1904 Election
Submitted by Terry Jackson

The Southern Democrat
Oneonta, Alabama

The Election

The election Monday passed off quietly. More than 1300 votes were polled.

The race for Probate Judge is very close. Kelton seems to have won over Ketchum by a small majority. Keltons majority is 30 with Nectar, Joy, and Cornelius to hear from. Nectar and Joy are favorable to Kelton with the vote in Cornelius about equally divided. They are small beats and will not likely change the results.

The rave for treasurer seems to be pretty close with Allgood leading Deaver by a few votes. Several precincts are yet to be heard from. The official count may be necessary to decide who is to be the nominee.

It appears that Hood has defeated Thomas for Commissioner of 2nd District and that Yarborough has deafeated (sic) Brown in the Fourth.

Hall has probably carried the county for Solicitior by 800 majority.

Carmichael seems to be in the lead for Chancellor but the official count may give the county to Altman by a small majority.

Comer has carreid the county for Railroad Commissioner by an overwhelming majority. He has carried nearly every county in the state.

For judges of the supreme court Anderson, Haralson, Simpson, Kelly, Tyson and Denson are in the lead and will likely carry the county.

The official count will be made today.

W.A. Weaver, G.W. Darden, E.A. Nation, W.F. Harrell, T.J. McCuen, A.E. Fields, L.F. Self, V. Womock, and T.B. Russell have been elected delegates to the State Convention.

Later.-- Nectar gives Kelton 18 majority.