Decendants of Edward Ketchum

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Born: c. 1765	
Married: ca.1791
Spouse:	Mary REASOR

Edward married Mary Reasor about Washington Co, VA.
Edward may or may not have ever lived in Blount County.  
He may have died VA or TN before the children migrated through there.

Page 224
?? Day of August 1848
State of Alabama ??? court ??? Blount County ??? Thomas  Shearer presiding Judge of 
the County Court of said County at which court the following probate was made.
	This day personally appeared in xxx court Gregory Glasscock and Isham Chamblee 
who being first duly sworn deposeth and saith that they were each personally 
acquainted for several years with Edward Ketchum and his family and from the personal 
knowledge they have of the said Edward Ketchum and family they believe that Jacob Ketchum 
deceased was the son of the said Edward Ketchum and that Henderson Ketchum, Peter R. 
Ketchum and Christopher Ketchum are sons of the said Edward Ketchum and Brothers of the 
said Jacob Ketchum deceased and that Martha Ketchum who is the wife of Robert Raines 
and Catherin Ketchum the wife of John Nibblett and Elizabeth Ketchum the wife of Edward 
McAnally are dauthers of the said Edward Ketchum and sisters of Jacob Ketchum deceased 
deponents further say that Joseph Ketchum and Anna Ketchum the wife of Mr. Sutherland 
they are not nor never have been personally acquainted with but believe from reports that 
they were the children of the said Edward Ketchum and Brother and Sister of the said 
Jacob Ketchum deceased and deponents further say that they do not know of any other 
children of the said Edward Ketchum or any other persons than these herein mentioned 
that are the legal heirs of said Jacob Ketchum.

Born: ca.1794
Spouse: Mary 	
Died: c.1842,	Fannin Co., TX
Jacob Ketchem was on 1815 tax list for Bledsoe County, TN.  Jacob was found to be in 
Blount Co., AL 1830 on page 12 of the census records, recorded as Jacob Cotchum, 
age 20-30, along with a female age 20-30.  
Shortly thereafter he was in Texas and fought in the Texas war of Independence 
from Mexico. He served under (1st. Lt) John P. Simpson, Detachment of Fannin Co. 
Mounted Gunmen, 2 Regt., 4 Brig., Texas Militia, Dec 1, 1838 - Jan 14, 1839. 
After the war he received a land grant from the Republic of 
Texas of 1,280 
acres in Fannin District, TX for his service.  The grant was a Second
Class Headright, 
issued to those who arrived between March 2, 1836 and October 1, 1837. 
Heads of families 
received 1,280 acres.  
Jacob Ketcham was the original grantee (the person who was awarded the land).  
After fulfilling any conditions of the grant, such as making improvements, 
and paying any required fees, the individual could then apply for a patent 
(the original title from the government) from the Texas General Land Office. 
The patent was issued 18 Feb 1845 to the Heirs of Jacob Ketcham, patent number 245, 
patent volume 1, Certificate 11, file number 41. The land is now known on property maps
 of Fannin County as the Jacob Ketcham Survey, Abstract 608.  On 2 Jun 1842 in (Fannin) 
TX  Mary Ketchum, widow of Jacob, married George W. McNutt and some time later 
they moved to Lawrence Co., Arkansas.  Jacob's brother Peter and the rest of the 
family filed a legal action in Tarrant County, TX (Fort Worth) to try to claim the 
land, but apparently to no avail.  It was this court action that produced the 
affadavit saying that Edward was known to be the father of Peter, Jacob, and 
the other children.  Another (earlier) action in Blount County, Alabama produced a similar 
affadavit.  See notes for Edward Ketchum.

Born: 	1797/1800
Married: 12 Oct 1825, Blount Co., Tx
Spouse: Ann BURRELL
Married 1852, Caldwell Co., Tx
Spouse: Arabella WAGGONER
Died:  	6 Apr 1868
Peter Razor (Reasor?) Ketchum is mentioned in the Blount County Alabama Court - 
Final Record - Feb. 18, 1825, Page 54 - Peter Ketchum vs. Vestal Beeson
(no further information).  
Later that year Peter Razor Ketchum married Ann Burrell in Blount Co. on Oct. 12, 1825.

Catherine KETCHUM
Born: ca.1810, Blount County, AL
Married: John W. NIBLETT, Blount Co., Al		
She had eight sons, two daughters.

Christiana KETCHUM
Died:	4 May 1824, Blount Co., Alabama
Married:Thomas FERRELL		
Christiana was probably the "Anna" mentioned as wife of Mr. Sutherland in the 1848 
Blount County affadavit of Glasscock and Chamblee, listing the children of Edward.  
This would have been a marriage some time after Thomas Ferrell.

Born: 	 10 Nov 1809
Died:	 23 Nov 1875, Blount Co., AL
Married: 8 Feb 1835, Blount Co., Alabama
Spouse:	 Elizabeth NIBLETT 
Newspaper item in LIVINGSTON JOURNAL,  SUMTER CO., ALABAMA, DEC. 3, 1875 -  
"Henderson Ketchum of Blountsville died on the 23rd of wounds inflicted by Frank Gables."

State Trial Docket
Blount County, Alabama
NOTE: Frank Gables first appears in this record on March 10, 1876 on a charge of 
Manslaughter (pg. 94). 
The case was continued several times (pg. 110, 123, 139) until it was nolle prosequi 
(charges dropped) in January, 1878.

pg. 167
(copied 11-4-2005, Blount County, Alabama Archive Vault) 
March? 10/76 
Continued by consent, in this case the Presiding Judge in term? ter?? fixes the amount 
of bail at Fifteen Hundred Dollars and directs the Shreiff of this county to 
take bail according in vacatiore?  
January 8/77 Continued by Deft.  
Sept 1/77 Continued by consent.  
Jan 11/78 Nol Pros.  NOTE: Nol Pros means case dropped.

About 1886 or 1887 Luther's widow (Susan Gilliland) moved to Lamar County, TX 
with some of the children. The rest followed later.  Most migrated to Choctaw Indian 
Nations, later the state of Oklahoma. 
Luther KETCHUM was a wagonmaker and carpenter by profession in Alabama.
2nd Spouse: Susan GILLILAND
Married:    6 Aug 1862 Blount Co., AL	

Ezekiel W. KETCHUM
Born:	 Ca 1817	
Died:    27 Aug 1857 , Roane County, TN
Spouse:  Mary Ann HAMBY	
Married: 13 Jan 1842	
Received bounty land in 1838 in Roane Co., Tennessee after entering military in Marion Co., 
One researcher says family lived in Blount Co. Tennessee at one time

Born: 	4 Sep 1842	
Died:  20 Feb 1921 
Spouse:	Mary A H YEILDING
Married: 11 Feb 1872	
A hand made book called: "Records of Confederate Veterans Alive 1924-26" 
Compiled by the Oneonta Chapter of the United Daughters of the Confederacy, 
by Vallie Walton Miles.

AQUILLA KETCHUM was born Sept 4, 1842, Blountsville, Al. He married Feb (Jan?) 11, 1872, 
Miss Mary A. Yielding and married May 2, 1916, Mrs. Nettie Green. He says: "No children 
of my own, but adopted 5 stepchildren: John H. Yielding Ketchum, Hannah Yielding Ketchum, 
Kimbrel Kinlock Ketchum, Martha Ann Kinlock Ketchum, George Yielding (who would not 
take the Ketchum name. I adopted the son of George Yielding: Lawrence 
Rosseau Yielding.  
Mrs. Green had four girls and one boy. Flesh wound in leg at Chicamauga. 
Was in battle Franklin, Tn, Shiloh, Received wounds to leg and stomach at Chicamauga.

First entered the service as a private April 1861 at Blountsville, Alabama in Captain 
James H. Skinner's Company K of the 19th Alabama Infantry Regiment; continued service 
until 26 Apr 1865 at Greensboro, North Carolina.

After the war returned to Blountsville and was Chief Clerk under Judge Moore from 1872-1880, 
Circuit Clerk 1880-1886, Chief Clerk under Judge Davidson 1842-1904, was register in 
chancery court, except about two years, from 1886 to 1921. Also was Justice of the 
Peace 1886-1921.
Aquilla died Feb 20, 1921, Oneonta, Al.
2nd Spouse: Nettie GREEN
Married:    2 May 1916, Blount County, AL

Born: 	15 Jan 1850
Died:	25 Dec 1870
Spouse:	Francis
Married: 29 Jan 1862 	
David Adams of Casa Grande, AZ has info from a Soloman Palmer's diary that Lewis murdered 
Franklin Burgess on 12/23/1870 and a group of disguised men took Lewis from jail and killed 
him on 12/25/1870.  This was in Blount Co., AL.  This might be a different Lewis Ketchum, 
but unlikely.

FRANKLIN BURGESS, b. ABT 1850, Floyd Co. Ga.; d. December 23, 1870, Blount Co., AL. Franklin 
Burgess(Frank) was killed Dec. 23, 1870 by a Lewis Ketchum. Ketchum was taken from the 
jail by a party of disguised men on the night of Dec. 25, and killed. Information 
came from the diary of Solomon Palmer, a long time resident of Blountsville.

Christopher Columbus KETCHUM
Born:	15 Jul 1863
Died:	21 Dec 1940 , Blountsville, Alabama
Spouse:	Sarah Alice PATRICK
Married:16 Apr 1883	
Christopher Columbus KETCHUM was born on 15 Jul 1863 in AL.
He appeared in the census on 24 Feb 1920 in Jeter Twp, (Choctaw), OK.
He appeared in the census on 24 Apr 1930 in Jeter Twp, (Choctaw), OK.
222-224 KETCHUM, C C, m, w, 67, AL, married at 21, Sara A, f, w, 64,
GA, married at 18.  
He died on 21 Dec 1940.

Christopher Columbus KETCHUM and Sara Alice PATRICK were married on 
16 Apr 1883 in (Blount), AL.  Sara Alice PATRICK (daughter of William
Frederick PATRICK and Francis A AUSTIN) was born on 12 Apr 1866 in
Alanta, (Fulton), GA.  She died in Sep 1937 in (Choctaw), OK.  Much
information of this family and descendants prepared by James H Smith,
Collinsville, IL 62234, 618-345-2954,

Born:	1839	
Died:	27 Jun 1864	
A probable member of this family, William McAnnally, acquired land in
1819 located in Township 12, Range 2 West, Blount County.

Born:	26 Jul 1837
Died:	27 Feb 1929 
Spouse:	Catherine M KETCHUM
Married:26 Jan 1860, Blount County, AL	
Chamblee information from Michael Wisener, Holly Pond, Alabama. 1998.
email and Jack Chamblee  Robert
Isham Chamblee fought in Civil War in Capt. Graves Company.  Died at
the Confederate soldier's home at Mountain Home, AL.  He and wife
Catherine are buried in the City of Cullman, AL cemetary.  
Note:  there were two Robt. Isham Chamblees living in Blount Co. at
same time.  The other was son of Isham's brother Robert.  Confusing!

Born:	12 Jan 1846
Died:	Oct 1926, Jefferson Co.
Spouse:	Susan 	
Married: 1871	
Company C, Al Infantry, CSA.  See "Hold All Hazards" written by Zorn.
McAnnally, Thomas Benton, born 12 Jan 1846 at Blountsville, Blount
County, Alabama, son of Edmond and Elizabeth Ketchum McAnnally;
according to the 1907 Jefferson County Confederate Census, he enlisted
Dec 1863 at Mobile; however, Thomas B. McAnnally does not appear on the
microfilmed Compiled Service Records for the 29th Alabama Infantry. The
Census reported he served until May 1865; Zorn reported he survived the
war and lived at Fultondale in Jefferson County where he ran a dairy
farm. According to his 1919 Confederate pension application submitted
from Jefferson County, McAnnally claimed he enlisted in Company C about
Dec 1863 at Mobile and served until the end of the war; he first
married Susan in 1871; second married Martha Ann Pickett in 1897;
children included J.D. McAnnally, Annie Strong, J.O. McAnnally, and
Ruby McAnnally; application witnesses included veteran W.T. Blackburn
and W.C. Porter, both of Jefferson County; pension was approved.
According to the Alabama Death Certificate Index, Thomas B. McAnnally
died Oct 1926 in Jefferson County; Martha A. McAnnally died 14 Apr 1954
in Jefferson County.

2nd Spouse: Marth Ann PICKETT
Married: 1897		

Born:	 4 Sep 1842	
Married: 1875
Spouse:  Emeline LAUGHAM	
Died:    8 May 1907
Buried:	Rice Cemetery, Navarro County, TX
McAnnally, Dutton T., (Sergeant), born 4 Sep 1842, son of Edmond and
Elizabeth Ketchum McAnnally; enlisted 23 Sep 1861 at Blountsville;
muster roll for 1 Jul to 31 Oct 1862 reported he was appointed Third
Corporal 28 Sep 1862; later promoted to First Sergeant; wounded at
Franklin, Tennessee 30 Nov 1864; admitted to St. Mary's Hospital at
West Point, Mississippi 12 Jan 1865; Zorn reported he lost a leg as a
result of his wounds. According to the Heritage of Blount County, page
324, he became a school teacher and migrated to Texas where in 1875 he
married Emeline Laugham, a widow with a daughter and two sons.
According to
Dutton T. McAnnally died 8 May 1907 and was buried in the Rice Cemetery, 
Navarro County, Texas.See "Hold At All Hazards" by Zorn.

Born: 	1760	
Spouse:	Catherine SKELTON
Buried:	Gwinns Cove Cemetery
A probable member of this family, William McAnnally,  acquired land in
1819 located in Township 12, Range 2 West, Blount County.
2nd Spouse:	Jane HULSEY

Married: 12 Oct 1825
Blount County, AL
Spouse:	Peter R KETCHUM		
"Razor Ketchum" married Ann Burrell on 12 October 1825 in Blount
County, AL.  This must be Peter Reasor Ketchum.  However, that presents
a conflict when we look at the birth date of Peter's daughter Isabella
Ketchum if we assume that the children born prior to Isabella were born
of another mother.  Isabella was born 19 October 1825.  It's possible
that all of the children were born of Ann Burrell and they were only
married later.  This was not that uncommon in the frontier wilderness
when there were few churches or preachers.  People would pledge
themselves to each other and, later, marry before a preacher.

Born:	 29 Oct 1838
Married: 26 Jan 1860, Blount County, AL	
Spouse:  Luvisa CALLAHAN
Died:  	 14 Jan 1919	
Chamblee, Robert Isham, born in Guinn's Cove, Blount County, son of
Robert and Lucy T. Sandlin Chamblee; enlisted 23 Sep 1861 at
Blountsville; muster roll for May and Jun 1863 reported he was on
furlough in Blount County; muster roll for Jul and Aug 1863 reported he
was sick in quarters; wounded at Kennesaw Mountain on 27 Jun 1864;
captured at Nashville 15 Dec 1864; sent to Military Prison at
Louisville, Kentucky Dec 1864; transferred to Camp Douglas 20 Dec 1864;
took the oath of allegiance and was released from Camp Douglas 12 Jun
1865; dark complexion, dark hair, dark eyes; 5' 10". Robert I. Chamblee
was also reported in Captain Graves Company of Home Guard. Robert I.
Chamblee married Louvisa Callahan 26 Jan 1860, Blount County [D-299].
According to his Confederate pension applications, Chamblee claimed he
was wounded at the battle of Kennesaw Mountain in 1864; honorably
discharged 10 Jun 1865; application witnesses included P.H. Ratliff,
Reuben Putman, Elsa M. Schlosser, J.C. McAnnally, and A.A. Griffith,
all of Blount County. Chamblee reported: I was captured by yankees at
Decatur and was taken to Huntsville and started with me to Nashville
when I got loose and escaped and remained in Lincoln County, Tennessee
until the surrender...was wounded by a team running away, in my hips.
On one application, he reported a birthday of 26 Jun 1836; pension was
approved. Later, Chamblee moved to Cullman County and applied to be
admitted to the Confederate Soldiers Home near Birmingham. According to
monuments in the Mt. Tabor Cemetery, Robert I. Chamblee was born 29 Oct
1838 and died 14 Jan 1919; Louvisa was born 18 Sep 1840 and died 1 Jul
1906. Robert's surname is spelled "Chamlee" on his monument.

Born: 	ca.1824	
Died:	8 Jul 1891	
Chamblee, Calvin, born about 1824 at Guinns Cove, son of Robert and
Lucy T. Sandlin Chamblee; enlisted 23 Sep 1861 at Blountsville; muster
roll from 23 Sep to 28 Feb 1862 reported he was on sick furlough from
12 Jan to 12 Feb 1862; muster roll for Mar and Jun 1862 reported he was
medically discharged 29 Jul 1862; reason not reported. Calvin Chamblee
married Amy Selina Holt about 1847-8 and they were the parents of nine
children. According to the Blount County Death Register, Chamblee died
8 Jul 1891 and was buried at Gum Springs. No monument was located for
Calvin Chamblee in Blount County. Another Chamblee researcher, Karen
Kitchens Murphy ( believes Calvin Chamblee actually
married Amy Selina Beeson Graves, not Amy Selina Holt. The marriage
records in Blount County for the late 1840s time period are missing
from the Blount County Courthouse and so far, no other corroborating
evidence has surfaced.