Walter Vitilous Foster and Elizabeth Traylor Foster

Submitted by Linda Ayers

Walter Vitilious Foster was born in South Carolina on Dec 15, 1814 he died in Blount County Alabama on Dec 25, 1900,and was buried at Gibb's Cemetery

Walter Foster was the son of Walter Thomas Foster and Lucy Stribling of South Carolina. He married Elizabeth Ann Traylor born Dec 4, 1825 she died in Randolph County after 1900 she was buried at Wesley's Chapel Randolph County

Elizabeth Foster was the daughter of Migiman Traylor and Lydia Lang of Randolph County


William J. Foster born Dec 2, 1840,died Mar 21, 1925,he married Celia Ball they are buried in the Foster Family Cemetery in Randolph County Alabama.

John Henry Foster born Jun 19, 1843,died Sep 24, 1921,he married 1.Ann Childs she married 2.Alice Moultrie-Fuller they are buried at Gibb’s Chapel Blount County Alabama.

Nancy Foster born 1845,died before 1870,she had one child that was listed in Walter Foster HH on the 1870 Randolph census She married a Cassidy.

Greenberry Foster born Nov 24, 1845,died Nov 24, 1890,he married Nancy Abercrombie they are buried at Wesley's Chapel Randolph County

Thomas M. Foster born Oct 19, 1846,died Aug 23, 1923,he married Frances Key they are buried at Wesley's Chapel Randolph County.

Sophia Foster born Apr 16, 1851.

Frances Kinchalo Foster born Jun 26, 1853,died after 1900,she did not marry buried at Wesley's Chapel Randolph County.

Josiah Foster born Jul 2, 1855, died Jun 21, 1921 married Elizabeth Elkins buried Gibb's Chapel

Martha C. Foster born Jul 10, 1859

Walter V Foster born Feb 9, 1861, died Dec 5, 1899 Oregon married Cora Turner.

Lucinda Lyida Lucy Foster born Jan 30, 1864,died Mar 16, 1941, married James Davis buried Wesley's Chapel Randolph County.

Elizabeth Jane Betty Foster born Jul 3, 1867,died 1948,married John Davis buried Wesley's Chapel Randolph County

Julia Anna Annie Foster born Oct 16, 1869,died Dec 12, 1889,married Wesley Duke died in childbirth buried Liberty Randolph County Alabama

John Henry Foster and Ann Childs

John Foster born Jul 19, 1845,married Ann Childs born Sep 16, 1845, died Mar 31, 1905,in Blount County Alabama she was the daughter of J.J.Childs and Mary-


Jackie Foster born Sep 18, 1866,died Sep 9, 1899,married –Robbins buried Foster Family Cemetery Randolph County

Walter Albert Foster born Oct 10, 1868,died Aug 12, 1934,he married 1.Sarah Elizabeth Boggs he married 2. Myrtle Elliott.

William Cornelius Foster born Dec 24, 1870, died Jan 1, 1893 Randolph or Blount County

John T. Foster born Apr 5, 1873, died Aug 11,1892, Randolph or Blount County

Julia Ann Foster born Feb 2, 1874,died Jan 1, 1889, she did not marry she is buried in Foster Family Cemetery Randolph County

Joseph Migiman Foster born May 15, 1878, died Nov 25, 1906 Randolph or Blount County


William Mansell Foster born 1883

James Russell Foster born 1888 died in 1889 buried Foster Family Cemetery Randolph County

John Foster and Alice Moultrie-Fuller

John Foster born Jul 19, 1845, married 2.Alice Moultrie-Fuller widow of Albert Fuller. Alice was the daughter of Columbus Moultrie and Mary Cofield.

[She had one child by Albert Fuller]


John Thomas Foster born 1907

William Grady Foster born 1908

Floy Edith Foster-Ballow born 1910

Reece Foster born 1913

Jesse Lee Foster born 1915

Mae Foster-Allison.