F. Marion Absher
Submitted by Robin Sterling

The Southern Democrat,
1 Jun 1922

In Memory of F. Marion Absher

The subject of this sketch, Mr. F. Marion Absher, was born December 11th, 1844, in Habersham County, Ga. He served in the war of the Sixty's, and came to Alabama in 1884; was married to Artie Blalock September 5th, 1969, who departed this life September 18th, 1887. He married Ruth C. Blalock February 24, 1891. To these two marriages was born nine children, seven of whom and his last wife survive him, viz: C.F. Absher, of Blountsville, R. 2; Mrs. Milly Corbin, Cleburne, Texas; Mrs. Ellie Hancock, of Waterloo, Ala.; Mrs. Sally Giles, of Hanceville R. 2; Mrs. Vallie Gossett, of Hayden, Misses Bessie and Thena Absher, at home. On Sunday morning, January 29th, 1922, he was stricken with paralysis—the entire right side—rendering him practically helpless and speechless as an infant for 81 days. On the night of April 18th, God in his wisdom saw fit to call the spirit of Brother Absher from the walks of men into the great beyond. From evidence left behind he is sleeping sweetly somewhere in the Paradise of God, awaiting the resurrection morn when God will place him on His right hand, where all those will be placed who died in a full triumph of God's eternal love. He lived a consistent christian life, a member of the Missionary Baptist church for 55 years. Was ordained as a deacon and served in that office about 35 years. While it is sad, not only to his loving companion and children to give him up, but also to his brothers and near relatives who survive him; also his many friends, but we say to all, weep not for we feel sure what we call our loss is his eternal gain in a world beyond this veil of tears. He is not dead, but is sleeping in God's paradise somewhere and is becoming to his loving wife and dear children to live as God would have them live so as to join him in the sweet by and by as one unbroken family, where here will be no more sad partings, but where they can all bask in the sun-light of God's eternal love throughout the annals of never ending eternity at the right hand of God. Brother Absher was 77 years 4 months and 8 days old at the time of his death. The writer had only known him about five years, but to know him was to love him. Written by a friend and brother deacon of the same church, the Mulberry Missionary Baptist. We ask that a copy be placed upon our church record and also a copy be given the family.
J. Han Hays.