News from December 1879
Submitted by Susan Coble

Blount County News
Dec. 17, 1879


Mrs. Whaley of this county is in her 93rd year.

The indomitable Dr. W. P. Parker is still on the war-path.

Mr. David Wood is clerking for Messrs. Ed. N. Wood & Co.

Ex-sheriff George D. Shelton, of Brooksville, was in town on Saturday, and made things lively at this office for a little while.

II. II. Barclift, Esq., and wife were in Brown's Valley, visiting relatives last week.

Mr. John M. Doyle visited his mother in Huntsville last week, and returned on Tuesday.

Mr. A. E. Fields went to Birmingham on Thursday last week, and returned on Tuesday.

Rev. J. N. McLeod passed thro' here on Saturday, enroute to his new location, Somerville.


James Helms, we are told, is going to be married soon. He is now building a house for the accomodation of the future Mrs. Helms.

The child of a Mr. Tidwell living about ten miles south of this place, died from injuries received by being kicked by a mule, one day last week.