, and Russell counties.

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