Blount Officials 1896
Submitted by Terry Jackson

The Atlanta Constitution
Atlanta, GA
Offices for All

The number of office holders in Alabama is myriad. Take, for instance, the county of Blount. In that county, according to the Blountsville Democrat, about one-sixth of the voters hold office. There are 4,000 (?) voters in the county. Of this number 20 (?) are county officers and their deputies. 76 (?) are justices of the peace, 38 (?) are notaries public, 102 (?) are township trustees, 38 (?) are constables, 114 (?) are road overseers, 60 (?) are postmasters and 24 (?) are municipal officers, making a total of 678 (?).

(Note***Numbers are hard to read and I'm not really sure of any of them.)