Southern Democrat 1921
Submitted by Terry Jackson

Southern Democrat
October 20, 1921

L.G. Clowdus, of Allgood, was painfully hurt one day last week when he was struck by a street car in Birmingham while crossing First Avenue and Twenty-fifth Street. He was carried to a hospital where his wounds were dressed. He is said to be doing well and will be able to return home in a few days.


We Have Changed Our Way of Selling Goods
Will in the future sell strictly for cash, barter or farm products in this way we can sell cheaper, as we will have no bookkeeping to do--if we help anyone we will loan them money and let them pay us cash for goods. Please don't ask us to charge anything, as we don't keep any books. In this way we can sell goods with less expense and you get the benefit of it.
G.A. Smith
R.4. Altoona, Ala.


Barn Burned
Wm. Z. McGowan, who resides on Blount Highland, had the misfortune to lose his barn by fire Thursday night. A one-horse wagon, a lot of hay and other feed stuff, quite a number of chickens and one calf were consumed. Loss about $600.00 It is thought probably some boys dropped a cigarette in the hay, as, it is said, they had been going there to get sorgham cain to "chew."

L.J. Franklin, who is in a Birmingham infirmary, where he had his leg amputated, is reported as doing reasonably well.

A.A. Fendley and wife carried their six weeks-old infant to a Birmingham infirmary this week for an operation. The operation was performed and the little one is getting along nicely.