J.H. Handley

The Southern Democrat,
10 Dec 1931

J.H. Handley Dead

J.H. Handley passed away at his residence on route 3, Blountsville, last Friday. His death was due to blood poisoning. Mr. Handley was 88 years of age and spent practically all of his life in the community where he died. He was a member of the Southern Methodist church and was held in high esteem by those who knew him. The deceased is survived by two sons, Henry Handley, of route 1, Blountsville and J.C. Handley, of Route 4, Oneonta; four daughters, Mrs. Florence Freeman, of route 3, Blountsville; Mrs. Alice Gibbs, of route 1, Liberty; Mrs. Ethel Yarbrough, of Arkadelphia; and Mrs. C.C. Hood, of route 3, Oneonta; two sisters, Mrs. Martha Jones, who resides in Winston county and Mrs. Mary Blackwood, of route 2, Cleveland. The funeral services were held at Hood Cemetery Saturday and were conducted by Rev. Martin.