News from August 3, 1882
Submitted by Susan Coble

L. H. Matthews Editor & Prop.
Blountsville, Ala.
Thursday, August 3, 1882

A sad accident occurred near the Gum Spring meeting house, five miles West of here, during a thunder shower, on the 27th ult., by which five head of young horses and mules were instantly killed by lightning. They were all under an apple tree in Mr. Chamblee's old field, when the electric fluid struck them, and none escaped. They belonged to five different parties, viz: Messrs. John T. Arnold, N. C. Alldredge, S. J. Foust, Jacob Moore and Brazil Herringdon. A mile from there, at Mr. Chamblee's mill, Mr. Elijah Murphree, an aged citizen of Cullman county, had his horse hitched. The lightning struck the animal and killed it instantly. The poor man had to walk home and the saddest part of it all is, that it was his only horse, and he is feeble, old and poor.
In a personal difficulty between Thomas Staton and Thos. P. Shelton, at Gunter's still house, one mile East of Brooksville, one day last week. Shelton shot Staton in the arm. The wound is only a slight one and is not serious. The trouble arose about a dog.
A sad accident occurred in the Dry Creek Settlement on Saturday night. The wife of Mr. Ad Allred placed the kerosene lamp on the stove to light it. The lamp turned over and the oil ignited, enveloping herself and child. Both are dangerously if not fatally burned. Were it not for the presence of Mr. Allred and a neighbor the house and its inmates would have been totally destroyed.
To the Rev. R. D. Carver and wife a few days ago, a son.