Pensioners Summoned
Submitted by Robin Sterling

The Southern Democrat,
18 Sep 1913

Pensioners of Blount Summoned

Seventy-three pensioners of Blount County have been cited to appear before General Fred S. Ferguson, special master for the State Pension Board, and show cause why their names should not be dropped for the pension rolls of the State. Blount County has furnished the largest number of pensioners whose credentials have been questioned since the present investigation of the pension rolls was inaugurated. The charges against the Blount pensioners are similar to those preferred against the pensioners in the other counties that have thus far been examined. The cases will be heard by General Ferguson twenty days after the citations are issued. It is said that there are pensioners drawing money who deserted the Confederate Army and served in the Union Army. Evidence to this effect was discovered by H.Y. Brooke, Examiner of Public Accounts, who has looked over the records of the Confederate Army which are preserved at Washington. Charges have also been made that there are a number of pensioners who are drawing money that own property worth more than $2,000. General Ferguson has called on the various camps of United Confederate Veterans to assist him in his work of purging the pension rolls of the State.