William Willson

Transcribed by Julie Risener Morgan
Probated 30 December 1843.

I William Willson of the County aforesaid Being mindful this 14th day of August in the year of our lord one thousand eight hundred and forty three make and publish this my last will and testament hereby revoking all former wills by me made in the manner and form following towit first I desire my Wife Martha Willson to be dureing her lifetime to hav a confortable support off the products of a certain parcel of land which land lies as follows towit it being It being the north West part of fractional quarter section No thirty one of Township no nine of Range No two East in the Hunstville land district in the state and county aforesaid except forty acres reserved for the use of Robert G. Griffeth it being in the South East corner of said fractional quarter section to be laid off, in an oblong form Runing west from the half mile stake in the Center of said section as mde by the County suveyor one hundred and twenty Roads and thence North to include in an oblong form said quantity of forty acres. I also give and bequeath unto my Son John Joseph Willson and my Son William Nelson Boyd Willson and my Son James Alexander Willson and my Son Thomas Eli Willson all of that certain parcel of land herein before described to have and to hold to my sons their heires and assigns forever and all the appertenances therein belonging and I also desire that.....if any of my sons before named should die before they become to be the age of Twenty one years that my surviving sons shall have the said lands hereinbefore described and i also give and bequeath unto my Granddaughter Mary Lueza Elgin the heir of my deceased Daughtor Martha Elgin five Dollars of some of my effects to be given to her after my death and I also give unto my Daughtor Margaret Ann Alexander and my Daughtor Jane Clark and my Daughtor Sarah Lucinda Elizabeth Willson and my Daughtor Mary Caroline Willson Three Dollars of each and I allso give and bequeath until my youngest Daughter Flora Melina Willson five dollars so soon as she becomes the age of fifteen years all of which all of which sums my sons hereinbefore mentioned is to pay to my Daughtors hereinbefore mentioned as fast as their ability will admit. The date hereinmentioned.

William Willson (seal) Signed sealed published and declared by the said Testator as an for his last will and testament and our presents who at his request in his presents have subscribed our names as witnesses thereto this the 14th day of August 1843: Uriah S. Nesmith, John N. Nesmith, Thomas Killion, Manoah (X-his mark) Alexander.