December 1881
Submitted by Susan Coble

L. H. Matthews, Editor & Prop.
Blountsville, Ala
Thursday, Dec. 22d, 1881

MARRIED: On the 4th inst., at Wooten, by 'Squre Buckalew, Mr. Emmanuel Gunter to Miss Lucinda McAbee all of Blount County


We are sorry to learn that there is much sickness in Arkadelphia and vicintiy, and there were a few deaths there recently.


Mr. Travis, son of Dr. Charles Drennan, who lost his hand in a cotton gin about two months ago, is we are sorry to learn still suffering considerably from the shock to his nervous system.


Dr. Charles Drennan is having a fine residence erected. When it is completed, it will surpass anything in that portion of Blount, or the adjoining county, Walker.


We are sorry to learn that a little son, aged 12 years, belonging to Mr. J. M. Norris, while returning from Guntersville on Saturday last, in coming down a hill in Big Spring Valley, fell from the wagon, and the wheels crossed over his head and killed him instantly. The father was close in proximity, and when he picked him up, he was dead. The remains were carried home and interred at Brooksville on Sunday.


DIED: Near Brooksville on the 13th inst., the infant daughter of John Clayton

Near Brooksville on the 18th inst., of croup, the infant daughter of Ben. F. Wilson.

Three miles north of town, on the 15th inst., the child of a Mr. Shumack.

Near Warnock's Mountain in the county, after a protracted illness, on Sunday, the 18th inst., Sarah, the beloved wife of Mr. W. M. Chamblee. She was a good woman, in the broadest and fullest sense of that term. An affectionate wife, and mother, and the best of neighbors.