October 1907
Submitted by Terry Jackson

The Southern Democrat
Oneonta, Alabama

Prof. Sam Ingram was in to see us Saturday. He reports his school at Cleveland in a flourishing condition. He says the town is still building up--four new buildings now in course of construction, and the new Baptist church (which will be the best building of its kind in the county) is almost completed.

While returning from church last Sunday, O.F. Buckner's horse ran away throwing him and his wife from the buggy, breaking her arm and spraining his knee. Their little son was in the front part of the buggy asleep and did not wake. The accident was caused by the breaking of the harness while going down the mountain at Tait's Gap.

Everybody's Birthday

The Ladies' Aid Society of the Baptist Church has issued invitations to an entertainment to be given at the Guthrie Hotel on the evening of October 29th, at 7:30 to 11 o'clock. Accompaning (sic) the invitation is an envelope on which is printed the following request: "Place in this envelope, (and shed no tears) As many pennies as you have years, And to the ladies, who fear to tell, How many years on earth they dwell, We guarantee no one shall know, One from another, here below!"


Doctors' Meeting

The Blount County Medical Society held a very interesting meeting in Oneonta Tuesday. Several matters of interest to the profession were discussed. Dr. J.S. Wittmeier was elected County Health Officer and Dr. J.H. Berrier City Physician for Oneonta and physician for the paupers and prisoners. By unanimous vote the Society went on record in favor of prohibition. The attendance was the best had in many years.

A Card of Thanks

We wish to extend our sincere thanks to our neighbors and friends for their many deeds of kindnesses and favors rendered us during the illness and death of our companion and mother. The many good people of Oneonta will always have a warm place in our hearts for their many expressions of sympathy rendered us during the dark hours of bereavment.
T.G. Whaley and Children