Names of Senators and Representatives in the Legislature of Alabama from Blount County

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Reminiscences of Public Men in Alabama for Thirty Years with an Appendix, by William Garrett, Secretary of State; The Reprint Co., publishers; Spartanburg, SC, 1975 (Original publishers: Plantation Publishing Co.'s Press, Atlanta, GA, 1872)

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An Act
To authorize William Garrett, late Secretary of State, to make certain lists from the Registers and Hournals in the State Department and State Library, to aid in the completion of a roll of public officers and members of the Legislature in the State, to form a part of his Remininences of Public Men in Alabama for thirty years.

Section I.
Be it enacted by the General Assembly of Alabama, That William Garrett, of Coosa county, late Secretary of State, be, and he is authorized to use and make extracts from any of the official Registers or Journals of the two Houses of the General Assembly in the State Department or State Library, in making a list of public officers and members of the General
Assembly from the organization of the State Government, and that he shall be allowed to make such extracts free of charge or hindrance; provided, That none of such Registers or Records shall be removed from the Capitol in making such lists.

Approved February 13, 1872.

Names of Senators and Representatives in the Legislature of Alabama, 1819 to 1873.

(Names of Senators in Italics) (Transcriber's note: Names of Senators in quotes)

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VI. Blount County

1819--"Gabriel Hanby", John Brown, Isaac Brown, Benjamin Matterson.
1820--Isaac Brown, John Brown, Col. John Brown.
1821--John Brown, Moses Ayres.
1822--Marston Mead
1823--Marston Mead
1824--Marston Mead
1825--Martson Mead
1826--Marston Mead
1827--None Listed
1828--William H. Musgrove, David Rogers
1829--Marston Mead, Daniel Murphree
1830--William H. Musgrove, Daniel Murphree
1831--William H. Musgrove, Thomas Shearer
1832--William H. Musgrove, Samuel Johnson
1833--William H. Musgrove, Samuel Johnson
1834--"Samuel Johnson", Daniel Murphree, Emery Loyd
1835--"William H. Musgrove", E. Loyd, Middleton S. Johnson
1836--"William H. Musgrove", M.S. Johnson, Enoch Aldridge
1837--"William H. Musgrove", Joseph Tiffin", Enoch Aldridge
1838--"Emery Loyd", Greenberry H. Harrison, Marston Mead
1839--"Emery Loyd", Mace T.P. Brindley, Ira E. McMillian
1840--"Emery Loyd", Ira E. McMillian, Godfrey Fowler
1841--"Mace T.P. Brindley", Ira E. McMillian, William H. Musgrove
1842--"Mace T.P. Brindley", Godfrey Fowler, Isaac Whorton
1843--"Mace T.P. Brindley", Enoch Aldridge, Ira E. McMillian
1844--"Mace T.P. Brindley", Enoch Aldridge, Aquilla Jones
1845--"Mace T.P. Brindley", Enoch Aldridge
1847--"Mace T.P. Brindley", Enoch Aldridge
1849--"Mace T.P. Brindley", Enoch Aldridge
1851--"Enoch Aldridge", Thomas W. Staton
1853--"Mace T.P. Brindley", Enoch Aldridge, William P. St. John
1855--"Mace T.P. Brindley", Thomas W. Staton, Reuben Ellis
1857--Thomas W. Staton, William H. Edwards
1859--"Thomas W. Staton", Enoch Aldridge, A.M. Gibson
1861--"William N. Crump", Enoch Aldridge, Reuben Ellis
1863--"William N. Crump", Reuben Ellis, A.M. Gibson
1865--"William H. Edwards", A.M. Gibson, S. Palmer
1868--J. White
1870--A.P. Payne