Mrs. Adeline Harris

Submitted by Robin Sterling

The Blount County Journal,
31 Mar 1911


It falls my lot to write the obituary of Mrs. Adeline Harris. I feel my inability to give the subject justice but I will do the very best I can. The subject of this notice was 78 years old and was a highly esteemed lady of Christian character. Aunt Adaline professed a hope in Christ at about the age of 14 years. She joined the M.E. Church and worshipped with that people until her death which was on March 12, 1911. Truly she was a good woman, and to know her was to love her. She had a host of friends in this community where she has made her home for a number of years. For the last few years Aunt Adaline has been a great sufferer. It doesn’t look reasonable that human flesh could bear what she did and hold up as long as she did. About six or eight years ago she sustained a broken leg which caused her to be a cripple the remainder of her days. Ten three years ago she was caught in the disastrous cyclone that swept our section in which she was injured. For a number of years prior to her death she had been affected with a cancer on her face. It grew worse and worse until a few months ago. She had to abandon housekeeping and go to her daughter's, Mrs. Fannie Flowers at Altoona, and was cared for by her until the end came. Now Fannie, don't weep as those who have no hope, for we feel assured that your loss is her Eternal gain. She told the writer one day that she longed to see the hour come when she could lay down these afflictions and be at rest. She said she felt like she would be better off and we have evidence to believe she is at rest. We realize you have lost an affectionate mother, her church a faithful member and we a kind and good neighbor. She was brought to Pleasant Grove church near McLarty where her membership was. Through a misunderstanding as to the hour of burial Elder Miller did not arrive in time to hold burial service and the services were conducted by Mr. W.S. Green after which her remains were laid to rest in Pleasant Grove cemetery to await the Resurrection morning.
As ever, W.J. Whitten, Walnut Grove, R. 2.