November 1895
Submitted by Terry Jackson

Southern Democrat
Oneonta, Alabama

Dr. P.A. Alldredge of Brooksville spent Saturday night in town.

Mr. B.F. Smith of Hanceville was in town Sunday.

Mr. LC. Steele made a flying trip to Oneotno Sunday.

Mr. John D. Hendricks, of Liberty, was in town one day last week.

Mr. H.G. Allbritten and wife, of Arkadelphia, visiten relatives in this vicinity the latter part of last week.

Sheriff B.F. Bledsoe and Mr. L.K. Rooker, of Oneonto wer in town Tuesday.

Mr. Thompson, of Atlanta, is visiting his brother, Prof. A.R. Thompson, who is very low with typhoid fever.

The Methodist pulpit was very ably filled Sunday night by Rev. W.L. Hendricks of Corona.

Attorney W.D Short and S'g't. L.R. Short visited their parents in Jefferson county this week.

Mr. G.D. Shelton, of Liberty, was in town Tuesday.

Mr. Tom Patterson visited the Atlanta Exposition last week. He says the Exposition is a grand thing.

Cadet G.W. Baker, after spending several days at his home at Snead, is back in school again.

Mr. M.W. Hendricks visited Oneonto the first of the week.

J.J. Strong is selling tobacco at three cents per pound less than its cost him. Go at once and supply yourselves before it is all gone.

Lost--A heart. If any one finds a stray heart any where in town, the finder will be duly rewqrded by returning to to Mr. Harper, for they say he lost his.

Capt. Bright has been listening to sweet and soothing words of his best girl for the last week. We know just how you feel Captain--We have been in just such places as these therefore we know of the joy and pleasures that naturally hangs around such blissful periods.

We are glad to see Hollis up and about again enjoying life and love with that sweet girl he seems to like so well.