Submitted by: Nadine Billingsley

This genealogy is devoted to the Joshua Jones line in Blount County Alabama and the Solomon King line of Buncombe County, North Carolina and Blount County Alabama.

Many of the Jones's and King's living in Blount County today are kin to each other plus other lines such as Handley, Allred, Blackwood, Sloan just to mention a few.

Leonard and Joshua Jones's life and that of their descendants were documented from records in Georgia Tennessee and Alabama. It is belived both father and son came to America after the American Revolutionary War.

After compiling and reviewing the information, there is evidence that Leonard and Joshua were educated and believed in education for their children. Joshua and his sons William and Alva are mentioned together on many deed and court records. Alva must have been much loved by his brothers, almost every brother named a son Alva. This is also true of Milton Asbury Jones of the Wiley Jones line, many of his grandchildren were named Milton or Asbury.

In order to give a personality when possible family traditions and history are included for most families. These were gathered when interviewing family members.

Wiley King's (Solomon's son) sons, Charlie, Jonah, James and Andrew King moved to Blount and Marshall Counties after the War Between the States. Wiley lived in the Avery and Haw Creek areas of Buncombe County, North Carolina until Vanderbilt bought land and establisted his estate. With no land available he moved to Jackson County in order to feed his large family.

Many of the Jones children married Handleys and the Kings would later marry Jones, thus making double and triple cousins.