Petition for a Recorder for Blount County

Submitted by Juli Morgan

From General Wager Swayne's Reconstruction correspondence
The Department of Archives and History
Montgomery, Alabama
Petition to recommend a recorder for Blount County, Alabama, 1867

This petition recommending GEORGE WHITE as Recorder of Blount County,Alabama represents him as competent, well acquainted with most men in Blount County, opposed the Rebellion, went north to serve with the United States for two years, came home last June (1866), put up a United States flag at his portico which remains there yet:
Calvin Scott
Lewis Kytle
J T Burget
S J Brown
John Butler
N V Burget
J B Burget
James Kirkpatrick
W M Shaw
C W Mardis
J A Romas (?)
R T Robertson
James Thompson
James Scruggs
Berry Scruggs
R L Shaw
W B Ballard
W A Ballard
James Stone
B F Bryan
J G Yates
WM R Stricklin
E B Stricklin
Thomas L Stricklin
Wm H Stricklin
E Buckelew
A J Hunt
John Buckelew
J E Buckelew
Wm W Brice
John Thompson, JP
J S Lamb
J R Lamb
V B Hunt
James Thompson
J T Thompson
J F Greet
Wm R Rains
Benjamin Ennes
W S Hatfield
M Martin
W C Osborne
John W Coker
John A Gilbreath
J A Crawford