Wilcher - Hall

Submitted by Terry Jackson

The Blount County News and Dispatch
Blountsville, Alabama

A rather romantic marriage took place near Village Springs on the 29th of March, 1888 in which Mr. Wilcher, a painter employed on the courthouse was a prominent figure. Mr. W., who is between fifty and sixty years old, became enamored of Mrs. Lizzie Hall, a buxom and fascinating widow, fat and fair, but only thirty-three, who after much persuasion on the part of Wilcher assented to become "bone of his bone, and flesh of his flesh." A license was obtained at once; and he, seated his beloved on a horse, and got a-straddle of a mule himself, and forward they went in search of a parson to tie the indissoluble knot. They soon met the Rev. Dr. A.S. Davidson, of Gurley's Creek, to whom they communicated their business, and without any of the parties dismounting they were then and there "spliced,' and Mrs. Lizzie Hall became Mrs. Wilcher.