Robbins/Cooke Marriage

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I have transcribed this to the best of my ability. I have left original wording and spelling as it was in the original document. Where the word or meaning was not readable I tried to provide a hint where ever possible. Please note also that Levi spelled his surname name and that of William, as ROBINS. In the same area of Blount, Jefferson and Walker Counties, at least two other Robbins Clans resided, they spelled their surname as ROBINS. In many latter documents all three groups adopted the spelling ROBBINS.



(Consent for License No 428){Levi Ala ^father given personally

                                               {Sept. 30, 1831 by hand of Robins 

Mr. Brindley, my son William Robbins being Desirous to obtain a License to Marry Mrs. Mahalth Cooke. This is to certify to it and wishes you to issue a license for him. 


Given under my hand this 20th day of August 1831 Levi Robins (affidavit on the back  there of). The State of Alabama, Blount County and personally appeared before me Mace  J.P. Brindley, Clerk of the County Court of said County the said William Robins who on oath saith, after being duly sworn, that he saw the said Levi Robins sign the matters by his special agent, thereby giving his consent to the marriage therein question. Sworn to and subscribed before me Sept. 30, 1831 Mr. Brindley   

(Levi Robins sealed accordingly)


By The State of Alabama}to any of the questions of said State, by Justice  Rueben Hayes

Blount, County                ] of the Peace of said County, or other person legally authorized

These actions authorize you or either of you to solemnize the state of matrimony between

William Robins and Mahaleth Cooke. Of said question agreeably to the statute in which

case made & forwarded, given at the office of Clerk of the County Court of said County

this 3rd day of September 1831. Mace J.P. Brindley C. S. (county. state)?


(Bond Form) Know all men that by these bequests that William Robbins and Alexander

Cooke of Blount County, State of Alabama, are held and firmly bound unto the Governor

of said State, for the tyme being and of his successors in office  in the sum of Two

hundred Dollars for the use of said State, for the due payment whereof  we hereby bind

our heirs jointly and severally.

Witness our hands and seals this 3rd day of September 1831. The condition of the above

obligation is such that said William Robbins hath this day prayed a license from the Clerk

County Court of Blount County to be married to Mahaleth Cooke  Now if there is no

lawfull cause to obstruct said marriage then the above obligation is to be void, other wise

to remain in full force                                                                   {William Robin     {seal}


Witness Mr. Brindley                                                                   {Alexander Cooke {seal}


(Certificate of Solemnization) I do hereby verify that I solemnize the Rites of Matrimony

between William Robbins Robins and Mahaleth Cooke the 8th day of September last in

strength any laws and seal, this the 28th day October 1831. 

Rueben Hays, Justice of the Peace Blount County. 


*Note, that even here in the last paragraph it is first spelled Robbins and then Robins.


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