Capt. Frank A. Hanna 1881
Submitted by Terry Jackson

Death notices From the Montgomery Advertiser
-Transcribed by Larry E. Caver, Jr.

April 28, 1881:

(Blountsville, April 27, 1881)
On Saturday night last, one of the foulest, most cowardly and dastardly assassinations which could blot the annals of our fair State occurred at Bangor… While Capt. Frank A. HANNA, an old citizen of the county, was sitting reading a newspaper, at his residence, with a light near him and the door wide open, the assassin slipped up within 20 feet of him, with a rifle carrying quarter ounce ball, and fired… instantly killing him… His remains were taken to Hanceville on Monday, and interred by the side of his wife. He leaves three little children… Capt. HANNA was a man well known in the county, was about 50 years of age… and was formerly the proprietor of the Bangor Herald…