Corneliuses, Bynums & Murphrees
Submitted by Terry Jackson

The Southern Demcrat
Oneonta, AL

Are You Related to the Corneliuses, Bynums, Murphrees?

Perhaps you are and if you are not you will want to come to Oneonta on August 6th and see this great gathering of the descendants of these pioneer families of Blount.

It is said that at least one-fifth of the population of Blount County are related in some way to one of these families, and some of them carry in the veins the blood of all three.

And the descendants of these pioneers are not confined to this county. They are scattered throughout the State. Yes, throughout the South from the Carolinas to the Rio Grande.

They are coming back to Oneonta on August 6th to mix and mingle with each other where their ancestors pitched their tents in a wilderness more than a century ago.

It will be a great day for Oneonta and for the descendants of those who paved the way for civilization in Murphree's Valley