More News from May 1889
Submitted by Terry Jackson

Blount County News & Dispatch
Blountsville, Alabama

The Missionary Baptists held services at Blountsvislle on Saturday and Sunday. Besides Pastor May and Dr. W.M. Cole, Prof. W.Y. Adams, of Walnut Grove, and Dr. P.M. Musgrove, of Cullman, were present.

Something New:
A.E. Fields
has added an Undertaking branch to his already extensive business. He keeps all kinds of Caskets, Coffins, Burial Caskets and Robes, etc., in stock, and can supply those needing them on application. Prices ranging from the lowest to the highest.

Blountsville, Ala., May 23, 1889

Dr. M.L. Posey moved from here, last week to Mount Pinson. The people here (Remlap) regret his leaving.

--At Hood's X-roads, Blount county, Ala., on the 23rd day of May, 1889, of congestion of the stomach, Mrs. Mattie Donehoo, nee Lamb. She had been married only 25 days at the time of her death, and was about twenty-two years old.

on the 24th inst., three miles north of town, Linton, the 18 months old son of Mr. Thos. Wright and wife.

We are sorry to hear that Mrs. Octavio Ridgeway, of the Wynnville neighborhood, had the misfortune to break her leg above the ankle on Sunday the 19th inst., as she was returning from Pleasant Hill. One of the mules shied at some thing and Mrs. Ridgeway jumped out of the wagon, thereby spraining her ankle and breaking her leg above the sprain. To make matters worse her baby is little more than a month old.

Mrs. Celine Chamblee was thrown out of her buggy and severely hurt on Sunday about 5 o'clock p.m., as she was returning from a visit to her sick brother, Mr. Doc Graves. When about two miles east of here, the mule got frightened and ran the buggy against a tree flinging the old lady and her granddaughter violently out, and knocking the vehicle into smithereens. Mrs. Chamblee having already been a cripple is badly injured, and at last accounts was resting easily at Mr. Hazel Culbreath's residence, near where the accident occurred.
Chancery Court was in session on Monday and Tuesday, Chancellor Cobbs presiding.
The following cases were disposed of:

W.P. Newman vs. Martha Newman; divorce. Granted upon the payment of cost.

Henry Pressley vs. Elizabeth Pressley; divorce. Granted upon the payment of cost.

James A. Doss vs. Oney Doss; divorce. Granted upon the payment of the costs.

Daniel A. Treece vs. S.H.C. Johnson, decree in favor of complainant for $1,625.00 and costs of suit, to be paid by the 1st day of Jan. 1890.
Sale of the lands ordered in default of payment.

B.J. Ervin vs. A.E. Acton and Jasper M. Foust. Report of the Register confirmed and sale of land ordered.

Amos E. Lawrence vs. Nancy J. Puckett and M.P. Lawrence. Dismissed.

Geo. W. Montgomery vs. Thos. Gamble et als. report of the Register confirmed. Decree against Gamble for the costs.

Thos. S. Easterwood vs. Catherine Easterwood; divorce. Granted upon the payment of the costs.

N.L. Yarborough vs. Ida Yarborough; divorce. Granted upon the payment of the costs.

K.N. Hunter vs. Nora Hunter; divorce. Granted upon the payment of the costs.

Jenira Fields vs. Reynold Collins; trespass. Heard on motions to disolve injunction on denials in the answer, and motion overruled.