Etta Alldridge,
dau. of Sheriff Alldridge 1903

Submitted by Terry Jackson

The Atlanta Constitution
Atlanta, Georgia
Tuesday, 1-6-1903

Frees Criminal: Leaves With Him

Daughter of Alabama Sheriff Elopes With an Adulterer.

While Sheriff Was Absent Miss Alldridge Carried the Keys--Two Prisoners Liberated--Young Woman Just 22 and Very Handsome

Birmingham, Ala. January 5--A special to The Birmingham News from Oneonta, Ala., says that during the night Miss Etta Alldridge, daughter of the sheriff, liberated two prisoners, Louis Gurley, charges with murder, and Mayburn Murphree, sentenced for adultery.

The sheriff was absent on business last night and his daughter was in charge of the jail keys.

Miss Alldredge is 22 years of age and a very handsome woman.

Notice of the jail escape has been sent to all near by officers and they are on the lookout for the escapes and the girl.

The story of the jail delivery and Miss Alldredge's flight is confirmed by a deputy sheriff, who works for Sheriff Alldredge. Also by the editor of the Oneonta News Dispatch and the correspondent of the Birmingham News. Officers here are on the lookout.