News from July 1900
Submitted by Terry Jackson

Southern Demcrat
July 12, 1900

There is something peculiar about the extreme heat in the northern states. Death from sun stroke is very common in many northern cities. Heat that kills there is only spoken of here as "very warm." On July 7th, the temperature was only ninety degrees in Chicago and as a result nine persons died from heat and three became prostrated. In the sunny south the weather has been much hotter than that this summer and we have not heard of it killing anybody. The south is a delightful place to live.

John Barry, who was convicted for an assault with a weapon in this county, and fined $400..00 has been granted a remission of $300 of the fine.

The model husband never allows his wife to do more than half the work. She puts up all of the preserved fruit in the summer and he puts it down in the winter.--Ex.

Shepherd Jinkins, father of J.R. Jinkins, called to see us last week. He was born in 1819, being as old as the State of Alabama. He is very active for a man of his years.

E.B. Roberts has rented the Darden Hotel and will now run both hotels. His is a hustler in this line of business and will make a success of it.

Rosa Dots--

It has not rained for three days.
Grass? We have it sure.
Health good.
The Pops nominated W.W. Davis for Justice of the Peace Saturday.

Mr. V. Faust, Rosa's hustling merchant, is doing a good business.

F.E. Daily has commenced to build a new smoke-house. "Uncle Fed" will fill her up too, just watch him.

County Surveyor H.M. Jones is all smiles--it's a girl.

The farmers are waging a desparate war on Gen. Green. A number of them are using pony plows, burying the grass in the middle of the rows. But Idon't see any chance to make a full crop this year.

W.A. Ellis and others are preparing to order a registered Jersey Bull. That's a step in the right direction boys, improve your stock.

Success to The Democrat.