April 1888
Submitted by Terry Jackson

The Blount County News and Dispatch
Blountsville, Alabama

The peach crop has been somewhat injured by the late frosts, but if no further mishaps appear there will still be an abundant crop. Peach and pear trees are in full bloom, and apple trees are showing indications of being inclined that way.

The Baptists have services and preaching at their church under the Masonic Lodge, on the fourth Sunday of each month, and the Saturday night before. Their pastor Elder May, is an earnest, talented, zealous young preacher, who bids fair to build up a good congregation here.

The passengers, who were delayed at Cullman last week, by the washout on the L & N railroad at Holme's Gap, had their hotel expenses paid by the railroad company. The Louisville & Nashville Railroad Company is a great corporation, and shows many evidences of having a soul, and a mighty big one.

In this issue of the News and Dispatch may be found the announcement of Mr. J.H. McNeal, of Hanby's Mill, who offers himself as candidate for the office of Tax Collector. Mr. McNeal is a very competent and worthy gentleman, and should he be elected will make an excellent officer.

The partial destruction of the bridge over the Mulberry, near Garden City, has set the people of all that section of the county on the qui vive for a bridge at Putman's Ford. Numerous petitions are in circulation, and will be presented to the Commissioners Court at its next meeting.

Personal Mention:
J.P. Lockwood, Esq., is visiting Cullman this week.
M.L. Ward, Esq., returned from Tennessee on Tuesday.
Mr. M.J. Rough, publisher of the Warrior Index, and Mr. Oliver Cargo gave us pleasant calls on Friday.
Prof. E.O. McCord and brother John, visited their parents at Albertville last Saturday.
Mr. John C. Rhodes, of Nectar, paid his respects to this office on Friday.
Drs. F.N. Hudson, M.H. Collins and W.F. Dickinson, Esq., visited Birmingham last week.
Master Hudson Musgrove, of Bangor, gave us a pleasant call last week.
Mr. G.J. McCoy visited his brother at Warrior last Saturday.
Mr. Jasper V. Musgrove was carried home last week, and is, we are sorry to learn, still quite sick.
Dr. W.B. Allgood, of Chepultepec, paid his respects to this office on Tuesday.
Mr. Robert B. Moore is learning telegraphy under Mr. T.J. Berrier at Bangor.

John J. Kliebacker, of Hanceville, wants to buy five yoke of good heavy oxen. Will pay cash for the same. None but very heavy ones wanted.