News from April 1916
Submitted by Terry Jackson

Southern Democrat
April 20, 1916

See the new hats at Miss Martins.

Roy Shelton has been quite sick for several days.

The Oneonta Public school closed last Saturday. The enrollment this session was the largest the school has ever had.

FOR SALE CHEAP--Good Indian motorcycle in good shape every way. Be sure and see me before you buy--Finis Ryan, Oneotna, Ala.

Quite a number of Oneonta people attended the opening of the baseball season in Birmingham Wednesday.

Don't forget to bring your corn when you come to town. Let us make you some good meal or crush your grain for feed. W.J. Shelton.

Preparations are being made for the closing exercises of the Blount High School. The school will close on May 10th.

James Miller of Pottstown, Pa., cured, a horse of pollevil with three bottles of Hanford's Balsam. He says: "The veterinarians had been trying to cure the horse for seven years.

The State Examination of teachers is being held at the public school building this week. there are about 75 applicants for teachers licenses.

Portorico and Nancy Hall yams grown from cuttings. Slips $1.50 per thousand. Book cash orders with me. J.M. Burns, Boaz, Ala.

We are requested to announce that there will be an Easter program rendered at the Easley school house Sunday 23rd at 2 o'clock p.m. Everybody invited.

The churches in Oneonta have united in their efforts to win souls for christ. All the ministers of the town are helping in the meeting. The night services are being held at the Baptist church and the attendance is large at every service.

Oneonta Post Office Moves Up A Notch
As a result of the increase in the receipts of the Oneonta Post Office the postmaster will get a hundred dollar increase in his salary after July 1st.
For the year ending March 31 there was an increase of $485, or 13 per cent over the proceeding year and an increase of 23 per cent in the past two years.
If the town and surrounding country keeps growing we will soon be entitled to a goverment building. While we have a neat and attractive post office building erected only a little more than a year ago it is too small and a larger and better equipped building is needed and can be had if it is demanded.